Our Human Compassion Binds Us so Express Love to Others! #inspiration #compassion #grateful


Are you compassionate?

All humans have the capability of being compassionate.  Yet, so many humans do not.  They are consumed with their own lives and needs that they forget about helping out another human.

We need to infuse the world with compassion.  How???  Simply by showing compassion and extending a helping hand.

If you see someone hungry, feed them.  If you see someone fall down, help them up.  If you see someone needing shelter, give them shelter.  If you see someone feeling down, smile.

Try it today.  Showing compassion is another form of love, one which binds us one to the other. We’re no longer alone but brothers and sisters.



Freedom: A Tribute to Nelson Mandela

1990 South Africa

December 5, 2013- Nelson Mandela passed away

Freedom is one of the words that comes to mind when I think of Nelson Mandela.  He embodied the word freedom, even when he was imprisoned.  He believed that to be truly free is the respect everyone and to be an example to others.

Like Moses from long ago, he freed his people from captivity and led them to victory.  No one believed it was possible in South Africa.  Nelson Mandela was a brave man and this blog post is dedicated to him.

Most of us live in a free country with freedoms given to us.  We don’t think about these freedoms much and we tend to take them for granted.  We need to honor those people that gave us these freedoms and we need to cherish them dearly.

Today and for the rest of your life, live free, respect others and help others to be free.  That is the lesson of Nelson Mandela’s life and what a beautiful tribute it would be if we all did that! 😀