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Friday Book Round-Up 2018


Welcome to this week’s edition of Friday Book Round-Up. Recently, I had the opportunity to read a Christian Futuristic Thriller and it whet my reader’s appetite for more. So, I browsed on Goodreads and Amazon to see what was new in this genre. I found a bunch of titles (some even free or 99 cents) and discovered new-to-me authors. These are the ones I recommend, just based on reading some reviews and the blurb:


The Last Safe Place: A Psychological Thriller by Ninie Hammon  (Author)

Meet Yesheb al Tobbanoft: Rich. Handsome. Psychotic. Deadly.


Yesheb’s delusional voices whisper in his ear that he is the Beast of Babylon from Gabriella Carmichael’s novel about demons. So he turns up at a book-signing and then stalks her, determined to make her his bride—and to slaughter her son as a human sacrifice, a blood offering to seal their union.


Gabriella and her family run from the lunatic back through her memories to a childhood summer and a cabin called St. Elmo’s Fire–where she discovers that facing the demons from her past is as difficult and dangerous as escaping the one who stalks her. And where she encounters again the magic of a single perfect bristlecone pine tree that saved her life when she was eight years old.


When Yesheb shows up and corners his prey on the mountainside, the only thing that stands between Gabriella and the madness of a homicidal psychopath is the power of that tree.


A tree that maybe…just maybe…peeked out of the ground on a Colorado mountainside at the moment a man named Jesus breathed his last breath on another tree on the other side of the planet two thousand years ago.


Set against the backdrop of the majestic Rocky Mountains, award-winning suspense and thriller writer Ninie Hammon weaves a spell-binding story of insanity and terror—coupled with her characteristic dusting of the “unexplainable.” If you’re a fan of fast-paced action, tangled plots, believable characters and themes that will challenge some of your most cherished beliefs, don’t start this book at bedtime –or you could be in for an all-nighter.



Frozen Footprints (Christian Suspense Thriller) by Therese Heckenkamp  (Author)

“Thou shalt not be afraid of the terror of the night.”


Eighteen-year-old twins Charlene and Max Perigard have grown up under the wealthy but tyrannical rule of their oil-tycoon grandfather. When Max disappears and a ransom note shows up, Charlene’s world is shattered. Fearing the worst, she determines to find her brother before it’s too late. Her quest hurls her into a twisted, frigid world of snow and ice . . . and leads to terror in an isolated cabin. Together the twins struggle for survival while enduring fierce trials of mind, body, and spirit. Devoid of all worldly comfort and consolation, will faith and hope be enough to get them through this chilling nightmare? And where is Charlene’s hero when she needs one the most?


Christian suspense thriller for ages 16 and up


An Amazon Kindle #1 Bestseller in Religious Drama

2013 CALA Award Finalist

Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval


After the Thaw, the sequel to Frozen Footprints, is now available on Kindle and in paperback!

“Suspense ratchets up page by page.” — Award-winning author Gerard D. Webster

“A fast-paced thriller.” — Popular author Sarah A. Reinhard

“As thrilling as Hitchcock…”–


From young adult to new adult and beyond, this Christian suspense thriller is a chilling yet inspirational read for all fans of clean suspense and mystery fiction. Particularly ideal for Christmas and winter reading.


The Road to Armageddon by Clabe Polk  (Author), Felicia Sullivan (Editor)



Mark Bishop has too much month left when his money runs out. Seeking relief, he opened a bank account at new bank, International Financial Services (IFS)


He never suspects that he is buying into a strategy for world domination operated by the Antichrist…or that his world is plummeting toward the War of Armageddon.


He never suspects he and his family will be homeless, hunted and have an IFS bounty on their heads.


He never suspects he and his family will endure starvation, imprisonment, slavery and natural disasters.


Or that he will lose all he has has…in order to gain the only thing that counts.



Mark and his family are victims.





The Road to Armageddon is a compelling story of struggle, survival and redemption during the Great Tribulation.


