No Device for 132 Hours Taught Me the Value of Patience! #inspiration #motivation



Are you going through a hard time right now? 


Embrace patience.


Last Thursday, my cell phone died. Well, not exactly died but stopped working. I couldn’t do anything with it except tell the time. The worst part was I didn’t know it had happened until Mr. N called me on the home phone and alerted me to the problem. I called our provider and they agreed to send me a new phone.


Six days later, I have a brand new phone. I learned a lot while I was deviceless.


  • Patience is a virtue and when faced with waiting, it’s important to be calm.


  • While I was limited to just emailing with Mr. N during the week, I didn’t feel as close to him as I normally do.


  • While walking, I didn’t have my armor to protect me from cars running me down. I felt exposed and vulnerable. See, I record cars on my phone as I cross the street. They don’t run me down and I don’t die. I had to take my time and let the traffic clear before I could cross the street. Again, embracing patience.


  • When I was out and about (mostly on my morning walk), I had no idea what time it was. My phone is my watch and to not have it, I had no idea what time it was. This lesson was rather freeing. I could just do my thing and not worry about taking too long.


I struggle with patience but this experience forced me to be more patient and to enjoy the little things I normally would ignore. I am thankful for this challenging time and am thankful for my new cell phone.


My advice: no matter what you’re going through, have some patience. You have to go through bad times to appreciate the good times.




Patience is Nothing More Than Having a Good Attitude While Waiting! #inspiration #ThursdayThoughts



Do you hate waiting as much as I do?

I’ve never been good at waiting, especially for something I’ve been wanting to do/see/experience. I remember when I was an early teenager and I got the opportunity to meet my crush, Kirk Cameron. This was the high point of my life, up until then, and I was the biggest Growing Pains fan in my town. My grandmother and I stood in line for what seemed like an eternity, but was only probably three hours. When it was my turn, I nearly fainted.

“What’s your name?” Kirk asked with a smile.

I told him and handed him a picture of him to sign.

He did a double-take. I had an unusual spelling.

“With a N?” he asked.

I felt my cheeks burning. I couldn’t believe I was talking to Kirk Cameron, the boy I had been dreaming about for years. All I could do is nod.

“Wow, what a beautiful name.” He bent down and autographed the Teen Beat picture. When he handed it back to me, he spoke softly, “A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.”

I giggled and lowered my eyes. I was shy and didn’t know what to say. When my grandmother nudged me, I blurted out, “T-t-thank you. You’re my dream…”

He chuckled and I giggled harder.

We left after that and I’ll never forget his kindness. He was a celebrity yet took the time to make a shy teenage girl’s year. His framed autographed picture sat in my room until I graduated high school. It was one of my most prized possessions and it wouldn’t have been possible without patience.

Patience is hard, especially when it’s something you really want. I struggle with patience on a daily basis. It takes a lot of effort for me to silence the inner critic and focus on keeping a positive attitude.  The ironic thing is when you focus on your attitude rather than the waiting, patience becomes a little easier.

What do you do when waiting? Are you patient? Any tips on patience?

Share in the comments below and let’s help each other be more patient.


Advice from Winnie the Pooh on Patience #inspiration #MondayBlogs #patience


I have a confession to make. My biggest weakness (besides chocolate and a good Cab Sav) is I’m not very patient. Patience is something I struggle with every day.

I’m concentrating so much on the act of waiting that many times, I’m missing out on the journey. 

I’ve started meditating/praying on what I wanted to accomplish in life every morning. At the end of my session, I whisper, “I release all my worrying and anxiety with this prayer. I will focus on the journey and those around me.”

And you know what? It really helps. Choosing every day to focus on the journey and not on the waiting allows me to experience things I would’ve otherwise missed.

Confession: I still struggle with patience but it’s getting easier.

Are you patient? Do you have any advice on being more patient?

Share in the comments below. I’d love to find new ways to be patient.


Patience: Keep Good Attitude While Waiting #inspiration #patience #MondayBlogs


Are you struggling with something today?  Are you waiting patiently?

Patience is a trait that I always seem to be working on.  I’m not very patient and I have to force myself to be patient.

I read this quote  and it really spoke to me this morning!  A light came on in my head and I realized that I was approaching patience in the wrong way.

Patience is not the ability to wait. 

We all do that, no matter if it is waiting in traffic or in line at a store.

Patience is the ability to keep smiling while waiting.

Keep smiling!  It not only makes the wait seem shorter, it improves your attitude too.

Let’s all smile today while being patient!

