Write Down Your Dreams so They Become Tangible! #inspiration #motivation #ThursdayThoughts

setting goals


Dreams are just dreams until you write them down. Once you write them down, they give birth and become goals.


One of the most important lesson I learned in life was the simple act of writing down my dreams. See, dreams are like air; you can’t see them yet you know they’re there. But when you write down your dreams, they become visible and tangible. Dreams, once written down, become goals and we all know about goal-setting.


Cowboys Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith at the ripe age of 22 wrote down his dreams. He wanted to become the all-time leading rusher in the NFL. He hadn’t played one snap on the field yet he wrote it down. He kept his list with him and used it as inspiration. The result? He achieved his goal and many more.


My advice: write down your dreams and use the list as motivation. You have the power to make your wildest dreams come true. 




What’s the Point of #Wisdom? To Discern What’s True and False! #inspiration #WednesdayWisdom



What’s the point of wisdom?


To discern what is true and what is false.


In today’s world, there’s a whole lot of false, lies, fakeness and skirting around the truth. We have fake body parts, fake news, fake leaders, etc. People lie, cheat and steal. Wisdom, true wisdom, is being able to tell the difference.


Gaining wisdom is a life-long pursuit and we’re much wiser today than we were yesterday. Seek truth and understanding; dismiss falsehoods and ignorance.



Life is Too Short to Wake Up With Regrets! #inspiration #motivation #TuesdayThoughts

Sun smiling thru clouds


Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So, love the people who treat you right and forget about the ones who don’t. And believe that everything happens for a reason… if you get a chance, take it; if it changes your life, let it. Nobody said it would be easy… they just promised it would be worth it.


Life too short to wake up in the morning with regrets.


That is my mantra for this week.


Last few weeks were hard for me. Over the weekend, I did a little retrospection and caught myself mulling over regrets. Here are some of my thoughts:


I wish I did better in school.


I wish I stood up to the bullies.


I wish…


I wish…


I wish…


The thoughts went around and around. It wasn’t until MR N took my hand and said softly,


“I love you.”




I smiled at him. His three words silenced the voices in my head. Amazing.


I’m tired of living with regret. So today, I’m releasing all my regrets like little sparrows.


“Fly away,” I say.


Are you living with regret?


Gather all your regrets and release them like little birds. They no longer have any hold over you.


Embrace the Suck to Achieve Mental Toughness! #inspiration #motivation #MondayBlogs

embrace the suck falcons


Embrace the suck.


I was watching a NFL pre-game yesterday and they did a cool story on the Atlanta Falcons. After the devastating loss in the Superbowl, Dan Quinn took his team to a SEAL training boot camp, so to speak. It’s run by former SEALs and they train teams to be the best they can be. When asked to sum up his experience, Matt Ryan said, “Embrace the suck.”




Mental Toughness



These are the core values that Matt Ryan and the Falcons took away from the training and these are the same values we need to embrace, too. Bad things happen and most of the time, it’s out of our control. How we handle adversity and triumph is what matters.


According to Matt Ryan, the SEALs have a wonderful way of being able to compartmentalize life into what matters and what doesn’t.  We can do the same thing. No matter what comes at you, sort it out and deal with it.


Embrace the suck.


You’ll defeat whatever comes your way and be a champion before you know it. 



Good Friends are Like Stars… I’m #Grateful for my Friends! #inspiration #FridayFeeling

good friends stars


Friends make the world a better place and today I want us to thank our friends for always being there.


You have friends who are your best friends, who are there for you no matter what’s going on in their lives. You may not see each other as much as you’d like but when it comes to life’s ups and downs, they’re by your side. 


Pick up the phone, text, email, carrier pigeon them a message saying thanks. Let them know how grateful you are for their love and friendship.


For all my dear friends who’ve supported me the past month, THANK YOU! Your kind words uplifted me and I’m so grateful. I love you all!


Make today Tell A Friend You’re Grateful Day!



Act Without Expectations! #inspiration #motivation #ThursdayThoughts

Act without expectations


You’ve heard the old saying about actions being louder than words but I have a new saying for you to mull over today.


Act without expectations.


Expectations hold us back from going after our dreams, doing something no one has done before and tackling the world. Whether its our own expectations or other people’s expectations of us, it tethers us in place. 


Free yourself from expectations and act. Quit worrying about what people think or that you shouldn’t be concentrating on ___________ . Follow your heart and act. You might be surprised where it takes you.


Have you acted without expectations? What was the result? Share in the comments below.




Spread Your Light Through Kindness! #inspiration #motivation #WednesdayWisdom

kindness light


Are you spreading your Light to all you meet or do you hide it?


