Life is No Brief Candle but a Splendid Torch We Must Shine #inspiration #quote #motivation

life GBS


Are you shining your Light for all to see?

George Bernard Shaw is one of my favorite Irish authors and the above quote inspired my motto: spread the Light.

Each of us is a burning torch and every time we encounter a situation or a person, our Light is a reflection of how we live our life. Are we kind, encouraging, helpful or are we mean-spirited, demoralizing, unsympathetic?

Taking Shaw’s life as an example, it’s our duty to shine our light brightly, not only for ourselves but for future generations. Kindness is infectious and helping others is a trait passed on from generation to generation.

Let’s all be glorious torches so the world can see how to live a meaningful life. It starts with you, here, today. Are you ready to shine?


Can You Find Your Way By Moonlight? If so, You’re a Dreamer! #inspiration #MondayBlogs #Irish

dreamer OW

St. Patrick’s Day is this Friday so I thought it would be appropriate to feature inspiring quotes by Irish writers all week. First up is the brilliant Oscar Wilde.

Are you a dreamer?

When I was in high school, my teachers and classmates called me a dreamer, and I’m sure they meant it as an insult. But in reality, I love being a dreamer because it allows me to see the world in a different light. I try to see the good in everyone, even the villains. It’s my imagination and creativity that makes me a great writer/author/blogger.

Are you able to navigate through your corner of the world by moonlight?

If so, you’re a dreamer like me.

Embrace your inner self and see the world through different eyes. It’s a beautiful way to live and ignore those who call you names. They don’t understand that it’s much better to be a dreamer than to be a stick-in-the-mud.


Spread Kindness to Everyone, Especially the Unkind #inspiration #kindness

unkind people

Are you ready to be a Kindness Ambassador?

All over the world, there’s people spewing hatred, fear and tyranny. It’s ugly and makes me sad.

Where’s the love, kindness and peace?

The only way to fight darkness is to spread Light. Counter hatred with love. Smack down fear with kindness.

Spread kindness to everyone, especially the unkind ones. They need it most.

Instead of ignoring unkind people, be kind to them. They need it most, anyway. It doesn’t cost you anything and you’ll leave those unkind people scratching their heads in disbelief.

The world is looking for a few good men and women to spread kindness. Who’s with me?


Vision + Action Can Change the World #inspiration #motivation #goals



It’s a brand new year and my inbox is bombarded with ways to live healthy, be successful and make a difference. Granted, a lot of these articles are geared towards losing weight, saving money and donating money to a particular political cause but it got me thinking.

Can I translate the idea behind these articles inward? Can I create change that makes a difference or is it all braying into the wind?

Read the above quote and ask yourself this valuable question:

Is my vision backed by action? Do I act upon my goals or is my vision just a dream?

Four years ago, I had a vision. I wanted to shine a spotlight on homelessness and food banks in order to change the world. What did I do? I co-wrote Princess of the Light with MR N and started this blog.

At first, it was a vision. But once Princess of the Light was published, it became more than just a dream; it became a mission. We took part of our proceeds and donated them directly to our local food bank. We shared our passion for helping others on social media and this blog. We took our vision and combined action in order to change the world.

But MRS N, how do you know it’s working? Are you really making a difference?

Yes I am! I see the difference among my fellow authors who donate proceeds to their causes. I see the change in people’s reactions when I ask them to donate to their local food bank/pantry. I notice those around me (family/friends/bosses/colleagues) helping those less fortunate. It’s miraculous and I’m blessed to witness how one person’s vision can change the world.

What vision is burning in your heart? Partner it with action and never give up! You can change the world with your Light and passion. If I can do it, you can too!

Sometimes it helps to broadcast your vision (makes you accountable) so feel free to share it in the comment below. I’d love to hear from you!


A Holiday Wish for You: Peace on Earth #holidays #Christmas #inspiration



May this very holy time of the year fill your hearts with hope and wonder.  Your name is on the lips of angels and you are more cherished in Heaven than all the riches in the world.


Please listen to this beautiful song, “I Heard the Bells On Christmas Day”, and be inspired:


(Lyrics below)


1. I heard the bells on Christmas day

Their old familiar carols play,

And wild and sweet the words repeat

Of peace on earth, good will to men.