🙂 MRS N 🙂

Patience: It’s About Attitude #inspiration #motivation #patience


I have a confession to make. My biggest weakness (besides chocolate and a good Cab Sav) is I’m not very patient. Patience is something I struggle with every day.

Last year, I saw this quote from Joyce Meyers and it changed my perspective on patience.

I was concentrating so much on the act of waiting that I was missing out on the journey. 

I started meditating/praying on what I wanted to accomplish in life every morning. At the end of my session, I whispered, “I release all my worrying and anxiety with this prayer. I will focus on the journey and those around me.”

And you know what? It really helped. Choosing every day to focus on the journey and not on the waiting allowed me to experience things I would’ve otherwise missed.

I still struggle with patience but it’s getting easier. 🙂

Are you patient? Do you have any advice on being more patient?

Share in the comments below. I’d love to find new ways to be patient.


Be Kind to Unkind People #inspiration #kindness #motivation


Happy Friday everyone! Today, we’re talking about kindness.

When you meet an unkind person, what do you do?

Do you spread kindness or do you respond with the same unkindness?

There’s some people in the world who believe in treating people in the same manner as they’re treated. You know, an eye for an eye sort of philosophy.

My philosophy is a little different. I’m kind no matter what. I figure they may be having the worst day ever and the least I can do is spread some light. 🙂

Be kind to unkind people. They need it most.

🙂 MRS N 🙂

Life is a Balancing Act #inspirational #motivational #Mondayblogs

balance life

Ever feel like you are a circus act? Are you juggling all of the balls in the air or spinning plates, hoping that one doesn’t fall?

I sure do and last week, five of my plates came crashing down. I was oozing stress and when the plates started to crash around my head, I felt so defeated.

Why wasn’t I able to do this?

I’m organized. I have a planner and every minute of the day is scheduled.

It took my confessing all to MR N over the weekend for me to realize what was at the heart of the matter.

I had taken on too much and the time had come to reset my priorities.

Confession: I have a big heart and I love helping people. When people come to me, it’s hard for me to say no.

I realized today that the time has come to set up some boundaries and to restore balance to my life.

How about you?

Has the time come for you to reset your priorities in your life and to restore balance to your life?

No matter what your line of work is, you need balance. It’s okay to say no if someone asks for your help. Be kind in your reply and let them know you have a lot going on right now.

Be like me and stopping those plates spinning. Close your eyes and repeat after me:

I am balancing my life. It’s okay to say no. I have peace flowing through my veins and I am at peace.

Say this to yourself when you are feeling stressed and off-balance. Peace will take over and you will be gliding across that tightrope of life.


Be the Keymaster and Keep Trying!!!

Dont get discouraged

Feeling discouraged? Did you wake up this morning and wonder if what you are doing is making a difference?

A friend of mine called me yesterday feeling so discouraged.  She is a writer/blogger and she was feeling low.

“Nothing is working,” she moaned.

I reminded her that she has over 5,000 people following her blog and they love her.  Not that it matters about the numbers.

“You matter and you are spreading the Light.” I encouraged her and she was uplifted.

Sometimes we need encouragement to keep going.  We all need to be reminded the following:

Don’t get discouraged. It is often the last key that opens the lock.

Keep trying and know that you are making a difference.  Unhook that long key ring and unleash the keymaster within.  You have the power within to open the lock!

Don’t get discouraged!!

MRS N, Keymaster

Princess of the Light Update: It’s Available at Barnes & Noble!!!!


I am so thrilled to announce that Princess of the Light is now available at Barnes & Noble!!!

Many years ago (14 I think), I was a bookseller at a Barnes and Noble in Southern California.  I dreamt of becoming an author and having my book available there.  Now, I am pleased to say that my dream has come true!!!!


If you have a moment, please share this and if you have a nook, please buy my book! 🙂

MRS N aka N. N. Light

Patience: Keep Smiling While Waiting


Are you struggling with something today?  Are you waiting patiently?

Patience is a trait that I always seem to be working on.  I am not very patient and I have to force myself to be patient.

I read this quote  and it really spoke to me this morning!  A light came on in my head and I realized that I was approaching patience in the wrong way.

Patience is not the ability to wait.  We all do that, no matter if it is waiting in traffic or in line at a store.  Patience is the ability to keep smiling while waiting.

Keep smiling!  It not only makes the wait seem shorter, it improves your attitude too!

Let’s all smile today while being patient!

🙂 MRS N 🙂

Live a Meaningful Life

A Meaningful Life

Are you living a meaningful life?

In order to live a meaningful life, you must be willing to spread the Light!  Being humble and touching others are two ways of spreading the Light!

Today, start living a meaningful life and you will be blessed!


