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Title:  Protected by His Grace

Author: Grace Augustine

Genre: Christian Romance Suspense


Book Blurb: 

Rev. James Turner takes his job seriously. As pastor of Lindenport Christian Church, he makes sure his congregation are spiritually fed and that their needs are met, especially during the holidays.


Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas Eve services are a mainstay to the Christian faith. At Lindenport Christian Church, it’s no different. The Thanksgiving community dinner and decorating committees have the church decked out for the holidays.


Pastor James’ faith is challenged when a beautiful female parishioner confides in him about her past, putting both and their loved ones in danger.


The magical beauty and wonder of Christmas Eve is a perfect backdrop for remembering God’s continued protection through adversity.



James nodded and took a nibble from one of the sweets he’d chosen.


“So, how can I help, Miss… I’m sorry, but I don’t know all the names of my congregation. There are many new people, but I assure you, once I do know your name, I won’t forget,” James chuckled.


“I’m sorry, Pastor Turner. I’m Jaden McAdam. I’ve been here a couple times. I’m enjoying your series on giving.”


“Thank you, but we didn’t come in my office to talk about giving, I don’t think. What has you upset?”


Jaden thought for a moment before speaking. It wasn’t easy for her to bare her soul to anyone, especially a semi-stranger. Sure, he was a pastor and more trustworthy than most, but it was still difficult. She didn’t know where to begin.


She’d moved to Acorn Hills with the hopes of starting a new life. She’d done that. Jaden was the most sought after real estate salesperson in the tri-county area. She had a beautiful condo filled with top of the line appliances and furniture. Her financial status was stable, she owed nothing but her monthly expenses. Yet, with all of this, her past cast an eerie shadow over her days and made for some sleepless nights.


James saw how difficult this was for Jaden, so he began asking questions, hoping to draw out information that would allow him to somehow help ease her burden.


“Please, tell me about yourself, Miss McAdam,” James prompted.


Jaden shrugged and sipped her coffee.


“Really, there isn’t much to tell. I moved to Acorn Hills several years ago after accepting a position with a real estate company. I took over the Lindenport office two months ago. Now, I find myself with the tag of top realtor of the area, making me one busy girl. And, please, call me Jaden.”


“Real estate must be as challenging as it is joyful. Congratulations for the title of top realtor, Jaden. It takes some years to achieve that status. You must be a real go-getter.”


Go-getter, yup, that’s me.


“Well, when you’re single and have no family, you tend to throw yourself into work.”


“How well I know that,” the pastor sighed, drained his cup, and poured another.


“Do you have relatives in the area? Is that why you moved?”


Jaden really didn’t want to play twenty questions, but she needed to talk with someone. No one knew her past or the reasons she wound up in Lindenport, not even her best friend, Adriana Zubarov.


She tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear and set her empty coffee mug on the tray.


“No, Pastor, I don’t have relatives in the area,” she stated, nervously picking at the purse clasp again.


“Jaden, I assure you, if you don’t want to talk, I understand. We’ll just make this a new acquaintance meeting and leave it at that. My door is always open, please know that. I’d love to have you be part of my congregation, so if you have membership questions, let me know.”


“I don’t mean to be difficult. I don’t trust too many, Pastor Turner. I know you’re a man of God and I know what we talk about won’t go farther than the walls of your office. It’s just…”


Tears fell down Jaden’s soft pink cheeks. She buried her face in her hands and sobbed.


James knelt beside her chair, placing a hand on her shoulder. He was puzzled as to what would bring this woman to such grief. He was afraid of driving her away with more questions, but if he didn’t ask, he wasn’t going to know. He grabbed a handful of tissues from the box on his desk and placed them in her hands.


“Jaden, whatever this burden you are carrying, you know you will feel better once you share it with someone. I’m here and I want to help.”



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Grace Augustine


Author Biography:

Award-winning novelist and editor, Grace Augustine, was born and raised in Montana. She currently resides in Iowa with her older son and a very feisty 3 yr. old cat named Bou. Grace is an avid promoter of all the arts and an advocate for Multiple Sclerosis. She loves hearing from her readers and may be contacted through her website at  or find her on twitter @mallidalli.



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Book Spotlight + A Note From the Author~ Border Danger by Alice Wootson #RomanticSuspense

A special note from the author:

“I have been so busy enjoying my second career. I never would have thought it possible. I retired as a teacher and went right into writing. I was blessed by having my first novel picked up by the first editor to whom I submitted. Now my 12th book, Border Danger was released in August. It follows Border Love and is the second novel featuring Border Patrol agents stationed in Brownsville, Texas, on the Texas/Mexican border.  Both are inspirational romantic suspense novels. My next novel, What’s in a Name?, will be released at the end of November. It’s  romantic suspense, too. What’s in a Name is about a graduate student whose name matches that of a man on the government’s watch list for terrorists. He’s not who they’re looking for, but a lot happens before the agency finds that out.”

