Spread Your Light Through Kindness! #inspiration #motivation #WednesdayWisdom

kindness light


Are you spreading your Light to all you meet or do you hide it?


As many of you know, we’ve been dealing with a personal crisis. The darkness was suffocating our Light and we struggled just to get through the day. But through determination and perseverance, we’ve overcome and are victorious.


We watched an episode of Touched by an Angel last night that really hit home. It was a Christmas one and it’s message centered around Light and Dark. A boy is afraid of the night and the Christmas pageant takes place at night. I won’t give anything away but it’s message of hope cleansed me of all dark thoughts.


No matter what’s going on in your life, cling to hope. If you see someone hurting and in need of an extra boost, spread your Light. Your kindness will be like a life preserver.




Don’t Let the Darkness Win… Share the Light and Let it Shine! #inspiration #Barcelona

Light Candle

Darkness is covering the world with its evil acts and terrorism. We need to share the Light now more than ever before.


Whether it’s the horrific terrorist attack yesterday in Barcelona, Spain or the KKK and nazis spewing hatred and violence, darkness is covering every nook and cranny of Earth. The only way to keep the darkness at bay is to fight back with these weapons: truth, justice and Light.


Each of us is a carrier of Light, no matter what belief system we follow. We must shine our Light to dispel the darkness. Imagine a single candle in a dark room. It glows a little. Now imagine hundreds of candles in a dark room. The darkness flees and we are basking in light.


Share your Light and spread the truth. Don’t let the darkness win!



Are You on a Spiritual Path? Of Course You Are! #inspiration #spirituality #WednesdayWisdom


Every moment, from birth until death, is part of the spiritual path.

People talk about spirituality like it’s some sort of quest. We’re not a character from Lord of the Rings, people.

When I was in my early twenties, I was restless and felt like I was missing something. So, I tried to find my spiritual self. I experimented with all sorts of things and in the end, I learned there are several avenues to spirituality but they all lead to the same place: my spiritual path.

Are you searching for the Light? Look inside. You’re a carrier of the Light and all you have to do is let it shine. 

Everyone is on a spiritual path and there is no right or wrong way to find it. No matter what your spiritual belief may be, we are all carriers of the Light. Open yourself up to all that the Universe has in store for you.

The spiritual path is simply the journey of living our lives. Everyone is on a spiritual path… most people just don’t know it yet.


The Darkest Paths Lead to Light… #inspiration #spiritual #SpreadtheLight

spread the light

Have you stumbled upon a dark path and gotten lost?

It happens to us all.  We follow the directions and somehow took a wrong turn on the interstate.  Shrouded in darkness, we’re unsure where to go.  Suddenly a light illuminates the street sign and we turn onto it.  We drive a block and blessed be, we are where we are supposed to be!

Life is a lot like that.  We’re living life and then something happens.  We don’t know where to turn or what to do.  Suddenly, a light shines and we follow the light to the path we’re supposed to be on.  Is it scary?  Definitely!  But once the light is shone, we are safe.

Love and grace are the tenants to faith. 

Faith is what you need when you are in the midst of darkness.  No matter what your spiritual belief is, faith is what guides you.  Faith that the Light will come.  Faith that you are on the right path.  Faith that the truth will be revealed.  Faith that you will find your way!

That’s where people like myself come in.  We are Light Spreaders!  We help those who are in darkness find their way.  We may not even realize it at the time; we are just being ourselves.  Our Light is the lifeline many people need.

So the next time you’re lost and feel all alone, have faith and look for the Light to guide your path. I (or someone like me) may be just around the bend ready to shine our Light for you to see.

MRS N, Light Spreader

Too Small an Act of Kindness? #inspiration #kindness #kind


Is there such a thing as too small of an act of kindness?

I asked myself this on Sunday morning. Every Sunday morning MR N and I sit out on our solarium and watch the world wake up. The birds sing, the squirrels flit from tree to tree and the sun shines. We put our feet up and relax.