Writers: Patience is Rule #1


















I love this quote and it totally applies to all areas of my life but especially my writing.  Writers, you HAVE to be patient!  Whether you are writing, revising, editing, querying, revising, editing, publishing, you have to be patient.  I know you are rolling your eyes at me but stay with me for a minute.

The process of writing and becoming a published author is a long painful process.  There are a lot of slammed doors and waiting.  The silence can be excruciating.  I’ve been there.  Just when you’re almost to the point of giving up and going the self-publishing route, a glimmer of hope arises.  A literary agent/editor finally says yes!  Psst, the process is just beginning and you’ll need your patience more than ever!  Book covers, editing rounds, book trailers, blog tours, social media… more patience.  The book is finally released and guess what?  You’ll need more patience to endure the sales reports and the reviews.

Read the quote above and ask yourself this: What is your attitude while waiting?  Are you wringing your hands and asking agents/editors about if they made a decision yet?  Are you freaking out and checking your inbox every five minutes?  Or are you looking down the road and researching the next people to contact?

I have people asking me questions and asking for my writing advice.  A lot of you know my experience with querying agents/editors and how I got signed with Anaiah Press.  I made a plan of attack.  I researched each agent I queried and I queries 3 agents a day.  I entered contests and I waited.  I knew in my heart that someone would love Princess of the Light as much as me  and I was patient.  Sure, the rejections sucked and the silence was deafening.  But I was determined to stay the course.

What is your attitude?  I suggest looking deep down inside and making a vow to be patient.  It will be hard and you will want to quit.  Don’t do it!  Be patient!  You’ll want to ask the agent on social media about your book.  Don’t do it!  It’s okay to query several agents/editors at the same time, just not from the same agency.  Be patient!

I can’t stress this enough: Be patient and keep your eye on your goal!  Let your attitude reflect your determination and keep going!  Times will be hard and you’ll want to quit.  Trust me, I’ve been there and will probably be there again (Eek! Editing! Reviews!).  Getting published is one of the hardest things to accomplish.  If it was easy, everyone would do it!

What do you do as a writer to stay patient?  Put your tips below and we will all try to remain patient!  If you were inspired by this post, please share using one of the buttons below!  Thank you and have a beautiful day! 🙂

MRS N, the Author



Patience: The Ability to See Past the Last Marker


Have you ever driven down a road and suddenly you run into fog?  What do you do?  Do you slow down, maintain your speed or stop completely?

For most of us, we obey the rules of the road.  We slow down, turn on our lights and proceed with caution.  We lean forward and try to see the car lights in front of us to avoid hitting another car.

Life is a lot like driving down a road.  Suddenly, BANG!  You are surrounded by dense fog and cannot see the road in front of you.  It could be anything.  A failing grade on a test/paper/project.  A loss of employment.  A loved one leaving/dying/sick.  A sudden natural disaster leaving you homeless.  An unforeseen expense that you couldn’t possible afford.

What do you do?  Do you panic or do you allow your patience to kick in?

We all have these patches of fog in our lives and there is nothing that we can do to avoid them.  They usually blindside us and we are left wondering what to do.  I say the rules of the road apply to our lives the same way they apply when we are driving.  Slow down.  Turn on your lights.  Lean forward and proceed with caution.

Patience is what steers us through the patchy fog.  We have to slow down and proceed with caution.  It’s easy to try to speed up to get through the fog but you don’t know what is right in front of you.  You could hit someone else’s car and cause damage.

Be patient and you will get through the fog.  I know it is not easy but I also know that you will be better for it.  Ease your foot off of the gas pedal and soon the road will clear.  You will exhale and continue on this great road called life.

Patience is the ability to see past the last marker in this great road of life! 🙂

Life Lesson #11: Be the Embodiment of the Golden Rule

golden rule

Do you follow the Golden Rule?

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

I follow this rule in all areas of my life and it is the foundation of who I am.  It is something I learned when I was a little girl and it can be so easy to remember.

When someone treats me with disrespect, anger or jealousy, I don’t fire back with derision.  I instead treat them with respect, kindness and admiration.  Does this change who I am?  No.  Does this change who they are are?  I hope so.

Think for a moment what would happen if you combated negativity with positivity.  For every angry outburst, you react with love.  For every act of bullying, you strike back with kindness.  For every time someone acted jealous, you compliment them.  The world would be changed and people’s hearts would be filled with the Light.

Live the Golden Rule and watch with wonder as your heart, and the hearts of everyone you encounter, are changed forever! 🙂

Life Lesson #10: Keep the Faith and You Will Be Rewarded

Keep the Faith

I woke up this morning to a voice in my head whispering, “You have been faithful, dear daughter, and now you will be rewarded”.

