Make a #Gratitude List and Pray/Meditate Over It Daily! #inspiration #motivation #grateful



Want to live a fulfilled life? Make a gratitude list.


Years ago, I attended a Christian event and the guest speaker (I can’t remember his name, sorry) brought up the idea of a gratitude list. He said in order to live a happy, spiritual life, one must be grateful for everything, even the bad stuff. He went on to say that when our focus is on the blessings, we don’t focus on what we don’t have. What a brilliant concept and something I’ve tried to incorporate into my life.


So, with Thanksgiving only two days away, I want you to sit down and make a gratitude list. It can be as long or short as you’d like. Keep it somewhere handy where you can look at it at least once a day. Read it aloud or to yourself. Commit it to memory if possible. 


Need an example to get you rolling? Here is my current gratitude list:


I’m grateful to be alive and have a healthy body.


I’m grateful to have the love of my life, MR N, to share all of life’s ups and downs. No matter what happens, he’s my rock and I’m so grateful for his unconditional love.


I’m grateful for the love of my family and friends. They’re the flowers of life and make my day beautiful (most of the time). lol!


I’m grateful for my spiritual life. I feel connected to the world and God.


I’m grateful for my blog/books/social media followers. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.


I’m grateful to live in a safe neighborhood where I can walk to the store, bank and dining out.


I’m grateful to share my writing with the world.


What’s on your gratitude list? Share one thing on your gratitude list below.






Teamwork is Nothing More Than Working Together in Unison Towards a Goal! #inspiration



No matter what team you’re on, when everyone is working towards the same goal, the result is nothing more than success. 


Last night, MR N and I wanted to play The Legend of Zelda on our SNES system. Even though it’s one player, MR N came up with a plan. We’d take turns and work together as a team. We each got 10 minutes (or until we died from those drat bluish-gray guards) to play. With each go-round, we learned who to avoid and what to do. As a result, we rescued Princess Zelda and found our way out of the castle. Yippee!


The only way we could’ve done passed the level is through teamwork. We helped each other navigate the castle and its pitfalls, all while cheering each other on.


Teamwork is working together towards a common goal. It doesn’t matter who gets credit (at least in our opinion) as long as we attain our goal. 


So the next time you’re dealing with something difficult, grab your teammates and figure out how to overcome the pitfalls. You’ll soon be whizzing past your goal in no time.




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Happy #Halloween! Take This Day to Unleash Your Creativity! #inspiration #TuesdayThoughts

Halloween creative


Happy Halloween, my friends!


I love Halloween because for one day/night, I get to shed off the regular ‘ol me and be something else entirely. I remember from the time I was four years old, I’ve been creative with my costumes. I’ve been Wonder Woman, Princess Leia, Strawberry Shortcake, a black cat, a witch and a book.


Halloween is a time to unleash your creativity. Whether you dress up or not, embrace the spirit of Halloween. It’s a time to throw away your fears and try something new. Free your creative side and see what happens. Rejoice in the act of fun and let your inner child take over. 


Happy Halloween!


What’s your favorite part of Halloween? If you’re dressing up in a costume, what are you going as? Share in the comments below.




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Second-Guessing Yourself? It’s Time to Own It and Slay Your Beast! #inspiration #Astros #MLB

second guess


Do you second-guess yourself and what you’re trying to accomplish in life?


According to baseball great Don Mattingly, this is a good thing. When you second-guess yourself, it means you’re striving for great things and improving yourself. This reminds me of game 7 of the ALCS (American League Championship Series).


It was the Houston Astros against the New York Yankees. Everyone, it seems, wanted the Yankees to win and didn’t give the Astros a shot at winning. It was  Sabathia pitching for the Yankees and Charlie Morton pitching for the Astros. The last time these two pitchers met it was a blow-out in Yankee Stadium and Morton got crushed.


I’m sure that before game 7 Charlie Morton was second-guessing himself. I mean, this was it, the Astros last shot to get to the world series. Could he do it? Could he slay the Yankee beast? Could he prove to the MLB Network and the rest of baseball that he belonged?


Long story short, he defeated the Yankees and the Houston Astros are playing game 1 of the world series against the Los Angeles Dodgers tonight. The Houston Astros are proof-positive that no matter how many times you second-guess yourself, you’re making yourself better, stronger and more powerful.


So the next time you feel doubts creep in and start second-guessing your path, own it. It’s only your inner self gathering inner strength to make changes and improve yourself. 


