Use Truth and Knowledge as Your Foundation For Life! #inspiration #WednesdayWisdom

truth and knowledge


What’s the foundation to your life?


I used to think that money and power were what I needed to build my life around. Successful people I admired had money and power but didn’t seem to be very happy. I knew I didn’t want to be poor but wondered if my focus was on the wrong thing. It wasn’t until I met MR N that my perspective shifted. Truth and wisdom were much stronger foundation stones than money and power.


Read the quote above and ask yourself if you’re following your heart while projecting truth. When your life is built on truth and knowledge, it can withstand any storm. When you are the embodiment of truth and love, people have no choice but to respond.


I constantly have to remind myself that even though I’m not famous and don’t go swimming in bags of money on my days off, I’m happy with the life I have and opportunities to make a difference. Truth. Follow your heart and let your life reflect truth and knowledge. 




When You Look Back at Your Life, What Do You See? #inspiration #motivation #WednesdayWisdom

dream life


Are you living a life of what ifs or are you plunging forward experiencing all that life has to offer?


I read a newsletter from a fellow author this morning that really touched me. After suffering a miscarriage, her perspective on life changed. She said her unborn daughter taught her to take nothing for granted. “Life is short and I didn’t want regrets.” That was five years ago and she’s now a bestselling full-time author.


I used to be afraid to take life by the horns. I was scared of being hurt, I guess. I stayed in my comfort zone and was, to be honest, miserable. My heart was yearning for more yet I was a chicken. It wasn’t until I got engaged and moved to a new country that I started living life to the fullest. MR N inspired me to shoot for the moon and I did. 


When your life is over, will you exclaim, “I can’t believe what I accomplished!” or will you say in a meek whisper, “I wish I did ______.”?


Don’t wait for life to pass you by and all you’re left with is a handful of wishes and a ton of regrets. You’re never too old (or too young) to start something new. Carve a path for yourself and keep trying new things. Don’t be afraid of failure or getting hurt. You’ll never know what you’re capable of accomplishing until you try. Go for it! 



What’s the Point of #Wisdom? To Discern What’s True and False! #inspiration #WednesdayWisdom



What’s the point of wisdom?


To discern what is true and what is false.


In today’s world, there’s a whole lot of false, lies, fakeness and skirting around the truth. We have fake body parts, fake news, fake leaders, etc. People lie, cheat and steal. Wisdom, true wisdom, is being able to tell the difference.


Gaining wisdom is a life-long pursuit and we’re much wiser today than we were yesterday. Seek truth and understanding; dismiss falsehoods and ignorance.



Take Every Chance to Make This World a Better Place! #inspiration #WednesdayWisdom

accomplish roberto clemente

Are you taking every chance to make a difference in this world or are just stuck in neutral?


It’s time for some tough self-analysis. Take a hard look at your life and yourself. Are you using what you’ve been given to make the world a better place? Are you investing in future generations through your actions?


People who make the world a better place, for today and for those to come after they’re long gone, are heroes in my book. There are so many people from the past who dedicated their lives to making the world a better place, it would take 1,000 reams of paper to thank them. For without those brave men and women, I wouldn’t have running water, electricity, freedom to be who I am and being able to share what I believe, etc.


Take an inventory of your life and find some way to make the world a better place. Find a charity to donate your time, money and resources. For me, I’m all about feeding the hungry and making sure every child in my corner of the world has food to eat. I’m not about to turn my back on little children, just because it may feel uncomfortable or uneasy. 


Don’t turn your back on the chance to accomplish great things. Don’t let your epitaph state you were… nice.




No Device for 132 Hours Taught Me the Value of Patience! #inspiration #motivation



Are you going through a hard time right now? 


Embrace patience.


Last Thursday, my cell phone died. Well, not exactly died but stopped working. I couldn’t do anything with it except tell the time. The worst part was I didn’t know it had happened until Mr. N called me on the home phone and alerted me to the problem. I called our provider and they agreed to send me a new phone.


Six days later, I have a brand new phone. I learned a lot while I was deviceless.


  • Patience is a virtue and when faced with waiting, it’s important to be calm.


  • While I was limited to just emailing with Mr. N during the week, I didn’t feel as close to him as I normally do.


  • While walking, I didn’t have my armor to protect me from cars running me down. I felt exposed and vulnerable. See, I record cars on my phone as I cross the street. They don’t run me down and I don’t die. I had to take my time and let the traffic clear before I could cross the street. Again, embracing patience.


