You Dear, Sweet Man by Thomas Neviaser is a Riveting Must-Read! #bookreview #paranormal #fantasy

You Dear Sweet Man


Title: You Dear, Sweet Man

Author: Thomas Neviaser

Genre: Fantasy, Magical Realism, Fiction


Book Blurb:

The subway ad is enticing. One might even consider it elegant as well. A beautiful woman, sitting atop a desk in a sparsely decorated office, staring directly at Bobby Fastow, a blue-collar worker, on his way to his monotonous yet physically exhausting job. The photograph has an unusual charisma, a spectacular presence. It seemingly leaps off and out of the poster.
Bobby Fastow intensely absorbs the information directed at him. BurgerBlast, his favorite fast food restaurant, famous for quick service and reliable, if not artery-choking fare, is announcing a new name and a new direction.
But, in the world of advertising, nothing is as it seems. What if the line that separates an advertisement from the real world were erased? What if an image stepped from an ad and beckoned you to follow it back, inviting you to melt into its world. Could you resist? Bobby Fastow couldn’t, and his decision would turn his world upside down.



My Review:

In the cutthroat world of fast food, owners/board of directors will do anything to stand out, even so far as to blur the lines between fantasy and reality.


Bobby Fastow is an ordinary guy working a dull blue-collar job. He takes the subway to and from work. Something catches his eye so he glances up to see his favorite fast food joint’s latest ad. He’s drawn to the woman in the ad and it seems like she’s staring at him, beckoning him towards her. It’s just an ad, right? Bobby thinks he’s going crazy or maybe he’s working too hard. But everything changes when the woman in the ad steps out and coaxes Bobby into her world. His one decision will alter his world forever because like that old rock song says, you can enter but you can never, ever leave.


What an imaginative, original story! I’ve never read anything like this before and I love that. We’re all a little bit like Bobby, living our normal life while unconsciously being manipulated by marketing and advertising. All hail the slick mad men of today… or not. While the themes are clearly presented, there’s a few underlying ones that make you think about the device-driven world we live in today.


You Dear, Sweet Man by Thomas Neviaser has a diverse bunch of characters and while it might be difficult to follow them all, Neviaser plunges the reader into the psyche of each character without much effort. The character arcs were intriguing plus a few twists and turns I didn’t expect make this a must read. Bobby and Charlie were opposite ends of the spectrum yet their motives behind their actions made this book all the more addictive. A terrific read and thanks to Neviaser, I will never look at ads the same way.


Favorite Character/Quote: Bobby. I really connected with him as a character. From his blue-collar job to how he responds to all that happens to him, it all combines for a riveting experience.


My Rating: 4.5 stars


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Thomas Neviaser


Author Biography:

Dr. Neviaser is a retired orthopaedic surgeon and author of many medical articles, papers, presentations, and contributions to medical texts.  He’s written extensively on shoulder conditions, his specialty. He is available as a speaker on most orthopaedic conditions.  His dynamic presentations involve a great deal of audience participation and personalized attention to attendees.


Today, Dr. Neviaser devotes his time to writing both fiction and non-fiction books. He is a columnist for the Culpeper Star-Exponent and The Culpeper Times newspapers. You can read his perspectives on family, life, and politics at on an every other Sunday schedule.


Social Media Links:



Reviewed by: Mrs. N



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#Authors: Get Real on #SocialMedia and Readers Will Respond #ASMSG #IARTG


“Marketing is first and foremost about connecting.” – Wendy Paine Miller

Today’s publishing market requires authors to wear several hats, one of them being marketer. For many authors, they haven’t a clue what to do or how to get the word out about their book(s). I see it all the time on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn; authors posting about their books in an unending stream of impersonal tweets and posts.


I shake my head because these authors miss the whole point. Social media is at its core, social. It’s a powerful marketing tool, if you know how to use it. Let me give you an example:

Back in 2012, I wrote my debut novel, Princess of the Light. When the time came to edit and publish it, I started chatting with some of my Twitter followers about it. Nothing major, just musings and observations. People started asking me more about it and I shared the story behind POTL. They were intrigued and as a result bought it when it was released. I’m proud to say they were my first readers and have been loyal ever since.

