Instead of Worrying, Accept Some Things are Out of Your Control #inspiration #motivation


Are you worrying about things that are out of your control?

Worrying doesn’t lead to happiness. All it leads to stress and unhappiness.

Yesterday, I felt like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. From the time I started working (8:00 am) until the time MR N came home from work, I was an hour behind. I had a to-do list a mile long and kept whispering, “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date.”

I had a choice. I could worry about how I was going to get everything done before 5:30 pm or I could work through my list, one item at a time.

Which one do you think I chose?

I went with the latter and it worked. Even though it felt like I was constantly behind, eventually I caught up and at 5:30 pm, I completed everything on my to-do list.

Worrying doesn’t do anything except distract you from getting a job done.

Take MR N’s advice: you never have to worry; all is in control.



Are You Moving Forward or Just Looking Forward? #inspiration #MondayBlogs #Monday


Are you moving forward or just looking forward?

The future is unknown and yet there are many of us who pine for the future, look forward to the future and generally live in the future. The present doesn’t matter, only the future.

Is that really a way to live?

Listen, when I was younger, I lived in the future. I didn’t give a damn about the past or the present. I was miserable and wanted out of the life I was living. So, I propelled myself to the future with thoughts like these:

When I get older, I’ll be successful and show those bullies I’m somebody.

When I get older, I’ll show all those guys what a mistake they made dumping me.

When I become a successful author, I’ll show those agents what a mistake they made not choosing me as a client.

On and on these thoughts went and you know what? I wasn’t moving forward, just looking forward.

Life is meant to be lived in the present. Don’t make the same mistakes as me. Plan for the future but live in the now.

“You’ll never know for sure what tomorrow holds unless you keep moving forward.”


Eeyore’s Conclusion: Life is Good! #inspiration #Friday #advice

Friday Eeyore quote


What makes you happy? 

Here are some things that make me happy:

A kiss from my husband in the morning.

The sun shining.

Seeing wildlife while taking my morning walk.




Watching Winnie the Pooh.

I grew up on the famous A.A. Milne series.  Every time I read or watch Winnie the Pooh (and his many friends), a smile spreads across my face.  It brings me back to a simpler time, my childhood.  I smile to myself and everything seems right with my world.

I love the above quote.  Eeyore says life is good, especially today because it’s Friday.  For those of you who are not familiar, Eeyore is a somber character.  He has troubles keeping his tail on, his house standing and many other things that bring him down.  His voice is low and sad.

But every once in awhile, he finds a balloon or a field of dandelions and is happy.  He doesn’t jump up and down.  He doesn’t scream excitedly.  He slightly smiles to himself and revels in it.

We could learn a lot from Eeyore.  Life can throw a lot at us.  It can be easy to be down and out.  But we have to remember to find what makes us happy and enjoy.

Find what makes you happy and hold onto it, even in the tough times.


What Makes You Great? Repeat After Me and Embrace Your Inner Self #ThursdayThoughts #grateful

Photo Credit: Chronic Babe on Pinterest


Who are you?

No, I’m not quoting The Who in my morning singing voice. I’m merely asking you to take a little inventory of what makes you who you are.

Who are you?

Life is filled with people, companies and slogans that scream at us who we aren’t and what we need.

You’re not beautiful enough so buy this face cream.

You’re not hip enough so you need to buy these jeans.

You’re not cool enough so you have to buy this car.

On and on these messages beat us up throughout the day. Is it any wonder we’re unsure of ourselves and harboring self-esteem issues?

Whenever I feel bombarded by these messages, I close my eyes and list at least five positive affirmations. They go something like this:

I am strong.

I am beautiful.

I am loved.

I am gifted.

I am a Princess.

Reminding ourselves who we are strengthens us and allows us to embrace our inner self. Be proud of who you are.

You are blessed and a beautiful person. I love you and so does the Universe!


Have You Sparked Someone Today? #inspiration #motivation #kindness


Have you sparked someone today?

No, this isn’t some online prank. lol! I’ve been the recipient of several acts of kindness the past few weeks and I thought today’s inspirational thought should focus on kindness.

A small act of kindness can spark a wildfire of kindness worldwide.

Think about it. For every person you encounter online today, be kind and encourage. They, in turn, will continue the trend and before you know it, kindness will have spread around the world.

Cool, huh?

Come join me and spark someone today!

A little spark of kindness can put a colossal burst of sunshine  into someone’s day.