  • When I was out and about (mostly on my morning walk), I had no idea what time it was. My phone is my watch and to not have it, I had no idea what time it was. This lesson was rather freeing. I could just do my thing and not worry about taking too long.


I struggle with patience but this experience forced me to be more patient and to enjoy the little things I normally would ignore. I am thankful for this challenging time and am thankful for my new cell phone.


My advice: no matter what you’re going through, have some patience. You have to go through bad times to appreciate the good times.



Your Journey Begins With a Single Step… #inspiration #WednesdayWisdom #goals



Are you struggling with life and feel like your dreams are out of reach?


Making your dreams a reality comes down to a series of single steps. Taking one step at a time, edging closer to your goals, is the most effective way to reaching your dreams. Sure, you can try to take a shortcut but in my experience, it only detours you.


Five years ago, if you had told me I’d be a published author and co-running an author promotions business, I wouldn’t have believed you. I would’ve told you, and I quote, “You’re freakin’ out of your mind. I’m not an entrepreneur; I can’t even balance our household budget.” It’s interesting what can happen in five years when you take it one step at a time.


It’s not easy, making your dreams come true. In fact, it takes a lot of hard work, perseverance, faith and sacrifices. They’ll be obstacles so high, you won’t have a clue how you’ll overcome. The key is to not pole vault to the finish line but to take it one step at a time.


What goals/dreams are you pursuing? Feeling worn out or discouraged? Don’t be. Instead, look at all you’ve accomplished then focus on the next step. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.



#FridayFeeling: Let Your Instincts Guide You Instead of Your Head #inspiration #motivation



NOTE FROM N. N. LIGHT: There won’t be a Friday Book Round-Up this week. It will return next week (July 14th).


Do you follow your instincts or wait for your head to catch up?


For as long as I can remember, my instincts have never failed me. Whether it’s choosing friends, lovers, opportunities or which way to go when lost, my instincts let me know what’s the best thing to do or where to go.


Instincts are nothing more than a feeling but many people ignore them, choosing to listen to their own head (or logic) instead. There’s nothing wrong with being cautious and using logic through critical thinking to make a decision. But sometimes logic fails us. I’ll give you an example.  


When MR N and I were deciding what our future plans would entail back when we were dating, we talked about who would move where. He suggested moving to Canada for five years and then seeing what we felt like doing next. I told him I had to think about it and I did. I sat down and wrote the pros and cons. See, I was living in California with my family surrounding me. If I moved to Canada, I’d be leaving friends and family in order to be with the man I loved. My head told me to stay and my instincts told me to go. I went with my instincts and I’ve never looked back.


Instincts are your inner compass, seeing the winds of change/opportunity long before your head does. Trust in your instincts and let them guide you.



Laughing is the Prescribed Medicine for Today! #inspiration #motivation #ThursdayThoughts



Want to feel good? All you have to do is laugh.


The stress and exhaustion is at an all-time high for us. It’s the big countdown to our vacation and we’re busier than ever. How do we release our stress? We laugh.


When we laugh, we release much-needed endorphins and honestly, it just feels good. Whether it’s a television show, movie, book or even a hilarious news story, we find it funny and laugh. Go ahead and laugh; it’s healthy and natural medicine.



#WednesdayWisdom: Surround Yourself With People Who… #inspiration #grateful

surround yourself


Are you surrounded by people who love, motivate and encourage you?

In order to grow as a person, we need a nurturing environment. Think of yourself as a seedling and in order to grow into a productive plant/shrub/tree, you need sun, water and extra nutrients. Without that kind of supportive environment, you’ll wither and die.

When I was younger, I didn’t surround myself with positive, encouraging people. In fact, my so-called friends spewed negativity and brought me down. I couldn’t do anything right and was an embarrassment. It’s no wonder I had a low self-esteem.

It wasn’t until I distanced myself from these downers that I began to bloom. I replaced negative friends with positive buddies and you know what, my whole outlook changed. I started dreaming big dreams and the people around me supported me. In fact, they were my cheerleader squad! I tried a bunch of new things and spread my wings.

We all need a positive support system, a group of peers who’ll love, motivate and encourage us. They’ll hold us up when we falter and be our training wheels when we get back on our bicycle. Their unconditional love uplifts us to reach for the stars and celebrates when we reach success.

So again I ask: are you surrounded by people who love, motivate and encourage you? 

If not, maybe it’s time to switch up the people you call your friends.


#WednesdayWisdom According to Winnie the Pooh #inspiration #affirmations #kindness

WTP Life Lesson


Which Hundred Acre character is most like you?

Winnie the Pooh is the dreamer, likes to eat honey and lives a simple life.