2. I thought how, as the day had come,

The belfries of all Christendom

Had rolled along the unbroken song

Of peace on earth, good will to men.


3. And in despair I bowed my head

‘There is no peace on earth,’ I said,

‘For hate is strong and mocks the song

Of peace on earth, good will to men.’


4. Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:

‘God is not dead, nor doth He sleep;

The wrong shall fail, the right prevail

With peace on earth, good will to men.’


5. Till ringing, singing on its way

The world revolved from night to day,

A voice, a chime, a chant sublime

Of peace on earth, good will to men.


Peace on Earth… let us shine our Light so peace can reign on Earth!

N. N. Light

Do Your Duty: Love the Unloved and Help the Helpless #inspiration #MondayBlogs


Are you doing your duty?

‘Tis the season of giving and my mind immediately goes to helping those in need.

I saw this graphic and it touched me. I’m a firm believer in helping others. I call it spreading the Light. My heart goes out to people and my first instinct is to help others.

I want to hug the unloved and tell them everything is going to be okay.

I want to help the helpless by smiling and offering food and clothing.

I want to bring hope to those who have given up.

It’s my duty as a member of the human race to love, help and bring hope to everyone.

Are you doing your duty?

Just imagine how incredible the world would be if we helped our fellow neighbors and those in need. Love and Light would flow instead of hatred and evil.


Know Someone Who’s Struggling? Crank Up Your Light! #inspiration #MondayBlogs

kindness light

Do you know someone going through a hard time? Is the world around them crumbling?

Crank up the Light inside and bathe others in the glow. 

I have a friend of mine who’s going through a really hard time. She’s a fellow writer and blogger. She (and her family) are under attack and I immediately went into action.

I put on my superhero cape, clasped my hands tightly together and prayed/meditated. I focused on the Light inside me and covered my friend and her family in a blanket of Light. I asked for the Universe to protect her and for the darkness to flee.

I then sent her a message telling her how much I loved her and that she’s not dealing with this battle alone. I’m with her and nothing can defeat her.

When people are in the pits of despair and darkness is all around them, they feel hope slipping away. That’s where we come in. We’re the Light Bearers and our flame needs to burn bright for them to see their way through the darkness.

Call up your friend/family member and tell them you’re with them in the darkness. Hold their hand, hug them, kiss them, do whatever it takes to let them know you care.

Let your flame burn through the darkness. Share the Light.


Be the Spark in the Lives of Others by Just Being Yourself #inspiration #Tuesdaymotivation



You are a shining bright spot in the world and when you share your Light with others, you’re sparking their Light which starts a positive chain of events. 

Every day I write an inspirational thought and it goes out into the world. Many of you share it with others and it’s simply wonderful. Just by being ourselves, we’re changing the world for the better. Our Light combats the darkness and negativity has no choice but to flee.

I was told over the weekend that my message wasn’t wanted among a group of people I considered friends. I was hurt at first because my natural reaction is to think I did something wrong. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized these people didn’t like the positive message and wanted to be secluded in darkness instead.

Did that stop me from writing today’s inspirational thought?

No way! In fact, it only increased my resolve. Darkness is everywhere and the only way to destroy it is to flood the world with Light and love.

When you’re out in the world today, no matter who you meet, smile and let your Light shine! You’re special and by just being you, you’ll be helping us to cause the darkness to disappear. 


Let Your Light Shine! #inspiration #motivation #SpreadtheLight

light shine

What’s the secret to life?


Every human being has a spark of Light inside them. Some keep it hidden, some don’t know it exists and some let it shine. The difference between those who keep it hidden and those who let it shine is clearly seen in their outlook on life. Those who are content and happy are those people who let their Light shine.

Think about people you admire and love. Something drew you to them; they have a special something you can’t explain. What is it? It’s their spark.

When I let my Light shine, I’m my most happiest. I feel at peace and smile.

Are you hiding your Light or are you letting it shine?

You just gotta ignite the Light and let it shine!


Life’s Challenges Aren’t Supposed to Paralyze You… #inspiration #affirmations #motivational

life challenges

Are you dealing with a lot right now? Do you feel like giving up?

Listen, we all struggle and go through bad times. I know how you feel. You’re down for the count and can’t move. One challenge after another piles on your shoulder and you’re paralyzed.