As many of you know, we’ve been dealing with a personal crisis. The darkness was suffocating our Light and we struggled just to get through the day. But through determination and perseverance, we’ve overcome and are victorious.


We watched an episode of Touched by an Angel last night that really hit home. It was a Christmas one and it’s message centered around Light and Dark. A boy is afraid of the night and the Christmas pageant takes place at night. I won’t give anything away but it’s message of hope cleansed me of all dark thoughts.


No matter what’s going on in your life, cling to hope. If you see someone hurting and in need of an extra boost, spread your Light. Your kindness will be like a life preserver.



Are You Living Job’s Life? If So, Know That a Reprieve is On Its Way! #inspiration #motivation



What do you do when your world is falling apart around you? Do you fall into a heap or do you garner what strength you have left and keep going?


September has been one of those months where I wonder what’s going on. Every time I turn around, something else kicks me in the stomach. Whether it’s the heavy smoker moving in next door or natural disasters or our favorite place to eat jacking up the prices or a business platform causing heaps of trouble, it’s hit me (actually both MR N and myself). I look heavenward and wonder if I’m channeling Job.


Normally when the world is caving in around me, something really spectacular is about to happen. I just have to get through the trials by fire to get there. So, I have two choices: I can give up or I can keep going. 


I choose to keep going. Why? Because the alternative is depressing. If I don’t keep moving forward, trying new things and tackling whatever wants to kick my bum, I might as well invest in Kleenux stock.


Look forward to what’s right around the corner. The Universe is in your corner, cheering you on as you walk over hot coals. Your strength is your super power and you can make it!



On This Day (and Every Day), Be Good to People! #inspiration #NeverForget #MondayBlogs



What’s your legacy? Will your life be full of compassion, kindness and empathy?


Today is September 11th and 16 years ago today, a group of terrorist hell-bent on spewing their hatred across the globe flew planes into the World Trade Center, killing thousands. Suddenly, the world shrank and all of our own problems seemed insignificant.  Our loved ones were all that mattered and love poured out of every corner of the world.


I remember reading transcripts and survivor’s testimonies, thinking to myself that these heroes’ (whether it’s first responders or fellow Americans) legacies are firmly intact. Love, compassion, kindness and empathy are a great legacy.


What’s my legacy? 


Taylor Swift’s words hit home for me. I want to be remembered as someone who went out of their way to encourage and help others.


What will your legacy be?


Don’t delay, start living the legacy you want to remembered for!


Thank you to those who sacrificed their lives to defend our freedoms. Evil will never win, as long as we’re vigilant and continue to spread our Light! We will never forget! 



Stop Invoking Chicken Little and Manage Your Time Effectively! #inspiration #motivation



Managing your time without setting priorities is like shooting randomly and calling whatever you hit the target. – Peter Turla


Time management is something that each of us struggles with.  We have a never-ending list of things to do and places to go.


Today, I have a lot to do and not enough hours in the day to complete them. How am I not running around screaming like Chicken Little? I manage my time.


Read the above quote.


Sounds moronic, right? But it happens to millions of people every day.


I take full advantage of each and every minute of my day.  I have a list of things to do and I stick to it.  When there is a little lag time, I try to incorporate two things at once.


Need help with managing your time? Get a daily planner, write down what you need to accomplish in the day and as you complete each task check it off. You will feel so much better than running yourself ragged.


Manage your time or it will manage you.



Anxiety is Love’s Greatest Killer so Stop Panicking #inspiration #motivation #ThursdayThoughts

anxiety anais nin


Did you know that anxiety kills?


Look at any medical journal and you’ll see evidence of how anxiety strips our bodies of health and well-being. Both physically and mentally, anxiety causes us to worry and fret. Love and tranquility can’t penetrate and we’re left with a less than healthy lifestyle.


Last night, I broke down and let anxiety over cigarette smoke leaking into our apartment get the best of me. I started wringing my hands and getting so upset. It didn’t help matters and only caused me to have chest pains. MR N took my hands in his and encouraged me to relax. I took his advice and let is all go. We had the tools to deal with the smoke and it was useless to get so upset.


Like the quote above states, anxiety is love’s greatest killer. It saps the life out of us and the more we worry, the worse off we are. Even our friends and family back away in fear of getting sucked into the anxiety vortex.


So how do we stop anxiety from taking over? 


Breathe, meditate/pray, relax.


Stuff happens to us and we have to deal with it. Know what you can control and let the rest of it handle itself. Do it for your health, for yourself and for your loved ones. 