Piglet is small in stature but with a big heart. He loves his friends fiercely and is often afraid of the unknown.

Rabbit is the know-it-all. His knowledge is great and he’s all about order. He’s a big planner and when things go wrong, he doesn’t know what to do.

Eeyore is gloomy, looking at life as one big continuous bad day. He doesn’t ask for anything and finds great joy in rolling in leaves and eating thistles.

Tigger is the eternal optimist and loves bouncing on his tail. He’s also the risk-taker, going on big adventures and laughing a lot.

Kanga is the mother of the group, taking care of everyone. She’s kind, thoughtful and quiet.

Roo is the littlest one and tries to do/feel/taste all that life has to offer. It doesn’t matter to him that he’s small or can’t do something. He’s going to try, no matter what everyone else says. He’s lovable and he’s the embodiment of innocence.

I’m Winnie the Pooh. I love everyone and everything. I try to figure things out but when it gets too hard for my brain, I sit down with a pot of honey. lol!

Today’s inspirational thought is simple:

A little consideration,

A little thought for others,

Makes all the difference.

We can all take this advice and incorporate it into our lives.

Think before speaking. Show kindness. Love one another, even those you don’t care for. Help others when they need it, not when they ask for it.

See you in the Hundred Acre Woods. I’m off to meet up with Piglet, Tigger and Roo for an adventure.


Are You Doing What You Are Meant to Do? #inspiration #WednesdayWisdom

odds life


Are you doing what you are meant to do?

We’re all blessed with certain amount of natural talents and abilities. Our hearts are wired to intuitively guide us to what we’re meant to do.

Ever since I was little, I’ve had a natural ability to write. Words flowed out of me faster than I could write them down. My heart urged me to pursue a career in writing but because there wasn’t a lot of money in it, I veered off-course. It wasn’t until after I married MR N and he got a promotion that I was able to write full-time.

Writing, for me, is my heart’s desire and it is what I’m meant to do. My passion for writing increases with time and I love it. I’m living my dream life and having the time of my life!

Don’t let the odds of being successful deter you from chasing after your dreams and doing what you’re meant to do. Sit down, make a plan to achieve it and then go after it. Life is too short to let indecision rule your heart. As Nike reminds us…



The First Point of Wisdom is to… #inspiration #wisdom


We all want to be wise.

But how do we gain wisdom?  It’s not like a foreign language where we can take a class.

Wisdom is acquired through experience.

Read the quote above and ask yourself, “Am I able to discern truth from falsehood?”

If so, then you’re wise. If not, then you need to gather the tools to help you discover truth in every situation.

I’m blessed by having a sixth sense, kind of like Spiderman. When something is not truthful, my spidey-sense goes off. Whether I act upon my sense is totally up to me.

The first point of wisdom is to discern that which is false; the second to know that which is true. 

Be wise, my friends.


#WednesdayWisdom: Mind Your Own Biscuits and Life Will Be Gravy #inspiration


I’m a big fan of Kasey Musgraves and a lyric from one of her songs really resonates with me.

“Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy.”

In the song, she talks about how people need to do their own thing and not be so concerned about other people’s business.

We can all relate to this, can’t we?

There’s always people in our circle of influence (family, friends, neighbors, etc.) who seem to stick their nose in everyone’s business. They may say they’re only being helpful but in all reality, they’re being nosy.

A simple life motto, this lyric is, isn’t it?

Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy.

I’m going to adopt this motto for my own life. I’m minding my own biscuits and life is pretty delicious!

Join me and get ready to savor life!


Life is a Tapestry of Letting Go and Holding On #inspiration #motivation #ThursdayThoughts



Life is beautiful, heart-breaking, emotional… a true work of art. Each moment interwoven to create a stunning, colorful tapestry.

2017 is turning out to be very different than 2016 and I’m so thankful for that. There’s a feeling of change in the air and it’s already happened for me. I’ve had to let things go and reevaluate where I’m headed.

Living life is all about balancing letting go and holding on.

People come and go in your life. You change jobs, homes, schools, friends, etc. Obstacles block your path and your journey takes a curve you didn’t expect. It’s up to you how you react and respond.

Do you put your head in the sand, like an ostrich, pretending it isn’t happening? Or do you choose to let go and see what happens?

Let go of the stress, negativity and toxic environments. Breathe deep and recenter yourself. Embrace your journey and hold on, for it’s going to be an adventure. A great big adventure more beautiful than any artwork hanging in a museum.

All the art of living lies in a fine mingling letting go and holding on.


