Title: Princess of the Light


Author: N. N. Light



Mary Miller receives a startling visitation from Gabriel, the Messenger of God. The Archangel reveals an astounding truth–Mary is the Princess of the Light and even more amazing, her destiny is to battle Lucifer’s army of demons and restore the balance of good and evil on Earth. It’s getting harder to fulfill her new role and keep her identity secret while juggling her personal life, and when Than, Lucifer’s second in command, amps up the attacks on her, she knows she needs help.


Joe Deacons is everything she’s ever wanted in a man. And as providence would have it, in a moment of great need, he’s the Warrior of Light–the one who can help her defeat the forces of darkness.


Not so simple when they confront Lisbeth, a demon hell-bent on usurping Than and Lucifer himself. When Lisbeth wages war and several innocent people die, Mary must form an alliance with her enemy in order to destroy her. But will this be a grave error or the choice that saves their world?


50% of the proceeds go directly to Food Banks in USA and Canada.


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What Readers Are Saying:

  • This is an extraordinary story well worth the read. Good and evil battle until the very end and then, what a surprise ending! I sense a series forming and a good one at that. Thanks, N.N.Light for such a treasure. I read right through and didn’t stop. ~Don Thorkelson 


  • Overall, I felt very good after reading The Princess of the Light. Sort of the same feeling one gets from watching a Hallmark Channel Movie. Besides being a Paranormal Romance, I would also consider it to be a fine example of modern Christen literature as well. Out of curiosity, I visited the Author’s website to find out more about them and was pleased to learn that they donate a portion of all their sales to their local food bank through an endowment. Yet another good reason to feel good about this book. Enjoy! ~Bernio 


  • If you’re looking for a realistic paranormal romance, this isn’t the book for you. Princess of the Light is a fable. The book unfolds in the idyllic town of Golden Lake, as Mary gradually comes to understand her role and to take ownership of the power and responsibility she has somehow inherited. I don’t believe we are meant to take the various hellish denizens she encounters all that seriously. They’re merely externalizations of darker forces that twist and corrupt the town’s inhabitants—especially ambition, envy, the desire for wealth and the absence of hope.

    Still, when Mary slips into a vision, the author makes you believe it’s all real. And the book doesn’t shy away from tragedy and heartbreak. Everyone’s life includes loss. The challenge is to hold to the truth and let your light shine despite your grief. ~ Lisabet Sarai


  • Amazing job on the structure of the book form the cover, background story, and content. Nicely done. The read was easy, smooth and attention-grabbing. I loved the changing point-of-views, which helped to follow the characters through their thoughts, emotions, and actions, bringing me closer to them. Buckle up your seatbelts, because this journey will bring you to another level of spiritual battles. Great satisfying story. ~Vik Tory Arch


  • This was an action packed, spiritual, paranormal book. I enjoyed reading this book. The message of light vs dark was powerful. I usually don’t read paranormal books, but found the spiritual component in this one very interesting. Anyone who loves stories about angels and God’s messages will love this book. ~Molly from My Book Addiction and More


  • Wow, what a compelling story! The main character, Mary, is so relatable and engaging. I loved watching her discover and use her amazing powers–kicking demon-butt, yet never losing her humility or femininity. She is an awesome character! Her love story with Joe intertwines with her battle against evil, providing the perfect balance of action/adventure and romance. This is a deeply emotional, satisfying story. The characters stayed with me long after I finished the last page.~Sarah Floyd


  • In a world where everyone can publish a book, it is hard to find one that captivates from the start. I went in looking for the battle of good versus evil and found myself also caught up in a love story. A book that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. One I had a hard time putting down. Now I wonder, what will happen next???? ~Anonymous Reviewer


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Author Bio:

couple N N Light

N. N. Light is the best-selling husband-wife writing team, commonly known as Mr. N and Mrs. N.


Mrs. N. has been creating stories ever since she was little. Her grandfather remembers when she was two years old, she would stand at the top of the stairs and tell him a story filled with emotion (and in a language foreign to him) with her hands on her hips. Let’s just say she was a born storyteller.

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They’re blissfully happy and loves all things chocolate, books, music, movies, art, sports, trains, history, cooking and baking. Their mantra is to spread the Light.

Most of the time you can find them on Twitter or getting new ideas on how to spread the Light on Pinterest. They’re a proud member of ASMSG and Independent Author Network.

In addition to being authors, they’re also book promoters/reviewers, social media marketers/influencers and the owners of N. N. Light Author Promotions. They both love books, have ever since they were young. Matching up books and readers is something that gives them great pleasure.


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