Don’t let anxiety win!



Take Every Chance to Make This World a Better Place! #inspiration #WednesdayWisdom

accomplish roberto clemente

Are you taking every chance to make a difference in this world or are just stuck in neutral?


It’s time for some tough self-analysis. Take a hard look at your life and yourself. Are you using what you’ve been given to make the world a better place? Are you investing in future generations through your actions?


People who make the world a better place, for today and for those to come after they’re long gone, are heroes in my book. There are so many people from the past who dedicated their lives to making the world a better place, it would take 1,000 reams of paper to thank them. For without those brave men and women, I wouldn’t have running water, electricity, freedom to be who I am and being able to share what I believe, etc.


Take an inventory of your life and find some way to make the world a better place. Find a charity to donate your time, money and resources. For me, I’m all about feeding the hungry and making sure every child in my corner of the world has food to eat. I’m not about to turn my back on little children, just because it may feel uncomfortable or uneasy. 


Don’t turn your back on the chance to accomplish great things. Don’t let your epitaph state you were… nice.




Thinking Your World is Over? A New Opportunity Will Arise! #inspiration #TuesdayThoughts

butterfly new perspective


Thinking your world is over?


This past weekend was an interesting one for us. We live in an apartment building and a new tenant moved in next door. He’s a smoker and the very night he moved in, our bedroom filled with cigarette smoke. We tried everything we could think of to combat the smell but on Labor Day, it came to a head. See, I’m allergic to cigarette smoke and I get asthmatic whenever I’m around it. MR N also can’t stand the smell and starts coughing. So, it’s more than the smell; cigarette smoke affects our health.


We contacted our landlord and asked her to have him smoke on his balcony or outside (like many other tenants do in this building). We’ve yet to hear back from her but knew we needed to come up with a plan. We couldn’t have another sleepless night’s sleep. We wracked our brain and then it hit us. Why not move our bed from the adjoining wall to in front of the closet?


So on Labor Day, we labored and did a whole switch-a-roo of our bedroom. It took some effort but we did it. The result? We love our new set-up.


Like the caterpillar, we thought our life was over. We didn’t know what to do and everything seemed to be stacked against us. The smell invaded our lungs and we couldn’t breathe. The darkness and despair was closing in, without a solution in sight. 


But then a little idea sparked us into action and soon Light flooded our veins. We shed our old ways and let our butterfly wings unfurl.


Life throws you curve balls and even when it seems like the world is ending, a new opportunity/perspective is right around the corner. Your butterfly wings are ready to fly; you just have to let them.



What Do You Fear? Stop Letting It Run You Over! #inspiration #FridayFeeling

Replacing Fear Alan Watts


What do you fear?


I was watching television the other night and a commercial came on about motor oil. It was all about not allowing fear to take over and keep moving. The voice-over recited a poem from Alan Watts and part of it is above. Pretty inspiring, eh?


Fear can paralyze us, prevent us from living life to the fullest. But that only happens if we let it. We have the power to say no to fear and yes to all of life’s possibilities.


Rev up your engine and run over fear as you speed off into the unknown. Let fear eat your dust!



Remembering #PrincessDiana and Her Legacy of #Kindness! #inspiration #ThursdayThoughts

kindness Princess Diana


Today is the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. 


My thoughts are filled with her from her fairy tale wedding to her beautiful smile, from her grace while dealing with the infidelity of Prince Charles to her kindness towards everyone she met. She was a champion for helping those in need and that is her legacy.


No matter how you feel about Princess Diana, her quote about kindness applies to us all. If we all did one act of kindness today, without expecting a reward, what a beautiful tribute to Princess Diana that would be. 



No Device for 132 Hours Taught Me the Value of Patience! #inspiration #motivation



Are you going through a hard time right now? 


Embrace patience.


Last Thursday, my cell phone died. Well, not exactly died but stopped working. I couldn’t do anything with it except tell the time. The worst part was I didn’t know it had happened until Mr. N called me on the home phone and alerted me to the problem. I called our provider and they agreed to send me a new phone.


Six days later, I have a brand new phone. I learned a lot while I was deviceless.


  • Patience is a virtue and when faced with waiting, it’s important to be calm.


  • While I was limited to just emailing with Mr. N during the week, I didn’t feel as close to him as I normally do.


  • While walking, I didn’t have my armor to protect me from cars running me down. I felt exposed and vulnerable. See, I record cars on my phone as I cross the street. They don’t run me down and I don’t die. I had to take my time and let the traffic clear before I could cross the street. Again, embracing patience.