I smiled and whispered back, “Thank you”.

Are you a faithful person?  Do you keep the faith, even when facing an obstacle?

I must admit that there have been times in my life when I have not waited.  I rushed ahead and tried to make things happen.  I laugh at the hijinx I caused to myself and those around me.  I caused heartache and pain.  It was only when I steered myself back onto the right path and kept the faith did I understand what was in store for me.

Keeping the faith is all about trusting God (in whatever form you see Him) and believing in the Light.  Keep your eyes looking forward and hold tight to your dreams.  Keeping the faith is not about a particular belief; it’s about your heart and your life.

As most of you know, I have kept the faith and believed that I would be a published author.  Today, I am happy to report that I am a published author! 🙂  I kept the faith and am now being rewarded.

What area of your life are you struggling with?  Keep the faith!  Believe in yourself and the Light.  Keep the faith and you will be rewarded! 🙂

Be a Dreamer and Change the World!!!

Dream HT

I have a dream.  My dream is to be a writer, blogger and author.  My dream is to use words to uplift people and change the world.  I am working hard on my dream.

What is your dream?

No matter what your dream is or how far-fetched it may seem, you can make your dream come true!  According to Harriet Tubman, all you need is strength, patience and passion.  Sure, it takes a lot of work but let me tell you, it is worth it!

Can dreams change the world?  You bet!  Harriet Tubman is the woman who created the Underground Railroad.  She had a dream of her people being free.  Through her internal strength, she created a network of brave men and women who helped a multitude of slaves get to the North.  She didn’t fear death because she had a dream and she was passionate about her dream.

Today, take a few moments and write down your innermost dreams.  Then outline a plan to make your dream come true.  List all the things you may encounter to prevent you from making your dream come true.  Finally, come up with a plan to defeat those obstacles and make your dream come true!

Your dreams can change the world!  Your internal strength, patience and passion will make it possible.  Let’s all be dreamers and change the world!!!! 🙂

Day 8: Thankful for #Patience

Yoda Patience

Patience is a virtue, they say.  I have tried to be patient but this is one area that I struggle with.  I  turn to my favorite movie character, Yoda, for guidance.  I must learn patience.

Do you struggle with patience too?  Do you want to do something or go somewhere?  Do you sometimes jump ahead of life and try to make it happen on your own?

I look back on my life and I see all the times when I should have been more patient.  All those times, I learned a valuable lesson.  I need to be more patient, like today.  I think I finally understand patience and why it is so important.

I am an author who is querying literary agents about my book, “Princess of the Light”.  For those of you who have not done this before, let me fill you in.  I send a query letter and a sampling of my book.  Then I wait.  I wait with bated breath to hear from them.  Yes, I have received a few rejections.  I am still waiting.

Every day, I have the impulse to jump ahead and just self-publish.  That would be the easy way.  But I always stop myself.  I have a business plan and have it all laid out.  I have to be patient.

Today I woke up and thought to myself, I am thankful for this querying process.  It is improving my impulsive nature and I am learning to be patient, just like Yoda says.

Are you thankful for patience?  When you look back on your life, do you laugh at the times when you jumped ahead and weren’t patient?  Do you see now where patience is so vital to your life?

Today, take a good look at yourself and give thanks for the virtue, patience.  It is a key to a prosperous and happy life! 🙂

Day 2: I’m Thankful for Adversity

Thankful to those who said no

Today is Day Two of my Thankful Campaign!  I have so many things to be thankful for (leading up to Thanksgiving) that I am creating this series of blog posts.

Read carefully the above quote by the brilliant man, Albert Einstein.  Let it soak into your heart and then ask yourself, “Who in my life has said no to me?”  Picture them in your mind.

For me, I have a series of people in my lifetime who have said no to me.  They closely resemble a flash mob.  😉

Now think to yourself what you did after they said no.  What did you accomplish on your own?

As a writer, I encounter a lot of no.  It’s part of the business, so they say.  I am in the process of trying to find a literary agent and there have been a few people who have said no.  Do I let it get me down?  Do I quit this whole writing gig?  NO!  It teaches me patience to wait for the right one to come along.

5 Things I am Thankful for Today:

-I am thankful to my second grade teacher who said I couldn’t draw a dinosaur like I did.  They taught me to fall in love with art of all mediums and to not listen to critics.

-I am thankful for all the men who broke my heart and said no to me.  That led me straight into the arms of my beloved MR N and I am eternally happy! 😉

-I am thankful for all the managers/bosses who said I wasn’t good enough and would be stuck in the job for a lifetime.  They nudged me to living out my dream job of being a full-time writer.

