Stressed and in a Hurry? Take Five Deep Breaths … #inspiration #motivation #stress



Feeling stressed today?

Me, too!

We’re all busy and stress is building up inside. Our stomachs clench, our skin is clammy and anxious thoughts run rampant.


Take five deep breaths right now. Empty your mind of all those thoughts and concentrate on your breathing. Imagine that stress washing off your body with each breath.

Now, repeat after me: I’m in control of myself and my feelings. Today is Friday and I’ve got this. I’m going to kick butt!

#1 stress reliever for me is the activity I’ve just described. It centers me and allows me to deal with any kind of stress.

Happy Friday, all!



Are You Stressed? Remember This #inspiration #motivation #stressed

stress step back

Are you stressed out?

Yesterday was an exciting yet stressful day for me. I had a busy day filled with new release tasks, running my author promotions business, plus normal household/family obligations. There was so much going on, my head spun.

I took a few deep breaths, closed my eyes and gave myself this pep talk:

“You’re doing great! You’ve got this and remember how strong you are. MR N is proud of you and so is the Universe.”

When you’re stressed out, it’s important to remind yourself how awesome you are and this little bump in the road will soon be a distant memory. Do what I did and meditate.

Got a big deadline? 

You’ll make it.

Have a big day filled with a lot of things to do?

You’ll rock it.

Follow the advice in the graphic and you can overcome anything. The stress will melt away and you’ll be continuing on life’s journey with a smile.


Stressed? Embrace Your Inner Energizer Bunny and Keep Going! #stresstips #inspiration

stress step back

Feeling a little stressed today? Are your nerves frazzled and your list of to-do’s longer than Rapunzel’s hair?

Take a deep breath and read the graphic above. Commit it to memory or write it down.

You can handle anything. I can handle anything. We have strength inside we never knew we had.

The key to making stress disappear is to breathe and to keep moving forward.

Remember the Energizer Bunny? “It keeps going and going and going.” Be like the Energizer Bunny and keep going. Knock down walls and bang that big drum. Watch out world, here comes [insert name]!