“Why is this happening to me?”

You scream to the Universe for help.

I don’t have all the answers but I do know that when I am in the valley of darkness, I learn a little bit more about myself and how strong I am. Every struggle I’ve gone through has honed me to be a better person. Difficulties have chipped away at my selfish behaviors and revealed a prism of Light.

Instead of asking why is this happening to you, ask yourself this:

“What can I learn from this and how can I overcome this adversity?”

Take the perspective off of the negative and switch it to the positive.

When faced with difficulty, how do you overcome challenges? What advice can you give to those struggling?


Follow Your Heart Using Truth and Knowledge #inspiration #motivation

truth and knowledge

What does your life reflects?

Is is truth, love, greed, humility or something else?

My intention is the spread the Light and help others, especially those less fortunate. Through my words and my actions, I strive to reflect my intention.

I love this quote by Deepak Chopra. Whether you like him or not, his quote is powerful.

“If you follow your heart using truth and knowledge as your foundation, people can’t help but respond to your intention.”

So I ask again, what’s your intention?

Find your intention and then go out into the world and live it!


Spread Kindness to Everyone, Especially the Unkind Ones #kindness #inspiration

unkind people

When you encounter an unkind person, what’s your first reaction?

Do you make fun of them? Do you shrink away before they lash out at you?

I smile at them.

Not only does this unnerve them but it shows compassion.

Everyone has a bad day. Some people are going through the worst day ever. Then they meet me. It could be a bank teller, a fellow walker or a cashier at the Walmart. It could even be a friend.

“Your total is $34.15” The snarky cashier barks out.

I smile as I hand her $40. I can see a dark cloud over her. She thrusts the receipt and change into my hand.

“Here’s your change.”

“Thank you so much. Have a great day!” My over-exuberance causes her to pause for a moment. The cloud lifts a little and she smiles.

“Thank you, ma’am. You too.”

I walk away smiling.

Did I do something extraordinary? No. I was kind. The cashier could’ve had a fight with her husband or kids. She could’ve gotten some terrible news. I showed kindness, plain and simple.

Being kind  to even Oscar the Grouch is a worthwhile thing. The world needs more kindness and you can help!

Spread kindness to everyone, especially the unkind ones. They need it most.

🙂 MRS N 🙂

Be Kind, for Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle #kindness #inspiration

kind plato

Someone asked me recently, “Why are you so kind?”

“I’m kind because there are so many people hurting and worn out from life.”

Being kind takes little effort on my part and it could be the lifeline for another. My smiling face may be the only glimmer of Light they see.

Look at the picture above. No, really look at it. That man could use some kindness.

Are you facing a battle and don’t know if you can survive?

You will!

Are you tired and it’s only 8:30 am?

Have some water/coffee/pop and tell yourself you can make it!

Do you see someone in need of a hug?

Be kind and hug them!

Kindness is easy to doll out. You’re healing the world one person at a time. 🙂

Be kind, for everyone you meet  is fighting a hard battle.


Cherish Every Person and Moment in Your Life #inspiration #affirmations #kindness

Cherish every moment

I have been given new sight. I was blind but now I see how glorious life is and how precious every moment is.

Cherish every moment and every person in your life, because you never know when it will be the last time you see someone.

Life is too short to rush through life. Cherish every moment and look for the good in everything and everyone.

Be kind.

Tell those you love how much you love them.

Be happy with your circumstances, for it could be much worse.

Let go of anger and hatred.


Do it every day and you will see the world through new eyes.


. @BarbCaffrey Needs Immediate Help Here with Relocation #ASMSG #donate #MFRWAuthor

If you’re able, please help support a fellow author. She’s about to be homeless and in need of assistance. Whatever you can do to help (donate, reblog, share on social media, etc.) will be most appreciated.

We’re doing what we can.

With utmost gratitude,

Mr. N and Mrs. N

Barb Caffrey's Blog

Folks, one of the reasons I’ve been cagey for months here at my blog is because I’ve been enduring hardship. I can’t go into that many details as most of them are not mine to tell; all I can tell you is that in seven days, I am going to lose my home. And I need immediate help to relocate, get set back up on my feet, and to continue to create — because my goodness, CHANGING FACES is due shortly.