How did I do it? I made a connection and readers responded.

When I’m on social media, I’m a real person, not some robot. I talk about more than my books. I talk about baking, sports, what I’m reading, writing, editing, cooking, interesting articles I’ve read, news, politics, supporting food banks, the weather… the topics are endless. I’m being social and in this day and age of automation and technology, the simple act of saying good morning makes a huge impact.

So, what about book marketing?

I’m a writer and as a writer, I take great pride in crafting attention-grabbing tweets. Words are my thing and especially on Twitter, it’s a challenge to grab the reader by the collar so that they’ll want to click-through to learn more. I love it, though, because it hones my writing skills. I encourage all authors to try it.

Here are ten quick tips to help you get real on social media:

  • Use this formula when posting on social media – 20% book marketing, 10% small talk (weather, exercising, cooking, etc.), 30% retweets, 20% personal (I use this to post baking/cooking pics), 20% other interests (sports, hobbies, news, politics, etc.)


  • Post consistently on social media. I know time is a rare commodity for all of us. So whether you’re on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook, post consistently. The so-called experts tell us that we should only be posting x number of times per day/week. Listen, do what works for you. For me, I post on my blog 5 days a week, tweet every 20 minutes or so (thanks to Triberr) and post to Pinterest at least once a week. It’s all I have time for but it works for me. Consistency is the key.


  • Use graphics/images in all of your posts. Humans are, as a rule, visual people. We eat with our eyes first, or so says my husband (Retired Chef MR N). People identify with an image and sometimes that image has a bigger impact than the wording below.


  • If a follower/reader asks you a question on social media, respond. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tweeted an author and get no response. Listen, you’re not as busy as Harlan Coben or Jamie Oliver. Yet, both of these authors have responded to my tweets. It takes a few moments and yet has a huge impact on the reader.


  • Retweet/Like/Reblog on social media. Not only is this a great way to meet new people, it’s a sneaky marketing move to gain new followers. The more followers you have, the bigger your social media reach, the more likely you’ll find new readers to buy your books. I employ the Golden Rule on social media (do unto others as you would like done to you) and it really pays off.


  • Be real on social media. I know this sounds obvious but I’ve encountered so many authors who tell me they can’t be themselves online. “I can’t be myself, I’m an author.” Why not? I’m sure if Ernest Hemingway were alive today, he’d be spouting honest tweets in the middle of the night for all of us to see. My point is, you have to be yourself or else no one is going to read your books. Readers are attracted to a story, sure, but they first want to know about the author. Be real and let your followers see a little piece of yourself. I do this with my pics of baking/cooking and chatting with others on Twitter.


  • Don’t spam complete strangers on social media. What would Miss Manners say? We all hate spam and spammers are all over social media. I see a lot of authors send tweets to complete strangers about their book, myself included. It grates on my nerves because I’m receiving book sale info about a perfect stranger. Instead, start following people you’re interested in connecting with and once a conversation has been initiated, then maybe mention your book.


  • Use hashtags. I can’t emphasize this enough. We’re all busy and lead jam-packed lives. We sometimes only have a few minutes while waiting to pick up the kids from school or on a lunch break so we scroll through our feeds. We subscribe to hashtags and see what’s new. Hashtags are a great way to connect with people of similar interests. Some of my favorite book-related hashtags include: #books, #amreading, #FridayReads, #TuesdayBookBlog, #bookboost, #goodreads, etc.


  • Don’t ever, ever respond to a blogger/reviewer negatively on social media. It’s bound to happen. A reader/reviewer/blogger will not like your book. In fact, they may even bash you personally for no reason whatsoever. You’ll feel tempted to correct them or defend yourself. STEP AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD/DEVICE! I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen authors taking to social media in response to a bad review/comment. I call this authors behaving badly. Listen, there’s going to be plenty of readers who won’t love/get/understand/relate to/respect your book(s). It’s part of the being a writer/storyteller. How? Vent to your inner circle via email/text/phone but never by social media. You’ll never convince them and it will make you look unprofessional. Instead, go read a few raving reviews.