The Days of Noah, Book One: Conspiracy: A Novel of the End Times in America by Mark Goodwin  (Author)

Is a secret cabal working to collapse the international economy, usher in a global government, and establish a one-world currency? Tennessee public school teacher, Noah Parker, like many in the United States, has been asleep at the wheel. During his complacency, the founding precepts of America have been slowly, systematically destroyed by a conspiracy that dates back hundreds of years.


Cassandra Parker, Noah’s wife, has diligently followed end-times prophecy and the shifting tide against freedom in America. Noah has tried to avoid the subject, but when charges are filed against him for deviating from the approved curriculum in his school, he quickly understands the seriousness of the situation. The signs can no longer be ignored, and Noah is forced to prepare for the cataclysmic period of financial and political upheaval ahead.


Meanwhile, in an off-site CIA facility outside of Langley, rookie analyst Everett Carroll discovers he’s not being told the whole truth. He’s instructed to disregard troubling information uncovered by his research. Everett ignores his directive and keeps digging. What he finds goes against everything he’s been taught to believe. Unfortunately, his curiosity doesn’t escape the attention of his superiors, and it may cost him his life.


Watch through the eyes of Noah Parker and Everett Carroll as the world descends into chaos, a global empire takes shape, ancient writings are fulfilled, and the last days fall upon the once-great United States of America.


The Days of Noah, Book One: Conspiracy by Mark Goodwin, is a fast-paced fiction thriller, which looks at how modern conspiracies could play into Biblical prophecy concerning the end times. Buy your copy and jump into this near-future, post-apocalyptic adventure today!


As with all books by Mark Goodwin, this book contains no profanity and no embarrassing sex scenes. However, if you’re offended by conservative principles and references to Scripture, this book might not be for you.


Chaos In The Blink Of An Eye by Patrick Higgins  (Author)

It was the weekend before Thanksgiving. More than 100,000 fans were jammed inside Michigan Stadium, on their feet, to witness a heated football rivalry that had spanned more than 100 years. As the football was kicked into the snow-filled sky, they were about to get the shock of their lives, as long-foretold Bible prophecy came to pass before their very eyes, causing many to vanish into thin air without a trace.


But what they soon realized was that it reached far beyond Michigan Stadium. Chaos of unimaginable proportions ensued worldwide. Shock, fear and panic filled each heart and mind. It was just the beginning of things to come, as life as humanity had known it was forever changed in the blink of an eye…


The Goliath Code: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller (Book One) by Suzanne Leonhard  (Author)

“Compelling, devastatingly dystopian, action-packed, original.”–Jim Thompson, Original Content.




America has become a wasteland, trapped in a suffocating volcanic winter.


In an isolated Pacific Northwest town, sixteen-year-old Sera Donner struggles to persevere in a post-apocalyptic nightmare where neighbor turns against neighbor and survival of the fittest has become the law of the land. Sera is determined to lay low, avoid conflict, and endure. But when her disabled brother is designated a liability and targeted for extermination, she quickly discovers just how far she’s willing to go to protect the people she loves.


Everyone Left Behind: 4 minutes to chaos by Time O. Day (Author)

Hershal had grown tired of his wife Priscilla’s doom and gloom, End Times, vision of the future and wasn’t about to do anymore stockpiling for it either. He just wanted to retire in peace. Change descended when he accidentally shot a Peeping Tom. Though he buried him on his remote Montana property, he couldn’t bury the man’s curse. Haunted by it, and about to be found out, he sent up a desperate prayer. That night he had a strange dream. Priscilla’s interpretation of the dream was to stockpile enough food to look after seventy people for five years because perilous times were surely coming . . .



Have you read any Christian Futuristic Suspense/Thrillers? If so, which one is your favorite? Share in the comments below.


MRS N, Book Addict




The Road to Armageddon by @ClabePolk is Riveting and a Must-Read! #bookreview #FridayReads

The Road to Armegeddon


Title: The Road to Armageddon

Author: Clabe Polk

Genre: Christian Fiction, Christian Science Fiction, Futuristic


Book Blurb:

“THE BISHOP FAMILY: WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE FOR INSURRECTION AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT” reads the poster spread far and wide by International Financial Services.