This particular Sunday morning we saw a man we have seen for the past month ride down our street.

“There he is,” I told MR N.

MR N made a dash for the door and grabbed the bag sitting by the door. I watched from the windows.

The man on the bike is a man our age. He is homeless and he goes around collecting liquor bottles from the trash and recycling. In Canada, you can return empties to get your deposit back. It’s not a lot of money but it’s one way for the government to encourage recycling.

We had a party on Saturday and collected a few liquor bottles. We put it in a bag and decided the next time we saw the man on the bike, MR N would give it to the man.

I watched as MR N walked down to meet the man. They were just out of my view but this is what MR N told me later.

“I said good morning and he smiled. I handed him the bag with the bottles in it and I swear his face lit up like a Christmas tree. He thanked me and thanked me and it was like I had given him $5,000.”

A small act of kindness.

Some may call what we did no big deal and honestly, it didn’t mean anything to us. But to this man, who is struggling to put food in his stomach, it was like we were his rich aunt and uncle. It also meant, for one brief moment, he was a fellow human being. He mattered, which he does.

I’ve witnessed a lot of people in my city/town ignore homeless people and those in need. It’s as if they don’t exist. People in need are exactly that, people. They have feelings, like you and me, and when you ignore them, it hurts. A simple acknowledgement (like a nod or eye-contact) does more to spread the Light than all the money in the world.

So, what do you think? Is my act of kindness too small?

I don’t think so. I imagine in the eyes of Heaven, my act of kindness is worth more than if I gave him $5,000.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

Today, let’s go out into the world and do a lot of small acts of kindness.

😀 MRS N 😀

Go Out Into the World Today… #inspiration #spreadthelight #kindness

Light Mother Teresa

Happy Friday everyone! Today I have a big assignment for you:

Go out into the world today and love the people you meet. Let your presence light new light in the hearts of others.

Let’s make today count!


🙂 MRS N 🙂

Be Someone’s Lighthouse #inspiration #kindness #SpreadtheLight

Be a lamp

Do you know someone who’s discouraged? Has life got them down?

Be their lighthouse.

For hundreds of years, people relied on lighthouses to guide their passage on the seas. Sailors and travelers needed the lighthouse to shine their beacon to show them how to navigate the shoreline. Without the lighthouse, the boat/ship would crash onto the rocky shoreline, killing everyone on-board.

I have a few friends going through a bad time in their life right now. I offer words of encouragement, a listening ear and my shoulder to cry on.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“You’re so strong.”

“Thank you.”

In their darkness, I’m a beacon of hope, a sliver of Light.

Be a lamp, or a lifeboat or a ladder. Help someone’s soul heal.


The Secret to Life: Let It Shine #inspiration #motivational #spiritual

Photo Credit: www.polyvore.com
Photo Credit: http://www.polyvore.com

What is the secret to life?


Every human being on this planet has a spark of Light inside them. Some keep it hidden, some don’t know it exists and some let it shine. The difference between those who keep it hidden and those who let it shine is clearly seen in their outlook on life. Those who are content and happy are those people who let their Light shine.

Think about people you admire and love. Something drew you to them; they have a special something you can’t explain. Psst, it’s their spark.

When I let my Light shine, I’m my most happiest. I feel at peace and smile.

Are you hiding your Light or are you letting it shine?

You just gotta ignite the Light and let it shine!


#ChoosethisDay: Today I Choose Life and Rest #inspiration #depression #SpreadtheLight


What do you choose this morning?

Today is Choose This Day and there is a Twitter event happening all day. Author Kathryn Craft is the mastermind behind this. To find out more about her story, please click here: 

Depression and anxiety are partners in keeping souls in the Darkness. Let’s spread our Light today and banish the Darkness!

Go onto Twitter and Facebook and using the hashtag #choosethisday write an inspirational quote or saying.

What would you choose?