All of this upheaval is not conducive to creativity, to put it mildly. But I need somehow to get it done anyway.

Of course, I don’t know how I get all this done. Right now, I feel overwhelmed, overmatched, and extremely frustrated. I have tried very hard in my current situation to make everything right, and yet I could not do it.

I’m hamstrung in many ways trying to…

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You Can Make a Difference by Helping Others #inspiration MondayBlogs

Difference helping others

When was the last time you helped someone? Yesterday? Last week? Last month?

Helping others is a by-product of spreading the Light.

Thinking back, I helped at least sixteen people last week. I love helping people! It makes me feel good and needed. Everyone likes to feel like they make a difference.

“Never underestimate the difference you can make in the lives of others.”

You are a special person filled with your own unique skill set. Use those skills to help others. You will be uplifting people.

There’s no greater gift in the world than helping others!

🙂 MRS N 🙂

Show Kindness and Make an Impact on This World #kindness #inspiration #affirmations

Show kindness

If I died tomorrow, what would people say at my funeral? Would they say I had a really lovely home or would they say how kind I was?

I hope and pray people would remember me for my kindness. What matters in this world is not how much money I make or how big my house is but the impact on those I meet.

Read this quote and ask yourself what good are you going to do today. For you will not pass this way again. 🙂

Show kindness to everyone you meet and continue to spread the Light!

🙂 MRS N, Kindness Kreature 🙂

Be Generous With Your Encouraging Words #inspiration #bullying #affirmations

Encouraging words

Words can be deadly.

Don’t believe me? I read this morning that a teenage boy committed suicide after years of being bullied. He’s not the only one.  I see it all the time on social media.  Online bullying using words can kill and it happens more often than killing with guns.

Being human doesn’t give you the right to use your words like bullets, hurting and injuring people.  Spreading the Light is about inspiring and encouraging others.  Read the quote again.

Always be generous with your encouraging words, you may find they will inspire others to be the best they can be.

Today (and everyday), let’s use our words to uplift each other instead of tearing each other down!

MRS N, Champion of Encouraging Words

Easter Week Sale ~ Princess of the Light ~ Save 33% off! #ASMSG #IARTG #booksale



In honor of Easter and the message of Rebirth, I’m thrilled to announce Princess of the Light is on sale. From Friday, March 18th through Sunday, March 27th, you can save 33% off! Be sure to use the coupon codes.





Title: Princess of the Light

Author: N. N. Light

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense, Inspirational Fiction



Gabriel, the Archangel and Messenger of God – yeah, that Gabriel – visits Mary Miller. He tells her, as the key, she is destined to spread the Light and vanquish the Darkness. Her first assignment is to restore the soul of the Walking Man. Sounds simple enough — until she’s thrown into the face of evil. And then, Joe Deacons enters her heart. This battle just got a lot more complicated. She must complete her mission without losing all she loves.


Buy Links:


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Available in all formats including mobi, epub, pdf and more.



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All proceeds from this sale go directly to food banks to help those in need. Everyone deserves to have a hot meal this Easter.





Marie furrowed her brow and softly interrupted, “André is the Walking Man?”

I looked at Marie and asked, “You’ve heard of him?”

Marie nodded. “Of course. He is a staple of the Downtown area. There are a few groups I’m affiliated with that hand out food and clothing to those in need. He never comes to these events so I leave them by the area where he sleeps.” She paused, thoughtfully. “I just can’t believe that it is André.”

Joe cleared his throat and looked at his father. “What happened to André?”

Alfred sighed and after a moment said, “It really was the fault of that witch he was married to. She and her family treated him horribly. She was a gold digger and all she cared about was money and the prestige.”

Marie interrupted Alfred by saying, “I remember her. She was so mean to André and all she cared about was looking rich. Wealth is a gift—she just wanted it for a toy. She treated André so badly… and his mother-in-law was the worst. She would put him down all the time. In front of other people, no less.”

Alfred continued, “André was a good man and worked hard. He was working on a big project for the city. He worked night and day on the project and told me it was going to put Golden Lake on the map.

