Are You Moving Forward or Just Looking Forward? #inspiration #MondayBlogs #Monday


Are you moving forward or just looking forward?

The future is unknown and yet there are many of us who pine for the future, look forward to the future and generally live in the future. The present doesn’t matter, only the future.

Is that really a way to live?

Listen, when I was younger, I lived in the future. I didn’t give a damn about the past or the present. I was miserable and wanted out of the life I was living. So, I propelled myself to the future with thoughts like these:

When I get older, I’ll be successful and show those bullies I’m somebody.

When I get older, I’ll show all those guys what a mistake they made dumping me.

When I become a successful author, I’ll show those agents what a mistake they made not choosing me as a client.

On and on these thoughts went and you know what? I wasn’t moving forward, just looking forward.

Life is meant to be lived in the present. Don’t make the same mistakes as me. Plan for the future but live in the now.

“You’ll never know for sure what tomorrow holds unless you keep moving forward.”



#ThursdayThoughts: Words to Live By and Incorporate into Your Life #inspiration

word to live by

Looking for the secret to a happy, healthy, fulfilled life?

Incorporate these attributes into your life and I can guarantee you’re well on your way.


Listen, you may know someone who appears to have everything going for them, the perfect life, so to speak. And who knows, they might be happy. But unless they have some sort of balance in their life, they probably aren’t happy.

The quote above is on my wall calendar that my dear friend gave me for Christmas. I look at it several times a day and it’s a reminder that life is more than busting my butt. If I didn’t have love, didn’t work hard, didn’t give freely, then none of it matters. It’s all about balance.

So, today’s inspirational thought is all about balance.

Think deeply,

Speak gently,

Love much,

Laugh a lot,

Work hard,

Give freely,

and be kind.


Words to Live By: Love One Another #inspiration #affirmations #love

Love Bible Verse

Love one another.

Did you know all religions/creeds/beliefs have love at the core?

It’s true.

What makes us human is our ability to love.

My grandfather and father were the first to teach me about unconditional love. MR N followed in their footsteps.

There is so much hate in the world today. It’s hard not to get depressed and just become passive. But I don’t.

More than ever, the world needs love.

Today, call/write/email/text every single person you love and tell them how you feel. Be honest. Tell the truth.

Love one another unconditionally.

❤ MRS N ❤

‘Tis the Season to Love One Another #inspiration #love

Love Bible Verse

Love one another. 

This is my Christmas wish for the world.

Go out and spread love! Help make my wish come true.

❤ MRS N ❤

Words to Live By: Dr Seuss #inspiration #MondayMotivation #MondayBlogs


Approach life as a child, like in this quote by my favorite children’s fiction author, and you’ll be happy. Take out your fantasy goggles and put them on. You might even get a visit from the Cat in the Hat. 😉