Oh and GO ASTROS!!!!



Find Comfort in the Uncomfortable… #inspiration #motivation #TuesdayThoughts

be vulnerable


Find comfort in the uncomfortable…


What imagery comes to mind when you read the statement above?


For me, it’s all the hard life lessons I’ve learned over the years. It’s stretching my wings into the unknown, not knowing if I’ll be successful or a failure. It’s the heartbreak that ripped my body in two. It’s the leap of faith when I left my family and friend to forge a new life with MR N. It’s every obstacle life has thrown at me and how, with the love and support of MR N, we overcame it together. It’s all the lessons learned that while scary at first, taught me to find comfort in the uncomfortable.


No matter what life throws at you, your response determines whether you’ll be courageous or cowering, brave or scared, victorious or defeated. Don’t fear the unknown but embrace it. Open yourself up to a new experience and find solace in the unease. 


What do you do when faced with an uncomfortable situation? Share in the comments below.

Are You Living Job’s Life? If So, Know That a Reprieve is On Its Way! #inspiration #motivation



What do you do when your world is falling apart around you? Do you fall into a heap or do you garner what strength you have left and keep going?


September has been one of those months where I wonder what’s going on. Every time I turn around, something else kicks me in the stomach. Whether it’s the heavy smoker moving in next door or natural disasters or our favorite place to eat jacking up the prices or a business platform causing heaps of trouble, it’s hit me (actually both MR N and myself). I look heavenward and wonder if I’m channeling Job.


Normally when the world is caving in around me, something really spectacular is about to happen. I just have to get through the trials by fire to get there. So, I have two choices: I can give up or I can keep going. 


I choose to keep going. Why? Because the alternative is depressing. If I don’t keep moving forward, trying new things and tackling whatever wants to kick my bum, I might as well invest in Kleenux stock.


Look forward to what’s right around the corner. The Universe is in your corner, cheering you on as you walk over hot coals. Your strength is your super power and you can make it!



Thinking Your World is Over? A New Opportunity Will Arise! #inspiration #TuesdayThoughts

butterfly new perspective


Thinking your world is over?


This past weekend was an interesting one for us. We live in an apartment building and a new tenant moved in next door. He’s a smoker and the very night he moved in, our bedroom filled with cigarette smoke. We tried everything we could think of to combat the smell but on Labor Day, it came to a head. See, I’m allergic to cigarette smoke and I get asthmatic whenever I’m around it. MR N also can’t stand the smell and starts coughing. So, it’s more than the smell; cigarette smoke affects our health.


We contacted our landlord and asked her to have him smoke on his balcony or outside (like many other tenants do in this building). We’ve yet to hear back from her but knew we needed to come up with a plan. We couldn’t have another sleepless night’s sleep. We wracked our brain and then it hit us. Why not move our bed from the adjoining wall to in front of the closet?


So on Labor Day, we labored and did a whole switch-a-roo of our bedroom. It took some effort but we did it. The result? We love our new set-up.


Like the caterpillar, we thought our life was over. We didn’t know what to do and everything seemed to be stacked against us. The smell invaded our lungs and we couldn’t breathe. The darkness and despair was closing in, without a solution in sight. 


But then a little idea sparked us into action and soon Light flooded our veins. We shed our old ways and let our butterfly wings unfurl.


Life throws you curve balls and even when it seems like the world is ending, a new opportunity/perspective is right around the corner. Your butterfly wings are ready to fly; you just have to let them.



The Ultimate Test Comes When We’re Faced With Strife + Controversy #inspiration #Houstonstrong



The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. — Martin Luther King, Jr.


No matter where you’re living in the world, you know that Houston is being devastated with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Flooding like nothing I’ve ever seen is ripping through buildings as if they were made of cardboard. Now the dams need be opened (or so say the experts) which will flood lower Houston, causing many deaths.


I’ve heard some horrific stories (like the pastor who refuses to open his megachurch to the flood victims) and some heroic stories (like the Cajun Army, a local band of people, who are bringing rescue boats and pierogies  to those stranded). It got me thinking about something my great-grandmother used to say:


“You never know the character of a man until you plunge him in hot water. Then, like a tea bag, his real self emerges.”


What’s happening in Houston is a microcosm of the world. There are good and bad people. When all seems lost and people are clawing through the darkness, a beacon of light shines through.


Now, more than ever, the world needs Light. Darkness tries to shut out what is simply right. The basest human reactions are commonplace today. We must be beacons of Light to brighten the way.