“He absolutely adored his daughter, too. I remember that clearly. She was his everything.” Alfred paused, apparently lost in his thoughts. With a sigh he said, “There was a scandal with the project, though, and André got fired. Soon after, Dara left him, took Katherine with her and André fell apart. He started drinking heavily and, without his daughter, his life fell apart.”

Joe looked at me and I fought to keep from throwing my hand over my mouth. There was purple fire in his eyes and I felt his anger. I already knew the story of André and I tried to smile at him.

I smelled burning flesh. Joe flashed in full armor fighting demons with a golden sword.

I gasped at the vision and brought my hand to my chest in shock feeling the key necklace, before I could stop the physical reaction. The necklace weighed heavily as did my heart. He would be fighting at my side soon.

Marie asked, “Are you okay, dear?”

Joe turned to look at his mother. He nodded and only said, “I never knew any of this.”

Alfred continued, “I am sorry, son, but you asked for the truth. This is what I know. André was sleeping at the office and drinking all the time. He was supposed to give a presentation to a client and was drunk. He got into a scuffle with his boss and rumor has it, André punched him.”

I feigned shock and said, “Oh my!”

Than is to blame. I don’t know how I know or what happened but I vow to the Lord that I will make Than pay, thought Joe.

I choked and almost spit out my drink. I just heard Joe’s thoughts! I had to set him straight and right away.

I cleared my throat and said awkwardly, “Joe, I think I left something in the car.”

Joe looked at me with eyebrows raised. “Excuse me, we’ll be right back,” I said with a smile.

I walked outside and knew that Joe was right behind me. When I reached the car, I whirled and said in a stern tone, “Are you trying to get yourself killed?”

Joe stopped mid-step and said, “What are you talking about, Mary?”

I ran into his arms and whispered, “You cannot take on Than by yourself! I heard your thoughts in there. Now, I don’t know how you know that it was Than who drove André to punching his boss but please promise me that you will not get revenge.”

I paused to catch my breath and remembered what Gabriel told me. “Joe, in order to defeat the darkness and not become dark ourselves, we need to have a pure heart. We are filled with the Light and our motives must always be to speak the Truth and spread the Light.”

Joe took several deep breaths while he held me. He stroked my hair and whispered, “I’m sorry, my angel. I didn’t mean to frighten you and you are right. It was just a momentary thought.”

I lifted my head and locked eyes with Joe. Tears filled my eyes but I was determined. I bit at my top lip and then whispered, “Promise me you won’t put yourself in harm’s way.” Hot tears spilled down my cheeks.

Joe wiped at them and said in a deep, reassuring tone, “I promise, Mary. I promise I won’t be a hothead and I won’t be rash.” Then, he laid his forehead on mine and whispered, “Please don’t cry, darling. Please.”

I nodded and whispered, “I would die if I lost you. Than will use you to try to get to me. You are my love, my everything.” My voice cracked. “I would die if I lost you,” I repeated.

Joe shook my shoulders a little and looked deep into my eyes. “Listen to me, Mary, you will never lose me! Do you hear me? I am by your side now and forever.”

Overcome with emotion, Joe kissed me.


POTL Review 1

The Darkest Paths Lead to Light… #inspiration #spiritual #SpreadtheLight

spread the light

Have you stumbled upon a dark path and gotten lost?

It happens to us all.  We follow the directions and somehow took a wrong turn on the interstate.  Shrouded in darkness, we’re unsure where to go.  Suddenly a light illuminates the street sign and we turn onto it.  We drive a block and blessed be, we are where we are supposed to be!

Life is a lot like that.  We’re living life and then something happens.  We don’t know where to turn or what to do.  Suddenly, a light shines and we follow the light to the path we’re supposed to be on.  Is it scary?  Definitely!  But once the light is shone, we are safe.

Love and grace are the tenants to faith. 

Faith is what you need when you are in the midst of darkness.  No matter what your spiritual belief is, faith is what guides you.  Faith that the Light will come.  Faith that you are on the right path.  Faith that the truth will be revealed.  Faith that you will find your way!

That’s where people like myself come in.  We are Light Spreaders!  We help those who are in darkness find their way.  We may not even realize it at the time; we are just being ourselves.  Our Light is the lifeline many people need.

So the next time you’re lost and feel all alone, have faith and look for the Light to guide your path. I (or someone like me) may be just around the bend ready to shine our Light for you to see.