  • Use the Tupperware marketing approach.

In 1942, Earl Tupper developed his first bell shaped container; the brand products were introduced to the public in 1948. Tupperware pioneered the direct marketing strategy made famous by the Tupperware party. The Tupperware Party allowed for women of the 1950s to work and enjoy the benefits of earning an income without completely taking away the independence granted to women during the Second World War when women first began entering the labor market, all the while keeping their focus in the domestic domain. (Wikipedia)

Word of Mouth marketing is one of the best marketing strategies, especially for authors, because it’s organic and driven by honest customers. Imagine you’re at a dinner party and the topic turns to books. What’s everyone been reading? You then begin to share with everyone at the party about that book you just finished. People pay attention because there’s nothing false about it, just your opinion. No hidden agenda, no secret business dealings, just one reader’s opinion. Authors need to tap into this marketing ploy and here’s how: Ask your readers to leave a review online and if they liked it, tell at least two friends about it. Now, there’s no way to track it but that’s the beauty of it. You’re asking the reader to help you in a very important way. Suddenly, they have an active role, not a passive one. Think organic, think natural, think honest. At the end of the day, that’s how books sell: word of mouth.


It’s time to take these easy marketing techniques and put them into practice. Get real on social media and watch your readership grow. It might take some time and planning but then anything worth doing takes time. It takes years of pressure and patience to create a diamond. Trust me, it’s worth it.


Do you have any questions and/comments about social media marketing? I’d love to hear from you. If you know someone who might enjoy this article, please share using the buttons below.

Let’s bring back the social in social media!

couple N N Light

N.N. Light is the best-selling husband-wife writing team, commonly known as Mr. N and Mrs. N.

Mrs. N. has been creating stories ever since she was little. Her grandfather remembers when she was two years old, she would stand at the top of the stairs and tell him a story filled with emotion (and in a language foreign to him) with her hands on her hips. Let’s just say she was a born storyteller.

They’re blissfully happy and loves all things chocolate, books, music, movies, art, sports, trains, history, cooking and baking. Their mantra is to spread the Light.

Most of the time you can find them on Twitter or getting new ideas on how to spread the Light on Pinterest. They’re a proud member of ASMSG and Independent Author Network.

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Book Marketing 101 - NN Light

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Ruth A. Casie invited me to appear on her blog to talk about book marketing for all authors. I offer three tried and true tips to promote your book(s) without driving away readers/followers.

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Question Time: What do you struggle with the most when it comes to book promotion? I’d love to hear from you. I’m happy to answer any and all questions, too.

Mrs. N aka N. N. Light

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author interview


Ask a roomful of authors how they feel about author interviews and you’ll likely clear the room. For many authors, debut as well as seasoned, conducting an interview is scary. There’s a lot of pressure and it’s easy to get caught up in it.

How can I create the right first impression?

How do I want to be perceived?

What do I want someone to remember about me?

Why can’t I just talk about my book?

What if I come across as dumb?

These questions and more pummel an author until he/she lies in a puddle on the floor. Listen, promoting yourself as well as your books is essential in the industry. Readers want to know about you first and your books second. The quickest way to do that is to do an author interview.

As you may or may not know, I’m a book marketer and I help authors every day market themselves and their books. Whether it is through an author interview or a guest post, you are trying to connect with the reader. They want to know more about you and what makes you tick. They want to know what inspired you to write your books. They want to get an inside glimpse into the inner workings of you, the author, before they buy your book.

I have seen many authors make mistakes when it comes to the author interview and many excel at it. I want to help you give the best possible interview. Here are my top five tips:

1- Breathe. Breathe Breathe. This is not the end of the world. In fact, this is exciting! Someone out there wants to have you on their blog/website. They find you interesting enough to interview and promote you. High five!