Mark Bishop is a family man with a wife, a teen-aged son and too much month left when the money runs out. He needs financial resources. International Financial Services (IFS) can offer him those resources, but there’s a catch.

Ken Clifford, IFS manager for the Americas, has a psychological obsession. It doesn’t matter what he has to do or who he has to hurt, he will control his domain. Clifford loathes people like Mark Bishop who defy his authority.

Ken Clifford’s boss, Gerhardt Schmidt (the Antichrist), known in financial circles as “The Cardinal”, is CEO of IFS. Schmidt is commanded by Satan, “The Serpent”, whose mission is control of every human being on Earth. The supply of every conceivable essential resource is rationed by IFS.

Impossible? Mark Bishop thought so.

Now, Mark and his family are prey. Homeless and hungry, they are caught in the world-wide struggle of good versus evil leading to the Battle of Armageddon. Can they, or any human, survive treachery, hostility, slavery, natural disasters, disease, and starvation?

Will Clifford successfully take the Bishop family ‘dead or alive’ to satisfy his ego and ensure obedience at any cost?


My Review:

It’s the end of the world. No, really it is. The end of the world is here, complete with the Antichrist running the International Financial Services and wreaking havoc on everyone, including Mark and his family.


Mark is like the rest of us, short on cash and it’s not even the end of the month. He needs money fast, so he decides to take an opportunity at IFS. It seems too good to be true but when he discovers who’s behind IFS suddenly his life and family’s lives are in danger. There’s a bounty on their head and they must flee with the clothes on their back. With the end of days close at hand, everything becomes a battle of good versus evil, from natural disasters to imprisonment, and Mark is left with a choice most terrifying. When all is stripped away, what truly matters and would you be willing to die for it?


Not since reading the Left Behind series, have I read such a realistic fictionalized account of the Book of Revelations. Polk has a natural ability to draw the reader into his world through descriptive narration and world building. But it’s the characters that sold me on this book. They’re the straw that stirs the drink, so to speak, and I was hooked from the beginning.


If you’re not into Christian fiction, please give this a try. You won’t find any preaching here, just an imaginative story about the end of days. There’s a lot of intrigue and action to pump any reader’s pulse. I love how events happen that I wasn’t expecting, too. Another kudos to Polk’s ability as an author. Highly recommend!


Favorite Character/Quote: Ken Clifford. I know, I know, he’s a bad guy but he’s so well-crafted and deliciously evil. I got excited every time it came to his scenes and POV.


My Rating: 5 stars


Buy it now:


Barnes and Noble







Author Biography:

CLABE POLK is into a second career as a writer of fiction. So far, he has written three novels, three novellas, several short stories, and has a couple of other novels in process. He is a Christian and a lifelong reader with a great variety of life experiences that has led him to write a variety of different types of fiction.


Having an educational background in biology and natural sciences, Mr. Polk applied his knowledge and experience in professional environmental protection, retiring after nearly thirty-seven years in environmental protection program management, law enforcement, chemical emergency response and training. He grew up in and spent most of his life among the woods, waters, fields, farms and industries of Florida and Georgia. Besides reading and writing, he loves fishing, boating, sailing, gardening and anything creative.


He lives in Powder Springs, Georgia with his wife, two daughters, and the family’s Cockapoo named Annie.


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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


Check Out Eating Ice Cream in Armageddon by Gabriel Bacopa #books #bookish #bookstagram

Eating Ice Cream


Eating Ice Cream in Armageddon by Gabriel Bacopa


Genre: Romantic, Adventure, Melancholy,


Book Blurb:

Eating Ice Cream in Armageddon features Michael, a young loner confused about his identity of being either Jewish or Arab. His father being an Israeli Jew and his mother being a Palestinian Muslim puts him at odds with himself and the world. Muslims criticize him for saying he’s Jewish, and Jews criticize him for saying he’s Muslim. Jews criticize him for saying he’s Arab, and Arabs criticize him for saying he’s Jewish. The irony of it is that the term Jewish can refer to an ethnicity, identity, or religion depending on the context it’s being used in. One day he goes to an ice cream shop in order to share his book ideas with the girls there, who happen to be Muslim. One girl, named Halima, says to him, after he mentions that he is “half-Arab half-Jewish:” “how can you be Half-Arab?” Which unleashes a rollercoaster of confusion, emotion and identity conflict, and a relentless obsession with a girl working at an ice cream shop. He goes to the ice cream shop every day in order to know her. He makes it seem as if he’s going there to eat Ice cream, when in reality he’s going there in order to see her. The girl, being 16 years old, becomes a subject of his infatuation, albeit non-sexual, and he becomes fond of her  and eventually finds himself waking up in a morning, surviving Armageddon with her… and living memories of his childhood in ways that he never could have imagined….