  • When I was out and about (mostly on my morning walk), I had no idea what time it was. My phone is my watch and to not have it, I had no idea what time it was. This lesson was rather freeing. I could just do my thing and not worry about taking too long.


I struggle with patience but this experience forced me to be more patient and to enjoy the little things I normally would ignore. I am thankful for this challenging time and am thankful for my new cell phone.


My advice: no matter what you’re going through, have some patience. You have to go through bad times to appreciate the good times.



The Ultimate Test Comes When We’re Faced With Strife + Controversy #inspiration #Houstonstrong



The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. — Martin Luther King, Jr.


No matter where you’re living in the world, you know that Houston is being devastated with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Flooding like nothing I’ve ever seen is ripping through buildings as if they were made of cardboard. Now the dams need be opened (or so say the experts) which will flood lower Houston, causing many deaths.


I’ve heard some horrific stories (like the pastor who refuses to open his megachurch to the flood victims) and some heroic stories (like the Cajun Army, a local band of people, who are bringing rescue boats and pierogies  to those stranded). It got me thinking about something my great-grandmother used to say:


“You never know the character of a man until you plunge him in hot water. Then, like a tea bag, his real self emerges.”


What’s happening in Houston is a microcosm of the world. There are good and bad people. When all seems lost and people are clawing through the darkness, a beacon of light shines through.


Now, more than ever, the world needs Light. Darkness tries to shut out what is simply right. The basest human reactions are commonplace today. We must be beacons of Light to brighten the way.


Help those in need. Stop thinking about yourself and show the world what kind of person you really are.


Donations to the Salvation Army to support the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts can be made:



To see how your donations are being put to use in the field, the organization provides disaster updates as well.


The Salvation Army has provided shelter, food, and clothing to victims in Houston. In other hard-hit cities, volunteers have been assisting in the efforts to rescue victims as floodwaters rapidly rise.


(cited from this article)



Get Comfortable in Your Own Skin! #inspiration #bodyimage #MondayBlogs



Are you comfortable in your own skin?


After more than forty years, I’m finally comfortable in my own skin. I look at myself in the mirror and I like what I see. I’m still working on areas but my first thought isn’t to call myself ugly or fat. I’m healthy and so grateful to my body. Without it, I’d be nowhere.


Listen, we all have days when we don’t look or feel our best. But that’s not a reason to put down your body. Your body works hard and you should take care of it. One way to do that is to be kind to it. Give it some love and positive compliments.


Being comfortable in your own skin isn’t selfish or conceited. You’re not boasting; you’re loving yourself. It’s like putting on your favorite pair of jeans… you’re relaxed, cozy and feel good.


Instead of berating yourself for all the things wrong, take comfort in your body and who you are. Self-love is so important to your everyday health and it promotes an inner peace you can’t get anyplace else.



29 Ways to Stay Creative: A Fun Infographic #inspiration #creative #motivation #amwriting

29 ways to stay creative


I’m always looking for ways to be creative and so should you.


How do you stay creative and inspired?


Share in the comments below.



Instead of Hiding Your Mistakes, Own Them and Quickly Fix! #inspiration #ThursdayThoughts



What do you do when you make a mistake? Do you fess up and admit it or do try to hide your mistake, blaming others?


Save yourself a lot of trouble and own up to your mistakes, quickly making amends.


One of my favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes is titled Amends. In it, Angel is being haunted by an ancient evil. This ancient evil keeps showing Angel all of his past mistakes and evil deeds. Buffy confronts Angel right before dawn outside.


“The world wants me gone,” he replies to her pleas to get inside. 


“What about me?” she whispers. She tells him how everyone makes mistakes. Then she lays the kicker. “Angel, you have the power to do real good, to make amends. But if you die now, then all that you ever were was a monster.”


See, we all make mistakes in life. Some of us are filled with regret, wishing we could take it all back. The truth is that we can’t redo parts of our lives but we can make amends. We can right a wrong, ask for forgiveness, move on and try not to make the same mistake twice.


I have regrets, too. I wish I had stood up to my high school bullies when I had the chance. How do I make amends? I do whatever I can to stop bullying. I make sure kids (and adults, too) understand they are valued and loved.


Don’t hide from your mistakes. Own up to them and quickly fix what you did wrong. While the embarrassment of fessing up might feel awful for a second or two, confessing and making amends far outweigh feeling bad.


Making mistakes is human but fixing them as soon as possible is divine. 



Dig Deep to Find Your Inner Strength and Win the Challenge! #inspiration #WednesdayWisdom

inner strength


What do you do when painful situations and/or difficulties set up camp in your life?