2- Study the questions carefully. Each blog/website has a different set of questions they want answered. Some, like mine, give you a lot of questions to choose from. If you have the option of let’s say eight questions, make sure to have a mixture of professional and personal questions. Remember, you are aiming this at the average reader. They want to get to know you. As a rule, I like to mention my love of baking and/or chocolate. It allows me to relate on a more personal level.

3- Answer the questions in detail. There is nothing worse than an author interview that has short choppy answers. Where do you live? Don’t just name a town but chat a little about it. Entice the reader with a snapshot into your personal life. You are a writer and words are your friends. Let your natural ability shine when answering the questions. First impressions are important and you want the reader to remember you in a positive way.

4- Proofread the interview at least twice. As a rule, I don’t edit author interviews that are scheduled on this blog. It’s not my place to rework your words. My job is to present you in an eye-appealing way and to get the message out there about you. Read it aloud and make sure it flows well.

5- Follow the instructions to the letter and send off your interview. Every blog/website has a set of rules for what they need. For me, I need the interview, author bio, buy links, social media links and blurb all saved in a word doc. In addition, I need a book cover and an author photo. I ask for these things to be emailed to me no later than three days before the scheduled interview. I can’t stress this enough, FOLLOW directions! I have heard from my fellow promoters/bloggers how many times this gets overlooked by the author. Many of us have day jobs and it takes time to create an blog post/ author interview, not mention scheduling the marketing via social media. Having everything sent in one email makes it so much easier to get it done quickly.

Author interviews are a great way to meet new readers and connect with a new circle of followers. It doesn’t have to be scary and please, don’t freak out. In my opinion, it’s one of the easiest ways (besides Twitter) to mesh well with readers. Get creative and most importantly, have fun!

MRS N aka N. N. Light

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Looking for a Boost in Book Sales? Honest Testimonials From Clients #bookpromo #marketing

N N Light Author Promotions

I started offering Author Promotion Services in March 2015 as a way to help authors like myself get noticed by readers. I love books and one of my favorite things to do is play matchmaker between reader and book. It gives me such pleasure!

I’m excited today because I have expanded my social media reach to over 10 million. YES! People are starting to notice my business and are checking out what books and authors I’m talking about. 🙂 I feel a little bit like a superhero. I thought about getting a costume (purple of course) and a name. Bookgirl? Bibliophile Woman? Able to match up a person and a book in 60 seconds flat. Ha ha ha!

In honor of this accomplishment, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the testimonials I have received from clients.

Mrs. N. Rocks!
I give her 5 Stars in the world of book promotion:
Star 1 – Awesome reviews – Her detailed reviews introduce readers to your book, provoking not only interest but also an emotional connection. My heart, I swear, sang when I read my first review.
Star 2 – Communication Expertise – Simply put she’s easy to talk to, accessible, efficient and warm, yet business-like.
Star 3 – Enormous Social Media Reach – My name and the name of my book reverberated through- the twitterverse for days. And not just in North America. India! Indonesia!… you name a place and I my name was twittered there. I was in Twitter heaven. The blog post she created pulled in lots of readers, was reblogged twice and liked by many. She alos posted on Amazon and Goodreads.
Star 4 – Social Media Savy – She knows how all the platforms work and makes them work for you.
Star 5 – Encouraging – You know how hard this business is. It’s wonderful to work with someone who encourages writers.
I highly recommend Mrs. N.
Jo-Ann Carson (
Smart, Sexy Romance
The Mata Hari Series

I have done several interviews on other blogs and Mrs N’s is by far one of the best I’ve done. It has had a huge response both on this site and on my own site where I reblogged it to. Mrs N did my interview a week ago and I’m still getting responses, reblogs, tweets and retweets as well as mentions on other social media websites. Additionally, several people have checked out the links and there have been a few purchases of my books in the meantime as well, which cannot be purely by coincidence. I highly recommend Mrs N’s services… she’s professional, honest, kind and fair. She doesn’t cut corners and her support of indie authors is second to none. I will most definitely use her services again.