It is Never Too Late… Inspiration from TSO #ThursdayThoughts #inspiration

Image Credit: Trans Siberian Orchestra

No matter what has transpired or what has been said, it is never too late.

Last night, MR N and I watched Trans Siberian Orchestra’s The Ghosts of Christmas Eve. It’s one of our favorite holiday specials and we watch the DVD more than once every year. It’s a beautiful rock concert and it inspires us every time we watch it.

At the very end of the story, the Caretaker (played brilliantly by Ozzie Davis) speaks about second chances and coming home.

“It is never too late.”

We all live with regret. Words spoken in anger and/or hurt. Actions selfish and/or deceitful. Betrayal and rejection. We all wish at one point or another that we could take it all back.

It is never too late.

Pick up the phone or write an email. Make it right.

It is never too late.


Your Dreams Can Be Your Reality. Be Unstoppable! #inspiration #motivation


Choose to be unstoppable!

When I was little, I was told that I could do anything, the world was my oyster, etc. As a ten year old, I was filled with big dreams and aspirations.

When I became an adult and entered the “real world”, my dreams were replaced by working hard and making money. I shoved my dreams in the back of the closet and was, in fact, miserable.

It wasn’t until I started this blog did my dreams come back to the forefront of my mind. Through hard work and persistence, I made my dream come true of being a published author.

I’m unstoppable.

Don’t bury your dreams or replace your aspirations with reality. Your dreams can be your reality. You have the capability of being anything, just like when you were young.

Are you ready?

Write down your dreams and remember to dream big. Every day (or several times a day), meditate over your dreams and create a plan to make them reality. Then do it!

Let this be your daily meditation:

I choose to be unstoppable. I am bigger than my concerns and worries. The strength of others inspires me daily. I focus on my goal. I trust my intuition and live a courageous life.

Look at you; you’re unstoppable!!


Having a Bad Day? Take This Advice

grateful for everything

Are you having a bad day? Thinking the world is against you?

I read this amazing article from Huffington Post last week and wanted to share it with you: . Here is the article in full:


Here’s a light-hearted look at cancer treatment from the point of view of my son Elliot, who was only 4 1/2 when he was diagnosed. I know many of the adults I am in touch with who have cancer or who are helping a person with cancer through this journey, will relate!

Advice to adults with cancer from a 5-year-old:

1. It is perfectly acceptable to have a complete tantrum and throw your shoes around just before leaving for the hospital.

2. You always deserve a present after chemo.

3. If you feel like showing more respect and politeness to the hospital clown than your oncologist, that’s OK.

4. If you manage to grab the syringe of medicine from the nurse, it’s their loss and you are then allowed to squirt its entire content around the room.

5. You are allowed to complain loudly about any smells like perfume, but you are also allowed to fart freely whenever and wherever you want.

6. Anyone who says “this one tastes like syrup” better be not be lying or they can expect to catch some spit.

7. You are allowed to worry about life and death, but only to the same extent that you worry about whether Santa Claus will be able enter your home if you don’t have a chimney.

8. Speaking of worry, you are not allowed to worry about anything that is not going to happen today or tomorrow.

9. Any bad thing that happened in the past should be quickly erased from your mind using ice cream.

10. It’s OK to throw up directly on your caregiver instead of into the bucket they are holding. It will create warm and funny memories for them once this is all over.

11. Good friends may stare when they first see you without any hair, but they are quickly more interested in all your new toys. So make sure you have lots of new toys around all the time.

12. It is the right thing to do to jump off the examining table if the doctor’s hands are too cold.

13. A popsicle for breakfast is a good idea and goes well with bacon.

14. If someone rubs your bald head and says you’re cute, you should stare at them in complete boredom until they stop.

15. Always believe that scars are badges of courage and make you look like a pirate or a superhero.

16. Jumping on the bed is a perfectly acceptable form of exercise.

17. Someone should always be available to carry you if you don’t feel like walking anymore and they will be grateful if you look at them lovingly and say, “You’re walking too slowly.”

18. It’s a good idea to frequently press the little button next to the bed that makes the nurse come running, because she might be lonely and bored and enjoys picking your crayon up from the floor.

19. The only part of hospital food you should eat is the dessert. The rest is not really food, anyway.

20. Make having fun your priority all the time, no matter where you are or what’s going to happen next.

I was so touched by this article and it gave me pause. Even though I don’t have cancer, I know if I take this advice and apply it to my own life, I will be happier.

