Poem: Happy Anniversary (2013)

Nine years ago today,

in front of God and the world,

I pledged my love to you.

I meant every word

and I love you even more today!


We’ve been on so many adventures

and journeyed it together,

holding hands.


Now, we are living our dreams

and I’m blissfully happy.

Thank you for making my dreams come true

and for loving me unconditionally.

I love you with every breath I take

and here’s to 9 million more!!!!

Poem: Pain and Pleasure (2002)

Please begs my soul

Another moment soaking you in

I watch you slip away

Near breaking point


All I need is you

Neither breath nor water

Deems necessary


Pain rips my body wide open

Light exposes the darkness

Every word a dagger

A scream echos in my brain

So close to love yet so far to go

Up my eyes gaze

Real love keeps me here

Eyes close in pain

Poem: A True Friendship (2001)

Another moment passes

Truth cascades over me

Right thing to do

Urges me onward

Emotion tugs at my heart

Friendship is the ransom

Real love is the cost

I can no longer breathe

Enclosed in my own personal hell

Need release from the torment

Dry tears on my face

Sacrifice my desire for you

Honor your request

Integrity wins

Peace eludes my soul

Poem: Depression (1992)

Downward spiral

Emotions overtake me

Pain echos in my brain

Release release release

Emptiness fills my soul

Surrender screams the voices

Slash the exposed creamy texture

I wail in weakness

One body two minds

No release

Poem: What Now, My Dearest Friend (2002)

Weathered eyes sear mine

Heartache buried deep within

Any thoughts any words

Trite before they escape my lips


Near to you is what I desire

Open arms is what I offer

Warm heart compassionate spirit


My pain is your pain

Yes I carry your burden


Dear sweet friend

Ease your barrier

And let me soothe

Release yourself into my care


Feather light kisses surround you

Reach for me and I will never let go

Indeed a true friend am I

Enveloping you with my love

No please don’t shut me out

Darkness lifted as I place your hand in mine.


Poem: Father’s Day 2008

A little girl torn from her daddy,

A daddy blocked at every turn,

An unconditional love that burned bright.


I love you daddy, she whispered into the night air.

I love you too, my angel, he whispers back.

Neither can hear the other but both smile.

Their love transcends the distance.


A woman now, she feels her daddy’s love,

Wrapping around her, protecting her.

She cannot see his ghostly face,

But knows he is with her always.


Nothing can separate them now.

The truth has set them both free.

Free to love each other as was destined.

Free to be her daddy’s angel,

Free to be her daddy, now and forever

(I wrote this in 2008. MRS N)

Poetry: A New Category

A few of you have asked to see some of my past writing and I found a few poems I wrote.  My poetry tended to be dark back then but I think that it reflects what I was going through as a person and a writer.

I hope you enjoy them and have a lovely day!

MRS N, the Writer