Kev aka Kevin Cooper

In this “new” world of indie writing/publishing where one sometimes feels as though you’re out alone on a mountain top howling against the wind, NN Light cuts through the storm like a welcome ray of sunshine–a Light against the darkness.

Being an author isn’t easy sometimes (unless you have an ego the size of Mr. Trump)–and often Doubt inserts herself as your co-pilot. NN Light’s services not only provided ROI (gaining valuable new readers) but validation of the MANY hours I’ve spent writing and promoting the Mina Kitchen Cozy Comedy Mystery series, which began in 2011.

Thank you, NN Light, for making Doubt take a back-seat (where she belongs) and mapping out a more direct, and brighter, route for me to follow on my journey as an author. Merci.

Lizz Lund

Appreciated the amount of tweets and retweets. Still getting notifications! As a newer published author, opportunities like this are vital. Thanks again!

Charise Olson

Can I just say, you have the most awesome twitter followers who shared your review of my book. Thank you soooo much for your lovely review.

Jules Wake

The day my new novel ‘When the Real Thing Comes Along’ was featured on Princess of the Light I must have gotten a gazillion retweets! N.N. Light definitely has a lot of loyal ENGAGED followers. I’m so glad I had the chance to be featured and strongly encourage anyone looking for author promotional services to sign up with Mrs. N. You won’t be dissapointed!

Faith Simone

It’s such a pleasure working with Princess of the Light! She has now hosted both a guest post of mine, and a wonderful review of my children’s book. More than that, she’s a kind, lovely individual that I feel honored to call a friend. I’m looking forward to collaborating with Princess of the Light on a number of posts in the near future.

Nicholas C. Rossis

Thanks for hosting me on your blog. The interview was so unique and fun that it really stands out as one of my favorite ones ever. The whole thing was very laid-back and relaxing instead of feeling like I had to be extra serious. I really recommend that authors take you up on the promotional offer.

Charles Yallowitz

Being an author and getting your book into the hands of readers is difficult. It can be exhausting and frustrating. I know exactly how you feel because I’m an author too. I strongly believe in authors helping authors succeed.

If you are interested, please contact me via email and we can schedule a date.

My email: nnlight [at] outlook [dot] com

Calling All Authors: The Key to Successful Social Media Promotion #bookpromotion #marketing #IARTG

Social Media

Social media and book promotion are two hot topics for authors. What’s the most effective way? How much time should you spend on promoting?


No matter whether you are traditionally, indie or self published, all authors need to promote their books. In the current publishing market, authors are taking the reins in social media marketing and I, for one, am proof that any author can be successful. Promoting your book can be overwhelming at first, but if you follow my lead, you will draw more readers and sell more books.


I started writing Princess of the Light back in 2012. Being a social media novice at the time, I started tweeting about my writing. I think I had only 500 followers at the time, but the more I talked about my writing, the more followers I gained. Here are some examples I used:


-Hey everyone, I am off to work on my book. The characters are really developing and calling my name.

-Hey Twitterworld, it has been fun but alas I must get some work done. Off I go to my #writing corner.


-I get so excited for this time of day because it is officially #writingtime. Have a great afternoon.



Suddenly, people started to reply. They wanted to know what I was writing and how it was going. People are genuinely curious about things, especially books and writers. They want to get an inside glimpse into what it takes to write a book. Through Twitter, I gained many followers and the buzz started to happen for Princess of the Light. I interacted with people on Twitter and they soon wanted to know when it would be published.


I also started writing a blog. I was nervous at first because, hey, it’s a lot more than 140 characters. What was I going to write about? Would anyone care? I knew I wanted to start out somehow and connect it with my book. Since my book was inspiring, I started writing an Inspirational Thought of the Day. I also started crafting blog posts about my writing experiences and writing tips.


It was slow at first, but once I connected my blog posts to Twitter, I started to gain followers to my blog. I interacted with my followers and was myself. I have found that if you are yourself, people will flock to you.