Help those in need. Stop thinking about yourself and show the world what kind of person you really are.


Donations to the Salvation Army to support the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts can be made:



To see how your donations are being put to use in the field, the organization provides disaster updates as well.


The Salvation Army has provided shelter, food, and clothing to victims in Houston. In other hard-hit cities, volunteers have been assisting in the efforts to rescue victims as floodwaters rapidly rise.


(cited from this article)



Make Your Happiness a Priority! #inspiration #TuesdayThoughts #happiness



Did you know that your happiness is necessary to living a successful, fruitful life?


It’s true!


For many of us, we were brought up to take care of others and ignore our own needs. While I’m sure our parents meant well, it’s bad advice. When we’re taking care of everyone else and not ourselves, resentment starts to fester in our hearts. We get angry at others for not taking care of us and this starts a vicious passive-aggressive cycle.


Life is a balance of taking care of ourselves and others. I’ve learned over the years that it’s much better to speak openly about my happiness rather than keep it quiet. MR N encourages me to speak my mind, even when it is something he doesn’t want to hear. Truthfulness, when spoken in love, is always better than a lie. I take care of myself and we’re stronger as a couple because of it.


Like the quote above states, it’s perfectly amicable to love and take care of yourself. Your happiness deserves priority in your life. If you’re unhappy, do something about it. Take care of yourself in every way you can. You’ll thank me in the future, I promise. 


How do you take care of yourself? Answer in the comments below.



It’s #NationalRelaxationDay so Let’s Make Time for Fun and Relaxation #inspiration #relax



When was the last time you took time out to relax?


If it was longer than 24 hours, you’re not taking care of yourself.


The past week I’ve been the embodiment of exhaustion. We’ve come back from vacation and there’s so much to do. Work piles on assignments and more responsibility, our business is taking off, we’re trying to get our upcoming release ready for publication, not to mention MLB and NFL Preseason. Like I told someone yesterday, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year.”


Today is National Relaxation Day and to celebrate, let’s incorporate relaxation in our day today. 


But MRS N, you may be asking, I don’t have time to relax.


Make time. It’s not complicated. Even a few minutes a day helps immensely.


What do you do to relax? Share in the comments below.


I go out to our solarium, sit down in my chair and watch the trees, trains and birds. It’s even better than a bubble bath, although that is a close second.



In Order to Thrive, We Must Schedule Relaxation Into Our Lives #inspiration #TuesdayThoughts



Are you struggling to concentrate and in need of a break? Maybe you need a prescription of relaxation.


I have just returned from a much-needed vacation and my mind, body and soul are refreshed. Stress isn’t even in the same county as me and it’s all because both MR N and I were able to relax. No devices, no emails, just the two of us at a resort soaking up the sun and spending time together. We laughed at the sheer amount of walking we did, not to mention going up and down the curved staircase in our two-floor suite.


Don’t think you can spare the time for a vacation or even a few days off? 


Listen, we’re all crazy-busy and our calendars are overflowing with all the things we need to do but please take my advice and schedule some relaxation time. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it doesn’t have to be for 11 days. Do what works best for you and your finances.


Relaxation is so important for your health (both physical and mental). Shut your brain off from the stress and turmoil of your life. Soak in the relaxation and let your body and mind rejuvenate itself. Trust me, you’ll thank me for the advice.



Feeling Overwhelmed? Follow These Tips! #inspiration #motivation #stress

stress overwhelming


Feeling overwhelmed? 


This is the last week before vacation and both MR N and I are feeling overwhelmed. The stress is high, so high in fact that I’ve developed a skin rash (Hives). I can’t get away from the stress and honestly, all I want to do is escape to our summer vacation a few days early. Since that isn’t possible, I deal with the stress the best way I know how: I follow the above 5 tips.


Stress affects us all in different ways and it’s how we cope that matters. Don’t internalize the stress but release it. Go for a walk or get some exercise. Take deep breaths. Realize you can only control what you can control. Eat healthy. Be gentle with yourself and keep your temper in check (no flying off the handle). 


Once we take these steps to deal with stress, we won’t feel so overwhelmed. Stress will take a vacation, at least for a little while, and that is the best feeling in the world.



Believe in Yourself or Else No One Else Will! #inspiration #TuesdayMotivation #motivation

believe in yourself


Are you your own life coach, believing in yourself when no one does?