Book Excerpt:

They began to sail more, into the clear blue oceans and skies. Dolphins played around the boat. “Oh Look Michael! Dolphins!” Halima said, jumping up and down with her hands to her mouth. They continued sailing. The waves were large and big, and it was extremely rough and dangerous.  “This is impossible” he said.


“I hope this works.” Michael continued. Halima repeated “Michael, Im scared.” “Why?” Michael asked. She looked down in sadness and asked as the wind was blowing amidst them: “Is it really the apocalypse?” “Yeah, I think so”  Michael responded, with his hands on the wheel, looking out into the ocean,  Halima asked “What do we do?” “We have to relax and stay strong.” They continued sailing. Then, Eventually, the seas calmed.


“Michael look!” “Yes?”  “It’s a whale!” They saw a whale blowing water above the ocean. “Wow thats amazing! ” They smiled at each other. They glided further, and saw the lovely Catalina islands to the right and the sun setting behind it.


It turned night time. “This is really romantic Michael.”  “I knew you would like it.” Michael responded “How did you know?”


“I looked up your facebook.”


“ Really? How creepy…”


“I’m not creepy, I just stare a lot.”


It turned midnight, and the boat sailed peacefully into the Pacific, the stars appeared above and they looked at them. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Michael said.


“Yeah…” Halima responded.


They sat for 5 minutes, pondering the night sky above them. Halima went to sleep, with her eyes closed peacefully. Michael looked at her,  and smiled with a feeling of serenity and tranquility..A few minutes went by. Then, unexpectedly,  A U.S. boat came from the east from the shore. “We’re looking for you. You have to come back to land.” a man said with a loudspeaker. Halima woke up to the loud, irritating sound.


“Why?” Michael yelled back. “It’s frigging armageddon out there!”


“If you stay out there in the ocean,you will most certainly be attacked by the Russian invading navy.” They said with their  loudspeakers. Helicopters flew ahead, flying to the West, and fighter jets flew, apparently to fight the russians.


Michael thought carefully. He looked at Halima and said:


“Listen, Halima new plan.”


“What’s that?”


“We’re going to Palestine.”


“Sorry  Coast Guard, we will be okay on our own!” he yelled to them. The coast guard went back to shore, and they continued sailing.


The next morning, the sun rose  gloriously, and they began sailing following the border of  Mexico.  Michael said “Hey you want to play with my turntables? ” amidst the morning sun.“You have turntables?”  


“Yeah Back in the day I was the best Dj in the O.C.”


“Oh cool!” They began playing with the turntables, spinning records, on the sailboat.


“Which ones do you want to play?” he asked.


“Oh I like 2pac.”


“Me too.”


After several minutes, Filipino ships were seen riding towards them. They shot missiles towards Michael and Halima, and their boat began to sink. Michael and Halima jumped into life savers, and sat on them, rowing towards the the shore of Brazil. They landed amidst the ripples unto the blue shore before noon time.


They got off the boat, and head east. At first they found themselves in a desert, walking. Michael was thirsty for water, and Halima said “Are you okay?


“I need water.”