MRS N, Light Spreader

Live Life by the Golden Rule and be Amazed #MondayBlogs #inspiration #spiritual

golden rule

Do you follow the Golden Rule?

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

I follow this rule in all areas of my life and it is the foundation of who I am.  It is something I learned when I was a little girl and it can be so easy to remember.

When someone treats me with disrespect, anger or jealousy, I don’t fire back with derision.  I instead treat them with respect, kindness and admiration.  Does this change who I am?  No.  Does this change who they are are?  I hope so.

Think for a moment what would happen if you combated negativity with positivity.  For every angry outburst, you react with love.  For every act of bullying, you strike back with kindness.  For every time someone acted jealous, you compliment them.  The world would be changed and people’s hearts would be filled with the Light.

Live the Golden Rule and watch with wonder as your heart, and the hearts of everyone you encounter, are changed forever! 🙂


Strength Comes From Living Your Truth #MondayBlogs


What’s your truth?

Mine is to spread the Light and to encourage others.

My strength to overcome all of life’s challenges comes from within. No matter what happens, I’m MRS N and no one can change that. I’m a Light-Bearer and am filled with love, peace and happiness.

What about you?

Are you chasing a dream, trying to figure out what you want to do and/or finding yourself at a crossroad? 

Dig deep within yourself and you will find the strength to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Nothing is impossible and when you’re exhausted beyond belief, your truth will give you the endurance to keep going.


Share the Light and Keep the Flame Burning #inspiration #affirmations #spiritual

Light Candle

Do you know someone going through a hard time? Is the world around them crumbling?

Crank up the Light inside and bathe others in the glow. 

I have a friend of mine who’s going through a really hard time. She’s a fellow blogger, writer and social media maven. She (and her family) are under attack and she wrote a blog post update last night. It made me cry and I immediately went to work.

I put on my Supergirl cape, clasped my hands tightly together and prayed/meditated. I focused on the Light inside me and covered my friend and her family in a blanket of Light. I asked for the Universe to protect her and for the darkness to flee.

I then sent her a message telling her how much I loved her and that she’s not dealing with this battle alone. I’m with her and nothing can defeat her.

When people are in the pits of despair and darkness is all around them, they feel hope slipping away. That’s where we come in. We’re the Light Bearers and our flame needs to burn bright for them to see their way through the darkness.

Call up your friend/family member and tell them you’re with them in the darkness. Hold their hand, hug them, kiss them, do whatever it takes to let them know you care.

Let your flame burn through the darkness. Share the Light.


Today Choose Life #inspiration #motivation #lifelessons


Every morning when we wake up, we make a choice.

Do I get up or stay in bed?

This morning I chose to get up.

The next choice we make is our perspective. Do we choose to look through positive or negative glasses?

You already know my answer. I try to always look at the world in a positive way.

How about you?

Are you looking at the world around you with rose-tinted lenses or are they more grey?

Today choose life and choose to be free to make mistakes through the choices you make. Today choose to be positive, no matter if the world around you is filled with negativity. You’ll be a bright, shining star and will glow with your inner Light like a beacon.

🙂 MRS N 🙂

#Friendsgiving for #NoKidHungry: A Great Way to Spread the Light #foodbanks #charity

Help Us Reach Our Goal:
50 Hosted Events This Holiday
Friend, want to enjoy a home-cooked meal with your friends while helping kids nationwide? Host a Friendsgiving next month – and make it a benefit for No Kid Hungry!

This year is our first annual Friendsgiving – a fun and tasty way to celebrate the season while giving back to kids in need.

Help us reach our goal of 50 hosted events by signing up for your Friendsgiving benefit. When you do, we’ll help you think of fun and creative ways for you and your friends to give back this holiday season.

Here’s how it works:
Step 1
Invite your friends over for a Thanksgiving-type meal or potluck.
Step 2
Ask them to bring a donation or direct them to your fundraising page.
Step 3
Eat, drink and be merry!
Step 4
Send your donations to No Kid Hungry and help end childhood hunger.
Easy enough, right? Don’t miss the chance to take part in Friendsgiving this November!
#Friendsgiving for #NoKidHungry (noun):
Thanksgiving celebration with your friends and a chance to help end childhood hunger in America.
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