Last night, we watched MLB’s Home Run Derby. We hadn’t watched it in a few years but we wanted to see Aaron Judge from the New York Yankees put on a show. Aaron Judge is 6′ 7″ and leads the league in home runs. He’s a giant on the field and the Home Run Derby wouldn’t be relevant if Judge wasn’t in it.


Through each round, players hit monster home runs but each time Judge hit, everyone stopped and watched him, awe shining in their eyes. His raw power and speed on display for all to see. But it’s his story that also resonates. He was adopted the day after he was born to two teachers. He worked hard, especially in the minor leagues. When he got called up last Fall, he stunk. His batting average was poor and was sent down to the minors.


Did that stop him? Do you think he gave up on himself and quit?


No! He worked harder than ever and this Spring, made the starting team. He’s having a Ruth-like year and as a baseball fan, he’s exciting to watch. I know in my gut that he never stopped believing in himself and is a prime example of what it takes to believe in yourself when the rest of the world doesn’t.


Believe in yourself because if you don’t, then no one else will. It’s more than confidence, believing in yourself propels you into the Universe and brings your dreams within your grasp. You won’t reach your dreams unless you have an unwavering belief in yourself and what you can achieve.



Erase Disappointment in Your Heart and You’ll Be Blessed #inspiration #Tuesdaymotivation



Is disappointment causing your heart to hurt and stealing your happiness?


We all deal with disappointments. Work, school, family, friends all disappoint us at one time or another. But the easiest way to deal with disappointment is to not expect anything.


I see you scratching your head but stick with me for a moment and you’ll soon understand what I’m talking about.


When I first agreed to marry MR N, I had a bunch of high expectations. I thought life was going to be like a trip through Oz, all happy and carefree. I expected certain things from my family and when they disappointed me, I was crushed. I cried on MR N’s shoulder. Then he gave me some sage advice.


“Expect nothing and you’ll be blessed. When you have no expectations and something good happens, it’ll be a happy surprise. When you expect good things to happen and they don’t, you’ll be miserable.”


Since that day, I’ve tried to not have expectations. Sure, I slip now and again; I’m human. But as a rule, I don’t expect anything in return. I’m kind to be kind, not to get kindness in return. I love others, not to be loved in return but because it’s a part of me.


Tip of the day: Have no expectations and be blessed.



“I Feel Like I’ve Hit the Lottery!” Should be Your Mantra Today #inspiration #TuesdayThoughts



Do you wake up thinking your life would be perfect if you won the lottery?

I used to think this way. I work so hard every single day and it would be nice to not have to work so hard. If I won the lottery, I would retire and spend my days with MR N raising money to feed the homeless and those in need.

Just last weekend, MR N and I were talking about the lottery. He checked our tickets and we didn’t win anything but a free ticket. I sighed, disappointed by us not winning. MR N came into the bedroom and leaned against the door jam.

“Baby, I won the lottery the day I met you. I won the lottery when you told me you loved me for the first time. I won the lottery when you came back to me, for good. I won the lottery when you left your family and moved 3,000 miles away. I won the lottery when you said yes. I won the lottery every single day we’ve been married. I don’t need a lottery win… I’ve had several already.”

He’s right, you know? Life is a lottery win. Happiness and success are winning tickets within our reach. How to get it? Grab ahold and focus on what you have, not what you don’t have.

Listen, we all deal with life’s ups and downs. We get windfalls and nosedives. Our successes are the results of hard work, dedication and natural abilities. Our failures are just a detour on the super-highway of life. 

Take MR N’s advice and take stock in your multiple lottery wins. You’re a winner, just like me!


Good Friends are Like Stars… #inspiration #friendship #Tuesdaymotivation

good friends stars


Good friends are one of life’s blessings.

Throughout my life I’ve been blessed with good friends. These friends stuck by me through thick and thin. They laughed with me and held me while I cried. They were only a phone call away for every celebration and failure.

Today, I’m blessed with many good friends and although we’re thousands of miles apart, they’re only a tweet, email or phone call away. Whenever I have good news to share, I drop them a line/tweet. I think about these special people almost every day and they’re in my prayers constantly.

No matter the distance, good friends are always there for you.

Today, take a moment and reach out to your good friends. Thank them for their friendship and tell them you’re thinking of them.


“Plant Love, Grow Peace.” — @ArianaGrande #inspiration #TuesdayThoughts

love and peace AG


Last night, after Ariana Grande performed in Manchester, a suicide bomber detonated himself just outside. At last count, 22 children died, over 50 injured and several still missing.