Border Danger

Title: Border Danger

Author: Alice Wootson

Genre: Inspirational Romantic Suspense

Book Blurb:

Does his offer of friendship Host a hidden motive?

Religion is an important part of Nita Johnson’s life. Whenever confronted with a difficult or unsure situation, she seeks God’s direction and guidance. When Nita finds herself attracted to the agent training her, she questions if he is the one for her…after all, not only is he known as “The Resident Torturer” by his trainees, but his relationship with God isn’t on friendly terms.

A traumatic event forced Agent Craig Sawyer to give up on God. Having experienced the deep sting of loss, he vows never to develop a close bond with anybody ever again. He battles his desire to pursue a relationship with Nita, but loses the fight. When her life is in danger, will he turn back to God?


Nita Johnson was tired. Late Friday afternoon on a warm mid-April day, she dragged her weary body back to the dormitory at the Border Patrol Academy in Brownsville, Texas. She tried not to walk like a hobbled horse, but found it impossible. The past week seemed a year long. Silently she asked the question that was on her mind more during those days than before: Lord, did I hear you right? Is this where you want me to be? Sometimes people think they hear God direct them, but it’s really their own wants they hear.

Stay. The word was so clear she looked around. Nobody was there. Okay. Despite her aches, she relaxed a bit.

The written test was grueling and I thought the physical training up until this week was as hard as it would get. It couldn’t be more difficult than my SWAT training. She shook her head. Boy, was I wrong. That was nothing compared to this past week.

When her roommate, Rennie, left three days into the physical training, Nita tried to convince her it would get easier. It was hard at first, but got easier after your body adjusted. Rennie left anyway.

The first ten weeks lulled Nita into thinking the worse was over and it would be a downhill glide to graduation.

She shuffled into her room, gave the door a weak push shut, glanced at the bed, then eased to the floor and stretched out on the carpet. Even her bones were weary. Maybe by tomorrow she’d have strength to get up. Possibly, she’d even have the energy to take a shower. She folded her hands across her middle and thought of the person responsible for her condition: Agent Craig Sawyer.

He was substituting for Officer Glen Young. Something was driving him. The trainees nicknamed him The Resident Torturer. He looked as if he didn’t quit exercising his six-foot plus body even after he released the class for the day.

His image loomed in her mind and settled into place as if he was standing in front of her. His finely-honed features and smooth looks could be at home on the cover of a men’s fashion magazine. On the other hand, he could be mistaken for someone in a corporate setting; at least until you looked at his eyes. Nita frowned. Ruthlessness looked as if it had lived there for a long time. They reminded her of shark’s eyes. Craig Sawyer was one angry man.

She bent her knees and twisted her legs to one side and her arms to the other. Then she reversed positions. The ache in her muscles proved she was still alive: Dead people didn’t hurt. She stretched her hands over her head until she felt the pull down the length her spine.

A few minutes later she stood. She thought of soaking in a tub of hot water, but she wasn’t sure her muscles would lift her out. She opted for a shower.

As the water beat on her shoulders and back, she tried to think of a suitable punishment for Agent Sawyer. She gave up when nothing harsh enough came to mind. He didn’t know how blessed he was that she was a Christian. She wished she had a way to make the weekend last longer.

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Author Biography:

Alice Greenhowe Wootson grew up in Rankin, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Cheyney University, a Masters’ Degree in Education, Principal Certification and Reading Specialist Certification. She retired from the School District of Philadelphia.

Alice Wootson in the award-winning author of twelve novels. She is also a poet and many of her poems have won awards and recognition. She wrote her first poem as an assignment when she was in fifth grade. As an adult she discovered romance novels and after reading many of them she decided to write one. She writes romance novels because she likes happy endings.

She is a member of The Philadelphia Writers Conference, the Mad Poets Society, Romance Writers of America and Authors Guild.

Alice has presented writing workshops for several chapters of Romance Writers of America, the Philadelphia Writers Conference, The North Wildwood Writers Conference, several Romance Slam Jam conferences, libraries, bookstores and adult and children’s writing groups. She is happy to meet with book clubs and group of readers.

Alice Wootson is a member of several ministries at her church: Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church in Philadelphia.

She and her husband leave one son at home every winter to watch their three dogs so they can be ‘Snowbirds’ in the Orlando area.

She uses any spare time she can find reading, traveling and spending time with her husband, her sons and her three grandchildren.

Alice is always working on her latest novel or piece of poetry.

Connect with Alice Wootson: