Title: Planting the Seeds of Love: A Novella

Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult, New Adult Romance

Release Date: September 15, 2015



The day her grandfather died, Sally’s life changed forever.

Twenty-Two year old Sally Rayton returns to the family farm she deserted four years ago to bury her grandfather. Her plan: to settle her grandfather’s estate and return to her life in the city with her boyfriend, Trevor Mattson.

Her childhood friend, Jack Smith, has other ideas.

Jack convinces Sally to transform the farm into a brewery and fulfill her grandfather’s dream while keeping the Rayton Farm in the family. Sally works side-by-side with Jack while Trevor is hundreds of miles away in the city. The more time she spends with Jack, the stronger her feelings are for him. Sally’s torn between her new feelings for her best friend, Jack and her boyfriend, Trevor.

When Trevor shows up to propose to Sally right before Christmas and finds her in Jack’s embrace, she’s unsure which man she loves. Will it be her best friend and farmer, Jack, or will it be rich, successful Trevor? City or Country… only Sally’s heart knows what’s right and true.


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What Readers are Saying:

  • This is a short and very sweet romance. What do you do when you love two men? Sally must choose between her current boyfriend, Trevor, and her life-long friend, Jack. For a short story, this one is so well-developed and full of wonderful characters, it was a pleasure to read. All of the emotions, and the interactions between the characters (even secondary ones) are so well-written, the reader is instantly drawn into the story. Looking forward to reading more by this author. ~ K. Westrope 


  • Ultimately, this is a cute little novella with a good, solid romance. Sally’s situation is drawn honestly, and she makes a few mistakes, just the way most normal people would. She’s not a larger-than-life personage at all, which actually gives more depth to the plot — people should relate to her, as she tries to figure out whether she should go back to college (and Trevor), or stay on the farm with Jack. And both guys are decent fellows, which makes Sally’s choice that much harder.

You see, in life, sometimes there are no wrong answers. But the reasons you make your choices show exactly where your character lies.

Bottom line: I enjoyed PLANTING THE SEEDS OF LOVE. It reads quickly, has a solid romance based on compatibility and respect rather than being merely about sex, and the love triangle was realistically drawn, and earned four very solid stars — and a recommended tag. ~Barb Caffrey, Vine Voice Reviewer


  • I love this type of story-line. It’s a true-to-life conflict that a lot of us face (well a girl can dream, right? :)) Two hot guys, a successful career, or a budding business, what’s a girl to do?

The author does a splendid job of building the internal tension as well as some wonderfully lighthearted interactions that play out perfectly and keep the reader engaged. The secondary characters are well thought out, and bring an added dimension to the setting. ~Jacquie Biggar


  • Sweet and full of heartfelt emotion, this is a powerful little short story that will make the reader feel Sally’s angst as she considers her options. Sally must dig deep to decide what is best her both her and her grandfather’s legacy. ~Award-Winning and Best-Selling Author Carole P. Roman


  • Another wonderful story from the talented N.N.Light. Having read The Princess of the Light and thoroughly enjoyed it, I read Planting the Seeds of Love. Romantic themes are not usually my first choice for picking a story but it is very well written and a great read. ~Nathan Stone


  • Very cute, feel good contemporary romance novella.A very sweet, warm and gentle read.Short and clean- scenes with some light fighting and swearing but no sex or extreme language.Sally came across as a bit of a spoilt little princess, with Jack as her clear Prince Charming.I really didn’t like the character Trevor- so possessive and arrogant.Great descriptive narrative, vivid dialogue that not only breathed life into the characters but provided a window into life in a tight knit countryside community.The countryside community was portrayed so positively, it even lured this committed city girl into sampling a taste of country life with a farm visit next holiday. ~ Ariel C.


  • A sweet, clean romance featuring a woman caught between two worlds – the small-town farm she inherits from her grandfather, and the big city she has moved to. Each comes with its own romantic interest: a childhood friend for the former; a fellow student who adores her for the latter.The writing is impeccable, the pacing perfect, the heroes easy to identify with and care for, and the story a welcome change from the usual “good boy vs bad boy” tale. In this novella, no choice is perfect, and that only adds to its charm.A perfect read, even for a reader like me – someone who doesn’t normally read romances. ~Award-Winning and Best-Selling Author Nicholas C. Rossis


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