This terrorist scumbag murdered children and stripped innocence from all of us who love music. I’m not a fan of Ariana Grande but I love music. Both MR N and I have gone to our fair share of concerts. It’s a great time, no matter what kind of music it is. In one act, fear and chaos erupted at a concert.

When I first heard about it, I was shocked. It tore me apart with first grief then righteous anger. Ariana Grande is not to blame and neither are the concert go-ers. The blame is solely on the loser who built and detonated the bomb.

So, while I’m still seething with anger and my heart goes out to all those who died and were injured, I am inspired by something Ariana Grande once said.

“Plant love. Grow peace.”

Every human life is precious, no matter what race, religion, creed, sex, etc. I have a love for every life. I may not agree with their beliefs or values but I respect their right to exist.

Imagine if everyone felt the same way as me. Hatred wouldn’t exist and neither would war.

In this world of chaos, be the Light. Spread kindness. Plant love. Watch your love’s roots grow deep and peace will surely blossom.


How’s Your Love Life? Learn to Love Imperfection … #TuesdayMotivation #love #inspiration



How’s your love life?

Are you waiting for the perfect person to come along or are you loving an imperfect person perfectly?

This is the question I offer you to ponder today.

It took me a long time to realize that the key to love, real love, is in loving a person wholly and completely. When I was growing up, my family and society taught me I should wait for Mr. Right. He’d be my Prince Charming and he’d be perfect in every way. He’d be athletic, strong, caring, thoughtful, treat me like a princess… you get the point.

As I grew older, I realized the world was full of wannabe princes who, in turn, treated me like crap. They judged me based on a set of certain criteria in their own deluded minds and my heart got broken, a lot. I became jaded and my fairy tale ideal slipped from my grasp.

Then I met MR N. He displayed all the attributes of Prince Charming but because I was a wounded princess by this time, I didn’t believe it. I tugged and tugged at his appearance, to peel away the fake prince to discover the wickedness underneath. Only there wasn’t any bad count, only my long-awaited prince.

But my story doesn’t end there, like it does for many fairy tales. I still was a wounded princess, trying to figure out this whole unconditional love thing. I wasn’t used to it and it wasn’t until MR N made a vow to me, that I finally understood what love entailed.

“You have always been an angel,

I’ve known it from the start.

You’ve always been my princess,

You hold my soul and heart.

Darling, you are the princess,

The princess of the light.

I always knew that too,

My love for you is so right.”

©2017 N. N. Light, All rights reserved

Fourteen years later, MR N has kept his vow each and every day. He loves me, all of me, even the little things. Even though I’m imperfect, to him, I am perfect. The perfect wife, soulmate, life partner, business partner, best friend, lover and so much more.

Through his perfect, undying, unconditional love, I love him the same. Even though he’s human (like me), I don’t see it. I love him wholly and completely.

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

Learn to love imperfection and your outlook will change for the better.


Note: I should mention that when I say imperfection, I don’t mean condoning abusive behaviour or anything illegal. If someone you love is abusive, violent and/or criminal, seek help. You can still love them, but from a safe distance.

Hard Work = Masterpiece: Formula for Success #inspiration #art #TuesdayMotivation

hard work michelangelo


To create a masterpiece, you must put in the hard work.

I’m a huge fan of Michelangelo, not only for his creative genius but for how hard he worked to achieve his brilliant artwork. One of his best works is the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. At the time, he was a sculpturalist and hadn’t given much thought to painting. But he agreed and spent the next four years creating (on his back, too) one of the greatest artworks of all time.

Michelangelo teaches us that it takes more than talent to be masterful; it takes a lot of hard work. Hard work isn’t rewarded but the end result is. In order to get a finished product, whether it is art, music, literature or a successful business, one must put in hard work.

Are you working hard on a goal?

Keep going. I know it may seem like all that hard work isn’t pay off but it will. Look at what it did for Michelangelo.


Even in the Midst of Defeat, We Must Try Again! #inspiration #TuesdayMotivation

American Chopper 6

If you were given a second chance to reverse a failure, would you take it?

Last night, MR N and I watched The Legend of Iron Chef (pvr’ed from Sunday night). Alton Brown was narrating a pivotal moment when Bobby Flay was asked to compete against Japanese Chef Masaharu Morimoto in New York City. Bobby Flay was a tad too cocky and lost the match. A few years later, Morimoto challenged Flay to a rematch, this time in Japan. Flay faced a choice.

Do I agree to the battle and risk losing again or do I keep my pride company in my cocoon of safety?

Flay agreed to the rematch and he says it was the highlight of his career. It was the hardest thing he’s ever had to do but the victory was also the sweetest thing he’s ever tasted.

We’ve all tasted defeat and know how badly it is to swallow. But if we were given a second chance, to make amends and/or be victorious, would we take it?

I would in a heartbeat. No hesitation, no backing out and my reason is simple: I want redemption. Sure, it’s scary and the risk is that I could lose. But if I have the choice, I’d take it in a flash.

If you’re given a second chance, please, I beg you, take it. Try again. Don’t give up and for heaven’s sake, don’t let your fear of failing paralyze you. Dust yourself off and try again. Embrace your inner Iron Chef and show the world what you’re made of!


Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All so Keep in Shape! #inspiration #stress #TuesdayMotivation



Is fatigue your constant companion these days?

Last week was a difficult week for MR N and me. Work was crazy and both of us were puddles of goo by the time the long weekend came. We took it easy and relaxed on Friday and Saturday. We were almost back to our old selves when Sunday came and we hosted the whole family for Easter. Exhaustion and fatigue set in again. We needed two more days off. Instead, we’re back to work and counting the hours until this coming weekend.

Sound familiar?

Fatigue invades the brain and body like a parasite and if you’re not healthy (physically, I mean), your body will just give up. Both MR N and I are in excellent physical shape, walking 25 km (15 miles) per week. MR N does over 500 push-ups every morning and I do 50 bicycle exercises every afternoon. If our bodies weren’t well-oiled machines, I believe we’d be worse off. Our bodies battle the fatigue and yes, we’re tired, but we haven’t given up.

Listen, stress has a way of beating us up and one of the sure-fire ways to combat it is to exercise. Go for a walk, bike ride, run; play a game like basketball, baseball, softball, hockey, football, soccer. Not only will the fresh air energize you, your focus will be on whatever you’re doing and not on whatever is stressing you out.

Take my advice and battle fatigue with healthy bodies. The exhaustion period will be shorter and you’ll be back to feeling 100% in no time!


Spiritual Love: Faith When You Can’t See What’s in Store #Easter #Passover #inspiration


When the darkness is closing in, have faith.

Last night at sundown, Passover started. For those who don’t know the story of Passover, let me summarize. The Jews were enslaved in Egypt. God freed the Jews uplifting Moses as their leader. Moses told Egypt to let his people go but the king didn’t listen to him. God, in essence, changed the king’s mind. The Jews followed Moses into the wilderness blindly; they were just happy to be free. But happiness soon turned to worry as they realized they were in the middle of nowhere. They were hungry and the darkness was closing in. Moses prayed and God answered his prayers. The result: the ten commandments. Passover is the celebration of freedom.

We’ve all been enslaved by something. Whether its a job, relationship, money, circumstance, we were once a slave and have been freed. But what happens after we’re freed? We’re wandering around in the desert, not sure what to do or where to go. The darkness suffocates us as it gets nearer. How to cope?


Just like the Jews back in the 13th century BC, we clutch onto our faith. Faith is trusting in God to guide us in the wilderness. Faith is following the lighted path, even when we can’t see our hand in front of our face.

Faith is seeing Light with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness.

Happy Passover, dear followers!


Close Your Eyes and You’ll Be in the Presence of #Angels! #inspiration #TuesdayMotivation

Glowing Purple Angel





Life is full of struggles, challenges and adventures. 

If you take the time to close your eyes, let all the distractions of your life fade away, you will be in the presence of angels.

Listen closely to their whispers and they will guide you.


What Seeds Will You Plant Today? #inspiration #kindness #grateful

heart seedling


What’s growing in your heart?

Spring is here, the snow is melting away and many of us are prepping our garden for planting. There’s debris to clear away and soil needs to have added nutrients for optimum performance.

Your heart is like your garden. What you concentrate on, whether it’s hatred, fear, love or kindness, blooms in your heart.

Maybe it’s time to do some spring cleaning in your heart. Clear away the resentment and anger. Come to terms with what you can and can’t control. Stare fear in the face and let it know you won’t be its slave. Weed out all the negative thoughts and feelings, making room for the seedlings of hope, peace, happiness and joy.

It’s up to you what grows in your heart.


What Good is #Gratitude? Find Out Here! #grateful #inspiration #TuesdayMotivation

Grateful Heart