Yesterday was a difficult day for me. It’s been ungodly humid where we live and as a result, little bits of mold/mildew popped up on our dining room wall yesterday. It’s a wall we share with a neighbour. It needed to be dealt with and MR N was at work. So, I grabbed ahold of my inner strength and washed the wall. I also cleaned a cabinet in the kitchen and the floor in our entranceway.


I hate mold/mildew. It’s unhealthy and makes my sinuses go all wacky. I usually let MR N deal with it but since it was in the dining room, time was of the essence. I closed my eyes to the trembling in my stomach and got to work. I cleaned the whole place and when I was finished, I smiled at my achievement.


Listen, we all deal with difficulties. Take my advice and don’t let the fear/anxiety/badness get to you. You have all the strength to deal with whatever comes… you just have to dig deep.


What do you do when challenges come your way? Share in the comments below.



Make Your Happiness a Priority! #inspiration #TuesdayThoughts #happiness



Did you know that your happiness is necessary to living a successful, fruitful life?


It’s true!


For many of us, we were brought up to take care of others and ignore our own needs. While I’m sure our parents meant well, it’s bad advice. When we’re taking care of everyone else and not ourselves, resentment starts to fester in our hearts. We get angry at others for not taking care of us and this starts a vicious passive-aggressive cycle.


Life is a balance of taking care of ourselves and others. I’ve learned over the years that it’s much better to speak openly about my happiness rather than keep it quiet. MR N encourages me to speak my mind, even when it is something he doesn’t want to hear. Truthfulness, when spoken in love, is always better than a lie. I take care of myself and we’re stronger as a couple because of it.


Like the quote above states, it’s perfectly amicable to love and take care of yourself. Your happiness deserves priority in your life. If you’re unhappy, do something about it. Take care of yourself in every way you can. You’ll thank me in the future, I promise. 


How do you take care of yourself? Answer in the comments below.



My Advice for the #SolarEcipse2017: Shoot for the Moon! #inspiration #motivation #MondayBlogs

eclipse joke


Today is a special day. In parts of North America, you can see a solar eclipse. 


I remember the last solar eclipse. It happened in 1979 and I was in grade school. All the kids wore special glasses and we went outside to view it. Such a special moment.


So what does it all mean? 


For those mystics out there, there is a spiritual connection that happens with an eclipse. (For more info, read this article: http://www.vogue.com/article/spiritual-guide-solar-eclipse ) For some of us, there’s a scientific connection to an eclipse. For most of us, it’s a cool event that happens once in a lifetime (or so they say).


Whatever the meaning, take this opportunity to make the most of your life. Are you thinking about trying something new? Do it today! Are you ready for a change? Don’t delay! Are you dreaming about something? Make it happen! Life is too short and the spiritual pull of the eclipse is the perfect opportunity to shoot for the moon! 



Don’t Let the Darkness Win… Share the Light and Let it Shine! #inspiration #Barcelona

Light Candle

Darkness is covering the world with its evil acts and terrorism. We need to share the Light now more than ever before.


Whether it’s the horrific terrorist attack yesterday in Barcelona, Spain or the KKK and nazis spewing hatred and violence, darkness is covering every nook and cranny of Earth. The only way to keep the darkness at bay is to fight back with these weapons: truth, justice and Light.


Each of us is a carrier of Light, no matter what belief system we follow. We must shine our Light to dispel the darkness. Imagine a single candle in a dark room. It glows a little. Now imagine hundreds of candles in a dark room. The darkness flees and we are basking in light.


Share your Light and spread the truth. Don’t let the darkness win!



Family: A Prime Example of #Kindness and #Love! #inspiration #ThursdayThoughts

family big ben


From the earliest age, we’re influenced by our family. Sometimes it’s a positive example and sometimes it’s a negative example. We’re taught how to act around others and what’s important in life. 


For me, I learned how to respond to others and what mattered most through observing my family. Money, appearances, love, upholding the family name were all important to my family. It wasn’t I got to know other families did I learn that there was more to life than that.


I love this quote by Big Ben because it speaks of kindness and thoughtfulness. Unconditional love comes to mind and that is a trait I share with my chosen family (a group of friends and family I’ve adopted as my own family). 


Like Ben, I try to live my life like my father. He loved me with his whole heart and even though we were torn apart by circumstances beyond our control, our love only grew stronger. He taught me the importance of not judging others and loving your enemies.


So, whether you’re a parent, child or friend, be the example of what it means to be a kind, loving family member. Love your family (whether it’s your birth or chosen family) unconditionally and never judge.