Life’s the Most Interesting Game in the World… No Need to Rebel #inspiration #motivation


Life’s a game… are you ready to play?

I saw this quote this morning as I was having my breakfast and suddenly every obstacle I’ve ever faced and every challenge I’ve dealt with made sense.

I’ve been rebelling against myself. Instead of seeing myself as a beautiful sum of all of my parts, I’ve been focused solely on my faults. My inner voice chanting, “Woe is me.” The self-pity party is never-ending.

So starting today, I’m changing my inner focus. I’m tired of beating myself up.

Life’s the ultimate game and at the end of the day, every player can be a winner by having the audacity to accept all the parts of ourselves and trying our best.

Sounds corny but it’s true.

Who’s ready to play?


You’ve Gotta Live in the Moment… Today’s a Special Gift! #inspiration #WednesdayWisdom


Are you living in the moment?  Do you see today as a gift or are you focused on the past?

A friend of mine is going through a rough time.  He emailed me yesterday and was at the end of his rope.  He was focusing on the past and all that had happened to him.

I asked him, “Are you focusing on today or on the past?”

He didn’t answer me but I knew the answer.  He’s so focused on all the heartache of the past, he’s missing the present.

Have you ever done that?

I’ve focused solely on the past hurts that I almost missed out on life’s gifts.  I was miserable until I refocused myself.  When I focus on today and all that it has to offer, I see the miracle of life.

Focus on today.  It only comes along once and it is the best present you will ever receive!


Are You Dealing With Rejection or Are You Being Re-Directed? #inspiration #WednesdayWisdom


Rejection. It’s something we all deal with but what if we’re not being rejected but re-directed instead?

As an author, I’ve had my share of rejection. I have an email folder dedicated to all those industry professionals who rejected my writing. At the time of the rejection, I was crushed. I thought my life was over and I might as well give up.

But as I look back on it now, I know it was the Universe leading me to where I am today. I’m a successful author with four books published and more on the way. 😉

As a woman, I was rejected by several men (for various reasons). If they hadn’t rejected me, I never would’ve met and fallen in love with MR N.

Have you encountered a road block and are feeling the sting of rejection? It could be a re-direction to put you on the right path.

As I look back on my life, I realize that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.


Your Dreams Can Be Your Reality. Be Unstoppable! #inspiration #motivation


Choose to be unstoppable!

When I was little, I was told that I could do anything, the world was my oyster, etc. As a ten year old, I was filled with big dreams and aspirations.

When I became an adult and entered the “real world”, my dreams were replaced by working hard and making money. I shoved my dreams in the back of the closet and was, in fact, miserable.

It wasn’t until I started this blog did my dreams come back to the forefront of my mind. Through hard work and persistence, I made my dream come true of being a published author.

I’m unstoppable.

Don’t bury your dreams or replace your aspirations with reality. Your dreams can be your reality. You have the capability of being anything, just like when you were young.

Are you ready?

Write down your dreams and remember to dream big. Every day (or several times a day), meditate over your dreams and create a plan to make them reality. Then do it!

Let this be your daily meditation:

I choose to be unstoppable. I am bigger than my concerns and worries. The strength of others inspires me daily. I focus on my goal. I trust my intuition and live a courageous life.

Look at you; you’re unstoppable!!


Find a Place Inside Where There’s Joy… #inspiration #ThursdayThoughts #wisdom


Are you dealing with pain, loss, disappointment, grief, anger?

The past two weeks have kicked me down into the gutter. This flu has dampened my spirit and I’m in need of inspiration. Even the most mundane tasks seem to take forever and I’m exhausted. When I found this quote, I knew exactly what I needed to do.

I closed my eyes, concentrated on what brings me joy and meditated. This is what I concentrated on:

Mr. N

I know it’s no surprise to our followers that the one thing that fills my heart with joy is my beloved. He loves me for me and he encourages me to look at the positive.

Joy, pure unadulterated joy, is the antidote for pain. Do what I do and focus on your joyful moment and it will purge the pain.


Worry is a Waste of Time and Doesn’t Change Anything! #inspiration #WednesdayWisdom


Is your stomach tied in knots and you’re not sleeping?

Worrying about something or someone is a total waste of time.

WAIT! Before you shut off this message, hear me out.

I’m a worrier and my first instinct is to worry when something happens. I worry about a lot of things and I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Worrying about something/someone hasn’t helped me one bit. In fact, most of the time, all it does is make me feel miserable and makes it worse.