Author Biography

I was born to a Palestinian Muslim father and an Israeli Jewish mother in the suburbs of Orange County, CA. I taught myself to read at the age of 4 and was the best student at my school in elementary and in the gifted program. When I was a child I taught myself breakdancing and did it at the talent show in fifth grade which put  everyone in awe. I learned djing and made my dad buy me turntables and spun vinyl in the local Guitar Center Spinoffs(Djing competition) when I was 12 (by far the youngest person there), in which I was nicknamed by my friend’s sister “DjMidgetMan” (for being a such young DJ.) In my teenage years I delved into different concepts, from Buddhism and Meditation, to Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences, and lucid dreaming to studying different religions. I began praying 5 times a day according to Islam and taught myself anything I could about Islam. I read the Qur’an in English cover to cover at the age of 14 and then taught myself Arabic. I learned the rules of recitation (known as Tajweed in Arabic) for the Holy Qur’an at the local masjid.


At the age of 17 however, I began developing symptoms of severe mental illness and was eventually hospitalized at the age of 22 and was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. I was unable to do anything for the next 5 years, until one day my Aunt came from overseas and I rediscovered a story I wrote when I was 14 which won me the “Edgar Allan Poe” award in school (for it’s dark, horrifying and sadistic themes.)   My father began writing a book as well and finished it, however, it has not been published. At that point, knowing that I was unable to do anything manually or physically, or socially, because of my condition, I decided to attempt to become a writer.


The first book I attempted to write was “The Mansion.” which was a collection of Dark short stories, the first one symbolic, the second one unnecessarily and disturbingly profane and sadistic, as if written from the point of view of a Mass shooter, and the third one about a futuristic society in which people who believe in God are put in Mental hospitals. This book however I felt was too profane and dark, and myself was disturbed and mentally distraught by it’s themes and profanity, so I decided to take it down. Afterwards, I began writing Eating Ice Cream in Armageddon, about a loner with a mixed arab Jewish background confused about his identity. During all this time I was in the throes of psychosis. Everyone of my books has a touch  of my psychosis enveloped in them. Stories which are in particular reflections of my psychosis include: Eating Ice Cream in Armageddon, A Day with the Professor(which is included in Eating Ice Cream in Armageddon: With letters from the Fourth Reich), the Hypocrisy Foundation, The Drummers,(included in The Hypocrisy Foundation), Love and Paranoia, and the Pillars of Salt Collection. The Pillars of Salt Collection, The Hypocrisy Foundation, The Drummers, and Eating Ice Cream in Armageddon in particular are reflections of my psychosis. However, anyone who reads these stories can find them relevant to the world, the society at large, and to their own lives.


Buy Links:


Eating Ice Cream in Armageddon: The Series


Gabriel young


First picture (me in the middle) age 12

Gabriel at book signing


Second picture me age 28 at a book signing.


I’m 29 now.


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Angelic #Fantasy with dark undertones — Gylded Wings by @LNightingale #Romance #99c #books



Title                Gylded Wings

Author            Linda Nightingale

Genre             Dark Fantasy/Romance

Publisher         The Wild Rose Press


Book Blurb

Angels in slavery? Brit Montgomery cannot believe it, until she is sent on a rescue mission to another dimension and witnesses the cruel practice first hand. The angel, Gyldan, is the most beautiful being she’s ever seen. She is drawn to him but sometimes beauty disguises wicked secrets. This man who rocks her world seems more demon than angel.


Gyldan, born into slavery, has one desire—fly free. When he escapes to Earth, he faces an alternate self-realization full of dark glory…and disbelief. Gyldan is bent on experiencing his newfound powers unmindful of the harm to Brit or others.


Confused and hurt by Gyldan’s erratic evil actions, Brit turns away. While Gyldan’s journey of self-discovery pulls him further distant, Brit finds acceptance in a solitary, comfortable life of her own until she realizes the day of reckoning has come. Will Gyldan be her final ruin or has he come back to her with a gift more precious than life itself?


Book Trailer



Grab this book today for only 99 cents!





Though my other brother held the sword, he winged a retreat.  I did not know what had happened, or if I could command the lightning again.

Neither did he.

“What of the freak now, Adamus? Will you risk your weapon against mine?”

He brandished his sword. “You bastard.  You murdered your brother.”

Wing beats slow, I flew toward him.  “He was a stranger intent on slaying me.”

I spread four wings to their fullest.  Adamus’ eyes widened, fear written on his face.  He gripped his sword tighter.  “By the Beast! Two pairs of wings.”