I choose to rest and take care of my body (am sick with the flu or something).

I choose to not to overwork myself.

I choose to love myself as much as I love other people.

Don’t want to tweet your responses? Comment below instead and please share this post. Someone you know may be struggling in the Darkness, feeling all alone.

Spread the Light!




I’m excited because Princess of the Light is being featured on the lovely Barbara W Daille’s blog. Please take a moment and check it out:


I could really use your help spreading the word. Please take a moment and share via the buttons below. If you are new to the Princess of the Light blog, this is my debut novel. I wrote it after an amazing encounter with a homeless man. Part of the proceeds go directly to food banks to help those in need.


I thank you for you unending support! Together we are spreading the Light and making a difference!

MRS N aka N. N. Light

Hey You, Here’s a Reminder To Get You Through the Day #inspiration #beauty

Photo Credit: http://pinterest.com
Photo Credit: http://pinterest.com

You’re beautiful!

I just wanted to tell you in case you didn’t know. Your beauty shines from deep inside you and it’s breathtaking how much Light you have!

Never forget that!

🙂 MRS N 🙂

The Respect You Give Others… #inspiration #respect #kindness

Photo Credit: quoteshelp.com
Photo Credit: quoteshelp.com

Do you respect others?

This topic was discussed on my local morning news show. An ESPN reporter (female) was caught on tape screaming and berating the tow truck driver who towed her car. She insulted the driver in every way possible and it made me shake my head.

This ESPN female sideline reporter showed no respect for this person. It reminded me of something my great-grandmother taught me when I was a child.

“You know a person’s character when they are in hot water.”

This reporter revealed her true character and respect for another person was nowhere in sight.

I saw this graphic this morning and it inspired me to write about respect. Each person deserves our respect, no matter what is going on. Sure, we can get angry and mad at a person but that doesn’t give us a right to spew hateful comments at them. No one deserves that.

The respect you give others is a dramatic reflection of the respect you give yourself.

Spread kindness to everyone you meet and soon they will be filled with Light!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Friends! #inspiration #blessing #Irish

Photo Credit: Pinterest.com
Photo Credit: Pinterest.com

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I wish you all the things mentioned in this Old Irish Blessing!!!

You are such a blessing to me! 🙂


Be Unstoppable! #inspiration #motivation #affirmation

be unstoppable
Photo Credit: Pinterest.com


Be unstoppable and you will live a courageous life!

🙂 MRS N 🙂

Be Like Tinkerbell… #inspiration #kindness #positiveaffirmations

smallest acts of kindness
Photo Credit: Pinterest


Have you ever wanted to grant wishes?

Ever since I was little, I have wanted to be like Tinkerbell. Yes Tinkerbell. I wanted to flutter around with my wand in hand and grant wishes. No agenda or purpose other than to help people.

I love this quote by Oscar Wilde. Let’s read it again:

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.

Guess what?

We have the power within us to help people. All we have to do is look around and offer some kindness.

Your son/daughter needs help with homework. Spend some time with them.

A friend has just lost her/his job/loved one. Invite her/him over for a meal and encourage them.

A stranger in the grocery store is trying to reach for something. Offer your assistance with a smile.

A person is waiting to cross the street. Wave your hand for them to cross.

These are just a few small acts of kindness. They don’t seem like they make a difference but trust me, they do!

Channel your inner Tinkerbell and spread some kindness! When you do, the world around you will see your wings and your Light!

🙂 MRS N 🙂


Seize the Opportunity to Make Life Better #inspirational #kindness #baseball

Photo Credit: quotes-kid.com
Photo Credit: quotes-kid.com

If you had the power to make life better for another person, would you do it?

Here’s the thing, you have the power to be influential and to help others. You may not know how or where, but you have the power.

I love this quote by Roberto Clemente! He was a generous man who came from poverty. He never forgot where he came from and when he wasn’t playing baseball, he was donating his time, money and resources to helping others in his country.