After the blog hit 500 followers, I started spreading my wings to other social media outlets. The more I interacted with people, the more they seemed to be interested in buying my book. Sure, it was time-consuming, but in my opinion, it was time well spent.


The key for me in promoting my book on any social media outlet is building connections. There are a zillion books out there and in order for mine to stand out, I needed to be authentic and approachable. I am not out there to give a hard sell of my book. BUY MY BOOK! READ THIS NOW! BUY! BUY! BUY!


Sure, I tell people where they can buy my book along with the link. But I am also on Twitter and Facebook talking about writing, feeding the homeless, reading great books, inspiring people to be the best they can be, inspiring kindness and of course, spreading the Light. People connect with me on a human level and people will remember me for being kind. They will remember my book the next time they have $10 to spend at Amazon.


So here are my top eight quick tips for successful social media promotion:

  • If you are on Twitter (and I highly recommend it for every writer/author), be creative in your tweets. You are trying to attract readers, so have fun with words. Sure, you have a limited number of characters, but you are a writer and you can be creative. Think about the tweets that pique your interest. What would make you click on a link about a book?


  • Sign up for Hootsuite. I can’t stress this enough! Your time is precious and Hootsuite is a fabulous author helper. It helps you schedule tweets, posts, etc. while giving you analytics at the same time. This is invaluable because Hootsuite can tell you what tweet got the most response. It’s a huge help and it’s free!


  • Post short sweet posts on Facebook and try to post a picture too. I take graphics from Google with a quote related to either writing, reading or my book. I usually either ask a question or make a statement. People don’t have much time and I have found on Facebook, the shorter the better.


  • When signing off on a blog post, always ask for comments and shares. It seems like a no-brainer, but it reminds people to interact and spread the word. People love to share good articles with their friends and followers.


  • Don’t forget to use Google+ on all your blog posts. Not only will this increase your circle of influence, it will get you into Google search faster. Google search is key in attracting new readers and new followers. After I publish each blog post, I post it to Google+. It takes a second and it really works. Make sure you have the settings set to share your post to Your Circles and Public. “Public” are those people who don’t know you yet but Google can show them your post.


  • Goodreads is an absolute must for all authors. I follow several of their groups and make sure to interact on the message boards. It’s a great way to find new readers and connect with other authors. It’s also a free advertising avenue.


  • Retweet other authors and others related to your book’s interest on Twitter. This is a common courtesy and it really creates goodwill amongst readers. Authors and writers are readers too. When you show kindness to others, it will come back to you tenfold.


  • On all social media outlets, talk about more than your book. You have other interests, don’t you? I talk about everything under the sun including baking, cooking, the weather, sports, news, music, television and many more topics. It will show you are real and well rounded.


You know more about your book than anyone else. You should be the one to promote your books to readers. You are the #1 expert and it will come across in your promotion on social media. I hope these tips help you in your promotion of your book. Soon, it will come naturally to you and you will have more followers/readers than you know what to do with.


All authors, no matter if they are traditionally or independently published, are expected to be on social media and to promote their book. It can be overwhelming and I hope my tips for successful social media promotion help my fellow authors.


What’s your #1 social media tip? Share in the comments below.



N. N. Light


How To Kickstart Your Sales

A great article on how to kickstart your sales as an indie author! 🙂 MRS N

Kobo Writing Life

By David Gaughran

indie-power-pack-revised David Gaughran’s title Let’s Get Digital is included in this incredible bundle of eBooks for indie authors.

The sales of every book decay with time, but the great thing about self-publishing is that a book won’t get yanked from the shelves if its numbers drop, and it won’t be forgotten about by the publisher. It has an infinite number of lives because its fate is being controlled by the person who cares about it most in the world: you.

All self-publishers experience a dip in sales and it’s often really tricky to get things going in the first place. Sometimes you launch your book and get a quick burst from those who know you, and then sales just die. I know what it’s like. We’ve all been there.