My body was a hard-plucked string, power humming through me.  I smiled at my brother, drove my four wings down, swept them up, and attacked.  The enmity that had festered between us must end…in defeat for one of us.

Pacing below, Brit screamed, “Gyldan, the gate is closing.  Come down now or we’re trapped.  We won’t stand a chance. I hear horses.”

On the horizon, the rumble of hooves and clouds of dust announced a troop of riders.  Queen Mary had not only sent her winged army but her cavalry.  Sunlight glinted on armor and the red and black of the horses’ trappings.  I banked hard left and plunged into a reckless descent.  Shouts pursued me.

“Coward,” Adamus barked.  “Fight me!”

My brother waved his sword but made no move to follow.  Knowing such power was mine—that I had dissolved another angel in a shower of sparks—thrilled yet terrified me.  I had never known Daniel.  Now, I never would.

Frantic wing beats pulled me out of the dive.  I glanced over my shoulder as Adamus plummeted into pursuit.  I yearned to turn and fight, but on the ground Brit jumped up and down, waving her arms…and Adamus was my only brother.  The shimmering mirage behind her faded.  She shoved her arm into the dizzying colors, and the limb disappeared to the elbow.

Light glimmered off my wings as I unfurled them to cushion my landing, shifted my weight, and ran toward Brit and the dimming gate.  Adamus’ laughter pursued me.  He sailed toward us.  The cavalry thundered over the crest of a hill.



Enter to win an e-copy of  Morgan D’Arcy: A Vampyre Rhapsody, a paranormal romance.

If you were an angel, what would be your angelic name? Answer in the comments below to win.

Open Internationally.



Buy Links



Barnes & Noble:


The Wild Rose Press:


MM & Me RT


Author Biography

Born in South Carolina, Linda has lived in England, Canada, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta and Houston.  She’s seen a lot of this country from the windshield of a truck pulling a horse trailer, having bred, trained and showed Andalusian horses for many years.


Linda has won several writing awards, including the Georgia Romance Writers Magnolia Award and the SARA Merritt.  She retired from a career as a retired legal assistant, just joined the Houston BMW Club, and the stars in her crown—two wonderful sons. In a former life, she must have had to walk everywhere because today she is into transportation with fine taste in expensive horses and hot cars! She likes to dress up and host formal dinner parties.


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Welcome Back to the Stone Age — He Runs: Part 1 by @OwenSethAuthor #books #amreading

He Runs Part One


Title – He Runs: Part One

Author – Owen Seth

Genre – Post Apocalyptic / Thriller


Book Blurb

With Mankind relegated to the Stone Age, one man struggles against the cruelty of the world that’s left behind. With many obstacles in his path, every day becomes a fight for survival…against the world and himself.
A psychological, apocalyptic thriller that keeps the reader guessing throughout, He Runs is raw and disturbing and unapologetically brutal.


Excerpt – 

Man wanders.

Man explores.

Man runs.

And we find him at this point in his journey, with a dog. It’s a large dog, a black retriever cross, male, with long strands of hair intersecting fleshy areas of mange and a loosely-fitted muzzle engulfing the snout to protect both of them. Man drags the dog using a makeshift lead, fashioned from an electric cord that once hung loose from the back of a TV set. Man holds the cord in his hand, the brown wiring taught with canine strength, and can’t remember the last time he watched TV. He guesses that it was the same day that the lights went off. The same day that initiated the test for Mankind’s love and compassion.

And then broke it.


Buy Links

Amazon US

Amazon UK



Owen Seth

Author Biography

Owen Seth is the self-published author of ‘Abattoir’, ‘He Runs: Part One’, and ‘Soup’. He is currently working on ‘He Runs: Part Two’ and ‘The Nights: A Novella’.

In 2009 he graduated from Northumbria University with an Upper Second Class Honours Degree in English and Art History and has recently completed a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing at Newcastle University.

Other than writing he enjoys cooking, reading (surprise), geeking out over Game of Thrones, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and beer-tasting.

Currently he resides near the coast in the North of England with his girlfriend and their new kitten.