How can you help others?

  • You can volunteer your time at local food banks, charities and/or non-profit organizations. 


  • You can donate money in person or online.


  • You can organize a fundraiser with your friends and family to help those less fortunate.


If you have the opportunity in life to make things better, and you don’t, you’re wasting your time on earth.


True Happiness is… #inspirational #positiveaffirmations #happiness

Photo Credit: romanticquotes.xyz
Photo Credit: romanticquotes.xyz

Are you seeking true happiness?

Life is a roller coaster and we’re along for the ride. We climb up, fall down, do the loop de loop and screech to a stop. We never know what is coming around the corner. It’s easy to get depressed and cynical.

I’m here to tell you the key to living a happy life is to be in the moment and enjoy whatever you’re going through. It may suck or it be fantastic. Choose to be happy and the world is your beach! 🙂

I’m basking in the present and curling my toes in the sand!

True happiness is… to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future.


Kindness: Healing Hands for the Battle-Weary #kindness #inspirational #affirmations

kind plato

Someone asked me yesterday, “Why are you so kind?”

“I’m kind because there are so many people hurting and worn out from their life.”

Being kind takes little effort on my part and it could be the lifeline for another. My smiling face may be the only glimmer of Light they see.

Look at the picture above. Now, really look at it. That man could use some kindness.

Are you facing a battle and don’t know if you can survive?

You will!

Are you tired and it’s only 8:30 am?

Have some water/coffee/pop and tell yourself you can make it!

Do you see someone in need of a hug?

Be kind and hug them!

Kindness is easy to doll out. You are healing the world one person at a time. 🙂

Be kind, for everyone you meet  is fighting a hard battle.


Be Kind to Unkind People #inspirational #kindness #randomactsofkindness


Photo Credit: melikedesign.com

When meeting an unkind person, what’s your first reaction?

Do you make fun of them? Do you shrink away before they lash out at you?

I smile at them.

Not only does this unnerve them but it shows compassion.

Everyone has a bad day. Some people are going through the worst day ever. Then they meet me. It could be a bank teller, a fellow walker or a cashier at the Walmart. It could even be a friend.

“Your total is $11.94” The snarky cashier barks out.

I smile as I hand her a $20. I can see a dark cloud over her. She thrusts the receipt and change into my hand.

“Here’s your change.”

“Thank you so much. Have a great day!” My over-exuberance causes her to stop for a moment. The cloud lifts a little and she smiles.

“Thank you, ma’am. You too.”

I walk away smiling.

Did I do something extraordinary? No. I was kind. The cashier could’ve had a fight with her husband or kids. She could’ve gotten some terrible news. I showed kindness, plain and simple.

Being kind  to even Oscar the Grouch is a worthwhile thing. The world needs more kindness and you can help!

Spread kindness to everyone, especially the unkind ones. They need it most.

What random acts of kindness have you done lately? Please share below in the comments section.

🙂 MRS N 🙂

Love Month: Spiritual Love Trumps All Other Loves (For Some) #love #inspirational #spiritual

spiritual love

I love this quote and it sums up perfectly how I feel about spiritual love! No matter what your spiritual belief, spiritual love with a higher being is another example of unconditional love. (If you are an atheist or an agnostic, this inspirational thought may not be for you and I’ll see you tomorrow) But for those who have a spiritual love, listen up!

The purpose of being spiritual has nothing to do with learning how to pray, chant, do yoga, meditate, etc but with learning how to love. All religions/spiritual beliefs teach their followers how to love.  Love your neighbors as yourself. Love is patient and kind. Love God.

Love is the Truth. Love is the Light.

I love God. My first experience in unconditional love was when I learned how much God loves me. He doesn’t  care what I have done in the past or what I look like. He loves me for me! He’s been with me through all the bad times and rejoiced with me in all the good times. He has never let me down and I love Him.

