Success is No Accident. It Is Hard Work, Perseverance and More! #inspiration #FridayFeeling

success is no accident


One of the greatest traits both of our fathers instilled in us: a strong work ethic. Nothing comes easy and in order to achieve success, you have to work your bum off.


Are you struggling for success at work, school, home and society? Do you feel like giving up because it’s too hard? Stay the course! 


We’ve been working on creating an inspirational thought book (365 days worth) for the past nine months. It’s been hard work, let me tell you. We had to figure out which inspirational thoughts deserved to be in the book and which didn’t. We had to edit, re-edit and edit again. We had to research copyright law and make sure we weren’t in violation. We had to edit again. We had to hire a cover designer and get the perfect cover. We had to proofread and proofread again. Final tweaks are being done today and then it’s off to the formatter this weekend.


We did all this work while trying to work two jobs, run a business, deal with certain personal matters, keep up with friends and family, not to mention sleep and eat. There were roadblocks and times when we were so exhausted, we looked like ten miles of bad road. But we kept going. We knew this was an important book that needed to be published because it’s filled with truth and love.


Success may seem out of reach but every time you feel that way, recite the quote above. You can do it, no matter what! Success is no accident and at the end of the journey, you’ll be amazed by all that you accomplished!




Eeyore’s Conclusion: Life is Good! #inspiration #Friday #advice

Friday Eeyore quote


What makes you happy? 

Here are some things that make me happy:

A kiss from my husband in the morning.

The sun shining.

Seeing wildlife while taking my morning walk.




Watching Winnie the Pooh.

I grew up on the famous A.A. Milne series.  Every time I read or watch Winnie the Pooh (and his many friends), a smile spreads across my face.  It brings me back to a simpler time, my childhood.  I smile to myself and everything seems right with my world.

I love the above quote.  Eeyore says life is good, especially today because it’s Friday.  For those of you who are not familiar, Eeyore is a somber character.  He has troubles keeping his tail on, his house standing and many other things that bring him down.  His voice is low and sad.

But every once in awhile, he finds a balloon or a field of dandelions and is happy.  He doesn’t jump up and down.  He doesn’t scream excitedly.  He slightly smiles to himself and revels in it.

We could learn a lot from Eeyore.  Life can throw a lot at us.  It can be easy to be down and out.  But we have to remember to find what makes us happy and enjoy.

Find what makes you happy and hold onto it, even in the tough times.


Stressed and in a Hurry? Take Five Deep Breaths … #inspiration #motivation #stress



Feeling stressed today?

Me, too!

We’re all busy and stress is building up inside. Our stomachs clench, our skin is clammy and anxious thoughts run rampant.


Take five deep breaths right now. Empty your mind of all those thoughts and concentrate on your breathing. Imagine that stress washing off your body with each breath.

Now, repeat after me: I’m in control of myself and my feelings. Today is Friday and I’ve got this. I’m going to kick butt!

#1 stress reliever for me is the activity I’ve just described. It centers me and allows me to deal with any kind of stress.

Happy Friday, all!