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Rising Tides by @katyhaye Blog Tour + #EntertoWin a Cool Prize Pack #YA @YABoundToursPR

Rising Tides tour banner


Rising Tides

by Katy Haye

Genre: YA Post-Apocalyptic

Release Date: June 20th 2016


Rising Tides Cover LARGE EBOOK


Summary from Goodreads:


The truth won’t stay submerged forever.

City is the last civilised place left on a drowned Earth, a floating town built from metal and plastic from the Time Before. It’s the only home doctor’s daughter Libby Marchmont has ever known or wanted – until her father helps the wrong patient and she’s forced to flee.

Cosimo came to City for one reason. Then he should have vanished back to his people on the Wastes. But what about his promise to Libby’s father?

Stranded in the middle of the sea, can the two enemies learn to trust each other? And can they survive long enough to uncover the truth: City isn’t the safe haven Libby always believed it to be …


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Rising Tides Building the Wastes rubbish


Let’s Eat a 100-year-old Parsnip: Inspiration for the World of Rising Tides


The original idea for Rising Tides was triggered a piece about Scott’s Hut in the Antarctic, which has been left for a century as he and his fellow explorers last used it. The link above tells you about Alan Gibbs who visited the hut and spotted a dried parsnip which had fallen out of a rusted tin, reconstituted itself in a puddle of chilly water and transpired to be perfectly edible – nearly 100 years after it had first been grown. There was another piece (I’ve lost the reference, unfortunately) about another explorer who brought back a tin of rhubarb left in Scott’s Hut and baked a perfectly edible pie from it.


The idea that food grown and prepared now could still be edible a century or more into the future set my imaginative cogs whirring – how would humans manage after a total collapse of the eco-system when this food was the only thing left: how might they agree to share (or not?).


I freely admit I’ve taken liberties – a large part of the durability of these foods must be due to the sub-zero temperatures they were also kept in. In the flooded world of City, however, nautilus men need to dive in order to salvage these tinned foods, which frigid water would make difficult to impossible. So I’ve used artistic licence to allow the tinned food to remain in tact, whether or not that would actually be the scientific case. Some foods would undoubtedly last better than others (acidic food such as tomatoes probably wouldn’t be a good choice after 100 years since they’d have reacted with the metal tins), so I have allowed that to be reflected in the choices my characters make – when they have a choice of what to eat.



Here’s a scene from the book where Cosimo dives in order to find food for himself and Libby:


The lurch of the boat was my only warning before Cosimo clambered back on board. There was a clatter as he tipped his finds onto the deck. Half a dozen tins covered in grey slime. “Breakfast, your Highness.” My hunger vanished. He leaned back over the side of the boat, washing the tins in the sea.




My stomach rumbled and I ventured to the cabin to see what delicacies he’d found.


Cosimo had chosen sweetcorn. The other open tins held pineapple, mashed peas and minced meat. I wished, as I did most times I set to cook a meal, that it was possible to know what was within the tins before we opened them. I guessed the Old Ones hadn’t imagined their labels might need to be waterproof.


The pineapple would taste of nothing more than the tin it had been encased in, so I took the minced meat from the ledge inside the cabin, found a fork and returned to the deck. I sat at the back of the boat, close enough to him to watch what he did with the boat’s controls without being so close he might get presumptuous ideas.




You can get a copy of Rising Tides in paperback or for your Kindle (to buy, or with Kindle Unlimited) using this link:


About the Author

Katy Haye spends most of her time in imaginary worlds – her own or someone else’s. She has a fearsome green tea habit, a partiality for dark chocolate brazils and a fascination with the science of storytelling.



Author Links:



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3. A mirror. When you are stranded in the open sea you can signal for help by reflecting the sun’s light. Alternatively, if you have no wish to be rescued because you still have reading to do, flip the mirror over to depict the slogan, “Go away I’m reading.”
4. Ribbon bookmark. If all your books have been washed away by the rising seas, this can be rolled up and packed into the neck of a cut-open bottle and will double-up as a water filter. Note: this will not desalinate salt water, sorry.
5. A bag to put the last of your belongings into. DO NOT LEAVE THIS BEHIND.

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