Most self-publishers start from zero as a complete unknown, like I did, so don’t panic. Building an audience is…

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Publishing is a Business…Why I Don’t Give my Book Away for Free

Publishing is a business

My inbox is filled with newsletters and blog posts announcing free or cheap books. There is advice all over the internet preaching how, as writers, we have to have our books for free or only 99 cents.

“In order to gain readers, you need to give your work away.”

While that may be good advice for writers who have a large back list, it doesn’t help a debut writer like myself. I only have one book and to be honest, it’s not part of my business plan.

Publishing is a business. Writing may be art, but publishing, when all is said and done, comes down to dollars. 

Nicholas Sparks speaks from experience. He is one of my favorite authors and I have read many of his books. He didn’t give away his first book in order to gain readers. He put out the best book possible and worked hard on gaining readers.

Many writers, in order to gain a higher ranking on Amazon, will give away their book for free or at 99 cents. I’m not saying that type of promotion isn’t effective. It actually works for some writers. But I also know the value of a loyal readership. It’s much better to gain loyal readers than to give it away for free.

Publishing is a hard business model to succeed at.  There are so many books out there; it’s hard to get noticed. I know how tempting it is to sell your books low to see your ranking go up. You have to remember this is not a sprint but a marathon.

Today, I am listing 8 reasons why I don’t give away my book for free. I hope more writers will adapt my philosophy and my readers will understand why I don’t give away my book for free or 99 cents (which is less than free in my book).

1- I am in the business of writing. I am a professional writer. My career is writing and I offer a fair price for my book. Just like the local baker or doctor, I have worked very hard to hone my craft. It takes many years and all of my hard work is worth more than 99 cents.

2- I created something from nothing. The story I am telling is an original creation from my brain and like many artists before, I only ask for a pittance in return.

3- Publishing and selling my book takes time, effort and money. Many readers don’t have any idea how much it costs a writer to publish a book. It can run over $10,000 and that doesn’t even include the amount of time we clock on social media and blogs.

4- Building a brand takes time and giving away my book won’t change that. Ask any entrepreneur how long it took them to gain a foothold in the marketplace and they will tell you it takes time. Today, the marketplace is overflowing with books and in order to find the devoted readers (like Nicholas Sparks has), it takes time. Offering my book for free will not change that.

5- Readers, like all of us, love getting something for nothing. I scan the internet looking for free items every single day. Money is tight and if I can get something for nothing, I will. It doesn’t mean I am loyal to that brand; it means I am looking to save money.

6- There are so many ways to promote my book than giving it away for free. Signing up for free/paid promotions on blogs, websites, magazines and on-line groups are just a few of the ways to promote my book. I am a proud member of both IAN1 and ASMSG. With other like-minded writers, we help each other by cross-promoting our books. Plus it doesn’t cost anything. I also am a part of MFRW (Marketing for Romance Writers), a yahoo group dedicated to sharing helpful tips and ways to promote books.

7- Offer a contest instead. Everyone I know loves to enter contests. For me, I love entering contests because I have the chance to win something. Soon, I will be doing a fun contest for my book. It doesn’t have to cost a lot but it will bring more attention (and sales) to my book.

8- Perception is huge in business and if I give away my book for free, it will appear to readers that my book is not worth the money. There is a great stigma among readers  concerning self-published or indie-published books. Many feel they are poor quality and cheap. Myself and other writers are trying to change that perception. You get what you pay for. I feel my e-book is worth $5.99 because it is professionally edited, professionally formatted and has a professional book cover. It’s a good-quality product and worth the price.

I am following my business plan and slowly I am gaining loyal readers. I know the book sales will comes. Staying positive and dedicating yourself to the marketing model will work wonders! It has for me and I hope you will take my advice.

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Until next time,

MRS N, the Writer

PRINCESS OF THE LIGHT Blog Tour: Nicholas Rossis


Today for the blog tour I am thrilled to be a guest blogger over at Nicholas Rossis’ wonderful blog.  Not only is Princess of the Light featured but I am a guest blogger too. Please take a moment and check out the two blog posts.