I love my neighbors as I love myself (more so on some occasion). Through spiritual love, I learned how to love my fellow human beings. I don’t judge anyone and I try to see the good in each person. Nowhere in the Bible does it say to hate those who are different than I am. It says to love.

golden rule

I follow the Golden Rule and continue to spread the Light!

Spiritual love rocks my world and I hope you feel the same way!

❤ MRS N ❤

Love Month: Showing Love to Strangers #inspirational #kindness #SpreadtheLight


Kindness and charity are two examples of selfless love.

I read this article this morning and it made me smile:


Everyone has heard of random acts of kindness. It may not seem like a big deal to you but in my opinion, it matters more so than anything else.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

Showing love to strangers is yet another way to spread the Light.

So I ask you, how do you show love to strangers? I’d love it if you would comment in the space below.

Your random act of kindness and charity could very well save a person!!

Spread the Light!


What’s Your Intention? #inspiration #truth #intention

Photo Credit: http://www.refe99.com
Photo Credit: http://www.refe99.com

What’s your intention?

What is it that your life reflects?

Is is truth, love, greed, humility or something else?

My intention is the spread the Light and help others, especially those less fortunate. Through my words and my actions, I strive to reflect my intention.

I love this quote by Deepak Chopra. Whether you like him or not, his quote is powerful. Let’s reword it though.

“If you follow your heart using truth and knowledge as your foundation, people can’t help but respond to your intention.”

So I ask again, what’s your intention?

Find your intention and then go out into the world and live it!


Have I Told You I Love You? #inspiration #seizetheday #love

Daddy and me

When was the last time you told those you care about, “I love you”?

This morning


Last week

Last month

Don’t remember

See that handsome man in the picture? That’s my dad and today is his birthday. He and I have a connection that extends past this world. Every day I feel his arms wrapped around me. I miss him so much and on the day he died, I didn’t get the chance to tell him how much I loved him.

My message for you today is to go find all of the people you care about and tell them you love them. Say the words for they may be gone in the next moment.

I love my dad and I wish with all my heart I could have just one moment to say those three words…

I love you!

I’ll leave you with a quote from Love Actually.

“I should’ve told her I loved her every day because she was perfect every day.”

❤ MRS N ❤

Faith: Close Your Eyes to the Darkness and Leapfrog to the Light #inspiration


Are you struggling with a decision or has life thrown you a curveball?

You’ve gotta have faith.

Do you feel lost and don’t know where to turn?

You’ve gotta have faith.

Have you lost a job, loved one or home?

You’ve gotta have faith.

Are you itching to make a change in your life but are unsure if it is the right thing to do?

You’ve gotta have faith.

No matter what you believe in, having faith (in yourself, in others and/or in a higher power) is the answer. The world can get pretty dark and it’s easy to fall off the path. You try to find your way back and can’t see it. You almost give up and then there is a sliver of light that peeks through. Your heart skips a beat. Do you follow it or stay where you are?

Faith is seeing light with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness.

You’ve gotta have faith.

There have been several times in my life where I almost gave up. All I could see was the darkness surrounding me. In each of those circumstances, a tiny glimmer of light appeared and instead of giving up, I took a leap of faith and walked towards the light.

Close your eyes to the darkness and let faith lead you to the light.


How Healthy is Your Soul? #spiritualhealth #inspiration #meditation

spiritual health

How healthy is your soul?

We pay so much attention to our physical bodies, ensuring we maintain a healthy life. But what about our spiritual health?

I love this quote by David Cunliffe! It’s so visual and true!

Think of your favorite flower and imagine it is your soul. What does your soul need to survive and flourish?

Nutrients and loving light.

Our souls are in desperate need of the same things. We need the Light , Love and Truth to grow and bloom. Without those things, we wither and die.

Take a close look at your spiritual health and do whatever you need to in order to make sure it’s healthy. Refresh, restore and rejuvenate your soul. You will be happier, healthier and more beautiful than all the flowers in the world!

❤ MRS N ❤