What if today, we were just grateful for everything? What if today, we didn’t take everything so seriously? What if today, we were kind to everyone and helped in whatever way we could? What if today, we spread the Light?

Thank you, Nicole Scobie, for sharing this touching article with me and the world! You are spreading the Light!

MRS N aka N. N. Light

5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Writing the First Draft

Writing first draft

Writing the first draft can be a stumbling block for many writers.  They try to get all the drafts done in one fell swoop.  Writing the first draft is only round one in a long process.  I love this quote by Terry Pratchett because he nails the definition of the first draft.


The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.


When I wrote the first draft for Princess of the Light, I wrote every single thought, conversation and characterization that came into my head.  It wasn’t about whether it was pretty or even made any sense; it was about getting everything down on paper.  It doesn’t matter who the POV is or what the subject matter, get it all down.


I get asked a lot of questions by fellow writers about the process of writing.  When I was starting out, I asked a lot of questions to writers.  So here are five pitfalls to avoid when writing the first draft:


1- Write about one character at a time.  I find this one of the oddest things I have come across.  Write whatever comes to your mind.  Whether you are pantser or plotter, write it all down.  Your book, like in life, has many characters.  Think of yourself like a narrator and get it all down.  Even if you’re in first person, observe what is going on around you and write it down.


2- Edit while you are writing.  This is one of the worst things you can do to stifle the flow of your story.  Forget about it being perfect and ready for publishing.  Get everything down and allow yourself to be messy.  There were times when I was writing that it felt like torture.  I looked it over while I was writing and said to myself, “I am the worst writer in the world.  I just wrote the worst pile of crap.”  Later, when I was revising my first draft, the same passage was beautiful.


Write terribly


3- Write what is popular.  This is a two-edged sword in the publishing industry.  Sure, it would be nice to write something that will fit perfectly with the book trends.  The truth is no matter what you write, unless you are a celebrity, what is hot today may be cold tomorrow.  Take a look at the best seller chart and you will see the top ten books are vastly different.  Following trends will only make it harder for your book to stand out.  Instead, write what you would want to read.  If it captures your imagination, then it will capture the imagination of other readers.


Write for yourself


4- Write to get rich. Yes I know, all writers out there in the universe are laughing.  It’s comical but the truth is that there are some people out there who write for the purpose of making a lot of money.  They don’t care about the story or the impact it will have on others.  All they can see are dollar signs.  Most writers write because they have to; it’s like breathing.  I write because if I do not, I will suffocate.  I have these characters and stories in my head that I want to share with the world.  Money is nice but it is not what drives me.  Inspiring others and telling stories is my motivation.  Don’t concentrate on the money part when writing your first draft.


king writing and money


5- Stop reading and only concentrate on the writing.  This is THE worst pitfalls ever!  I know writing a first draft takes all of your creative energy and time.  But don’t stop reading.  In fact, reading all sorts of books is exactly what you need to be doing.  Reading and writing go hand in hand.  Reading not only improves your knowledge but helps you hone your writing skills.  You get a first-hand glimpse into POV, pace, characterization, setting, plot twists, etc.  It’ll make you a better writer!

Reading writing SK


There you have it! I hope this helps you while you are writing your first draft.  Pitfalls can be avoided by just letting yourself go and write.  Let go of all the self-doubt and anxieties.  You have a story to tell and the first step in telling your story is to get it all down in the first draft! 🙂


Until next time…


MRS N, the Writer


Writing Advice From Some of the Greatest Authors

Writing Advice from Famous authors

Advice For Writers From Literary Agents

What superb advice and ALL writers need to read this article!

Writers In The Storm Blog

Writing on PaperBy Chuck Sambuchino

Literary agents are full of great advice for writers. That’s why, whenever I am concluding an interview with an agent, I always end the encounter by asking “Is there any other piece of advice you’d like to discuss?”

This open-ended question often draws a fantastic answer, as the agent’s most passionate advice will pour out.

That’s why I’ve gone through a whole bunch of literary agent interviews and cobbled together some of the best writing tips that agents have passed on over the years. There was so much good material that I had to break it down into multiple columns. This is Volume I, and you can check out agents’ helpful and inspiring advice below.

And I want to take a moment and say that I’m excited about being a recurring new contributor to Writers in the Storm. You will be seeing more columns from me on…

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