Book Feature- Princess of the Light

Guest Post- Author’s Secret Weapon:

Thank you so much, Nicholas, for being so gracious and generous. 🙂

Please head on over and check it out!

Until next time,

MRS N aka N. N. Light

N N Light Book Cover Photo

An Author’s Handbook: Marketing on Twitter

Book Marketing

“What is the secret to marketing my book?”

I see this question a lot on Twitter and various blogs I subscribe to.  In this age of self-publishing, the world is filled with authors trying to sell their books.  Everyone wants to know the secret and to increase their sales.  I also am asked this question and as I am just starting out in this great big world of book marketing, I have to rely on my experience as a professional Twitter marketer.

Twitter is a mystery for many writers/authors and I hope that I can shed some light on how to market your book successfully.  Twitter, at its core, is a meeting place of conversations.  Think of it as a social club for the world.  There are over 645,750,000 active registered Twitter users and the average number tweets per day is 58 million.  Twitter is unique in its ability to connect people from around the world in seconds.  People tweet about everything under the sun and it is a very powerful tool for a small business.

How can you get noticed in amongst the crowd on Twitter?

Here are my top five ways that Writers/Authors can get noticed:

1- Be yourself.  Are you witty, funny, sarcastic, serious or a combination of any of those?  Tweet about everyday musings.  People love connecting with people and if you are yourself, people will appreciate it.  Don’t try to be something you aren’t or try to be what you think readers will want to hear.  I am myself aka MRS N on Twitter and I tweet about a lot of things.  I have met a lot of friends on Twitter and they ALL are excited about my book.  Why?  Because they are intrigued and like me for me.

2- Be creative in your tweets.  You are a writer and have a wonderful talent with words.  Craft tweets that would excite you and would interest you in learning more.  I try to tweet in such a way that grabs people and makes me click on a link.  Don’t be boring and just tweet out your book title, info and link.  That is considered to be spam in Twitter and will likely be ignored.

3- Be engaging.  Ask questions.  Tweet fun writing/reading stats.  Inquire after your followers well-being.  If you follow me on Twitter (like many of you already do), you know that I welcome each new follower and say good morning every day.  If someone retweets one of my tweets, I thank them.  If someone puts out a tweet that something bad/good happened, I will reply.  Why?  I like to interact with my followers.  It makes me seem like more of a person than a robot.  It’s the human response and many of my followers appreciate it.

4- Quality is the name of the game, not quantity.  Many people get hung up on how many followers they have.  I have never been like that and have always tried to bring a part of myself to Twitter.  I am connecting with people, not beefing up my stats.  Sure, it’s nice when a tweet of mine gets retweeted a lot.  But that is not my goal.  My goal is to be authentic and it comes across in my tweets.  Do not follow others just so they can follow you back.  Follow people because they interest you.  I tend to follow back a lot of people because I am open to interacting with them.

5- Use Twitter’s secret weapon: the hashtag.  What is a hashtag?  # is a hashtag and when you use keywords like writing, amwriting, writers, books, romance, genre, etc. you are allowing people to find you via the hashtag.  I am a HUGE proponent of the hashtag!  It works wonders and it brings new followers to your Twitter feed and thus will expose them to you and your amazing book.  It has been so successful that even Facebook is using the hashtag.  Think of it as your own personal Google search.  Many Twitter people follow certain hashtag subjects and your tweets will show up if you remember to use the hashtag.

Final Thoughts: Many writers/authors think that they need to be on every social media site from Facebook to Twitter to Google+ to Pinterest in order to reach readers.  This is not the case and I suggest you pick a few and stick with those (unless you have all the time in the world).  Your time as a writer/author is limited and it is best to concentrate on your writing.  Like in the quote above, all the marketing in the world cannot take the place of a well-written book.  Remember you are a writer first and a marketer second.  Concentrate on the writing and the rest will sort itself out. 🙂

Do you have any social media marketing tips you’d like to share?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Marketing doesn’t have to be scary and as long as you are yourself, the readers will find you! 🙂  Keep writing and keep smiling! 🙂

MRS N, the Author