  1. Instead of worrying, meditate about the situation. Release your death grip on it and let the Universe take over.
  2. Breathe… yes, breathing is important too. Take several deep breaths and mentally tell yourself it’s going to be okay.
  3. Smile, you’re living your life and have many blessings. Take out a piece of paper of write down all you’re grateful for. Don’t hold back.

Worry is a total waste of time. It doesn’t change anything. All it does is steal your joy and keep you very busy doing nothing.

What do you do to combat worry? Share in the comments below. 


Be the Embodiment of True Happiness #inspiration #ThursdayThoughts #motivation

true happiness

What is true happiness?

I think it’s different for each person but the essence is the same: be in the moment. One of my mantras is the seize the day and cherish every moment.

I used to pine for the future, thinking that happiness was just out of my reach. It wasn’t until I started living in the moment did happiness flood my soul.

True happiness is… is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future.

🙂 MRS N 🙂

Is Today a Bad Day? Keep Moving Forward! #inspiration #WednesdayWisdom


This week I’ve been dealing with a pretty bad injury. Even small things, like walking to the kitchen, takes some effort. But I keep going. Why? Because tomorrow’s gotta be better.

Is today a bad day?

I know you’re struggling and you feel like giving up. I’ve been there and today, all I want to do is crawl into bed and sleep the day away. But I have work to do and so do you.

Keep the faith and keep going.

The amazing truth is that when this wretched day is finally over, tomorrow is a brand new day. Tomorrow could be the best day ever!

You’ll never know for sure what tomorrow holds unless you keep moving forward.

So, follow my lead and push through today the best you can. I am. 🙂


Honesty is the 1st Chapter in the Book of Wisdom #inspiration #affirmations


Being honest isn’t very popular these days.

Why is that? Don’t we crave honest opinions of our family, friends and co-workers?

Honesty is never easy, especially when it may hurt another. But I always ask my friends and family to be honest with me. It’s better to know upfront how they feel than to hear whispers behind my back.

I love this quote by Thomas Jefferson. Honesty is the first chapter of wisdom. Being honest doesn’t mean going up to someone with the intention of hurting them. That is bullying. Being honest is telling a friend how you feel about something but always in a positive way.

Today, when you encounter a friend or family member and they ask your opinion, be honest. It’s one step closer to being wise.

🙂 MRS N 🙂

Letting Go Doesn’t Mean Giving Up… #inspiration #love #wisdom

friendship ending

Letting go is hard, especially when it’s something that you have no control of.

A friend of mine (let’s call her Lori) came to me with something that was troubling her.

… “and then she just up and stopped being my friend.”

“What do you mean? Did she tell you she didn’t want to be friends anymore?” I asked.

“No.” Lori paused. “She has new friends now and doesn’t return my calls, emails and breaks engagements on short notice.”

“Oh.” I thought about it for a minute. “Did you ask her about it? Maybe she’s going through a rough time.”

“She is and the kicker is that I have been there for her through it all. I’ve been so supportive. It just hurts, you know?”

“I know, sweetie, and I’m sorry you’re going through such pain. But if she doesn’t want to be your friend anymore, the best thing you can do is to just let go.”

I hug my friend, Lori.

Have you had this happen? I sure have. Friends have come and gone in my life. It’s painful and it sucks. My first instinct is to make things right in any relationship, even if it is not my fault. I don’t like conflict and I will try anything to bring back peace.

The reality is that when a relationship is over (whether it’s on your end or the other person’s end), you’ve got to just let go and move on. It doesn’t mean that you stop loving that person. It doesn’t mean that you’re a failure. It just means that the person is no longer in your inner circle.

Letting go doesn’t mean giving up, but rather accepting that there are things that cannot be.

Lori is starting to let go and I’m glad. After time has passed, Lori will reflect on the happy times with her friend and see the benefit of letting go.

Look deep into your heart and ask yourself this question:

Have I let go of those people who have hurt me?


Happiness is Like a Butterfly… #inspiration #happiness #wisdom

Happiness butterfly

Are you chasing happiness only to have it slip through your fingers?

Happiness is a tricky concept to understand. Some people are born happy while others search frantically for it.

I used to go chasing after it. I used to think that in order to be happy, I had to have [insert want] in my life. Money, a man, a friend, food, car, wardrobe, etc. were just a few of my wants. The more I chased, the more the want slipped from my fingers.

I was miserable. 😦

It wasn’t until I stopped chasing happiness and switched up my perspective that happiness came to live in my heart.

Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it, the more it will elude you. But if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder.

So, stop chasing happiness and concentrate on other things. Before you know it, happiness will land on your shoulder. 🙂