-I am thankful to all the people who said I couldn’t do something because I was a girl/woman.  I have proven that anyone can do anything if they set their mind and heart to it!

-I am thankful to all the literary agents to have said no to my book proposal.  They are teaching me patience and instilling in me confidence.  When my book is successful, they will remember that they had the opportunity and instead said, “No”.  😉

When dealing with adversity, what are you thankful for?  Do you have a tough boss, teacher, co-worker, friend, family member or a stranger telling you no?

Don’t get mad at them for not being able to see the greatness in you.  Instead, use that as inspiration to be like Albert Einstein and do it yourself!  Who knows what inventions you will create? 🙂

Angels in Disguise

Such a beautiful reminder of how the world is filled with angels… even you and I can be an angel to someone! 🙂

Writer’s Humor: A Meeting With A Literary Agent

Writers Agents

A cartoon that made me laugh today! 🙂

Have a great day, fellow writers!

Learning Patience from Nature

Be Patient

Patience is a tricky virtue for me to conquer.  Lord knows I have tried my best but I am not very patient.  I am always jumping ahead and then the universe has to reel me back in.

“Patience”, it whispers.

Do you have trouble with being patient too?  What do you do to slow down and be patient?

I go for a walk.  I look at the beautiful trees around me changing color and I smile.  The leaves are changing color and soon the trees will be red, orange, green, yellow and pink.  It is like a gorgeous painting.  My heart and mind are filled with wonder.

River leaves

Then it dawns on me.  It’s an Ah ha moment!  The trees have to be filled with patience.  They have to wait six long months for their leaves to change color.

We can learn a lot from these trees.  Life is filled with cycles and we have to stand tall and be patient!  We can do it!

No matter what is going on in your life, you have to be patient.  The glory of life will be revealed in beautiful splendor…you just have to have patience!!!! 🙂


Patience: The Ability to Capture Life


Have you ever sat and watched a cat stalking its prey?  It’s fascinating and we can learn a lot about patience from the feline species.  They exude patience and when the time is right, they pounce on their prey.

Cats don’t care about time or the appointments they may miss.  Cats are focused on one thing… getting their prey.  They wait.

I must admit that I struggle with patience.  I always have.  It’s a continual exercise for my soul.  My brain says that I want/need something to happen.  My soul says I need to be patient.  Thus, the battle begins.

A classic example of this is my book that I am editing right now.  It took me nine months to write and I want to skip all the rest of the steps and get it published!  Right now!!!!  I don’t want to wait!  I want to share my book with the world!

Be patient, says a soft voice.

I pause, close my eyes and take a breath.

After a moment, I open my eyes and focus on the editing.  I remind myself that editing is all part of the process and it is an important step.  I am polishing my book to a shiny brilliant diamond.  I smile and am refocused.

Is there an area of your life where you need to be more patience? Work? School? Home? Husband/Wife? Kids? Yourself?  No matter what it is, I ask you to think of the cat and refocus yourself to the task at hand.

Life is the prey and we are the cat! Be patient and when the time is right…


Patience: The Soul’s Transformation


Patience is the one virtue that I have struggled with my entire life.  From the time I was a baby, I have been impatient.  My mother reminds me if I was hungry and didn’t get my bottle right away, I would cry.

As I grew up, I struggled with patience.  It seemed that every person would tell me to be patient.  I believe that they were trying to comfort me but all it did was make me frustrated.  Questions swirled inside my head and at times, I would feel overwhelmed.


It wasn’t until I entered university that I started studying human behavior that I started to understand what patience was all about.  I took several psychology and religion classes which explained in complicated terms all about patience.  I learned that humans have struggled with patience since the caveman days.  I also learned that humans from all religions and beliefs have struggled with it as well.

What does this have to do with today, you may ask?

Patience is described in the Oxford Dictionary as, “is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without acting on annoyance/anger in a negative way; or exhibiting forbearance when under strain, especially when faced with longer-term difficulties. Patience is the level of endurance one can take before negativity. It is also used to refer to the character trait of being steadfast.”

When I read this in the dictionary I immediately got an image of a diamond being created.  It takes a lot of energy and endurance to make this gem and once made, it is so strong that it can cut glass.


The same can be said of the soul and patience.  Throughout life, we have stressors.  We can hide under a rock and cry or we endure it.  I choose to endure because I know that in the end, I am becoming a diamond more brilliant than anything the world has ever seen!

Be patient and let the process transform you into the most spectacular diamond the world has ever laid eyes on! 🙂